The word ‘Terrazzo’ has been derived from Italian meaning ‘Terrace’. Terrazzo originated in Italy around 500 years ago. It was quite famous in 1970. The Terrazzo styling is back in the market newer as ever.

It is a composite material comprising of chips made of various materials like marble, quartz, granite, etc., set into cement.

Terrazo in Modern World

Terrazzo was developed to reuse small pieces of rocks that were left over after being used in building other articles. Hence it was a sustainable way to make something out of waste.

Terrazzo in Modern World


It is now used in various construction purposes rather than just being used as a flooring material. Terrazzo has now replaced the marble flooring that was in trend for the past few years.

Home designers and builders have unanimously accepted the fact that Terrazzo can be used in any part of the house. It is great for flooring.

Makers have started experimenting with Terrazzo as an abstract pattern aside from just using it as a building material. Use home decor items inspired by Terrazzo patterns to give a bit of texture to a plain house with solid color combinations.

Inspired by the technological advances of 2024, even Terrazzo flooring explores new flooring styles like geometrics, textures, and linear patterns composed of neutral and dull colors that evoke style and elegance.

Terrazzo has returned in the market for its cost-effectiveness and its reusing capacity. Terrazzo is all about the creative reuse of materials available at hand. It is also about being playful and experimental in the design, making it a perfect material for a small home.

Epoxy Resin as the filling material

Traditionally Terrazzo was created using cement as the filling material Terrazzo created which was then smoothed to give a shiny finish.

New experiments with Terrazzo flooring had brought Epoxy resin as the filling material.

It improves efficiency. It also lowers the overall cost and shortens the lead-time for the setting of the material.


Even the end result is better than that of concrete as it doesn’t need the polishing and smoothing.

Moreover, it gives a seamless finish and has no transition or joints that is generally the case with traditional Terrazzo.

It does not require much maintenance as well.

Large chips

We all have seen Terrazzo flooring like the one with tiny chips set in a filling material.


With the new trend for Terrazzo coming up, designers are experimenting with larger chips.

They are laying them out in a pattern to give out abstract designs in myriad patterns and layouts.

Precast Terrazzo and Terrazzo tiles

The setting of Terrazzo flooring can be a big hassle as it takes a lot of time.

For designers running on a strict time frame, precast Terrazzo flooring is the solution for the year.

Mostly slabs of Terrazzo flooring are set and smoothed already to save up all the hassle. You can fit it on the floor using just construction glue or cement.


Terrazzo inspired tile is a normal tile but with Terrazzo printing on it.

For people who want a tiled floor but still want to go for a terrazzo pattern, tiled terrazzo is the style you’re looking for.

Logo and Compass Designs

This design technique is mostly wanted by big companies or organizations.

They use the Terrazzo flooring to create their logo as the design pattern of the floor. This helps in their branding while also giving the floor an identity. 


Terrazzo can also be used for navigation. Creating the directions on the floor can help the people entering your house to have a sense of direction. It can also create a unique pattern and design.

Coloured floors

Traditional Terrazzo flooring occurred in cement. Hence there were not many color options available to experiment with. One had to stick with dull and basic colors like grey or white.


With the re-approaching Terrazzo trend, there has been experimentation with a lot of filling material, each of which gives a plethora of colour shades to choose from. One can now choose floor colours that match their colour scheme for the walls.

You can either go for a single colour for the base and a single material for the chips or you can mix and match your chips to create a multicolour pattern over your solid colour base.

Combinations with wood

For people looking for wooden floors that are not dull or drab, you can go for a combination of wood and Terrazzo.


Go for any design that you feel like. This is also an environmentally friendly and cost-effective design as a wooden floor is very costly and requires a lot of lumber or wood.

Geometry is in

Math lovers would love the concept of applying geometry on the floors of their house.

Moving away from the traditional casting of Terrazzo, designers now have applied a unique way of designing the Terrazzo floors.


Big geometric patterns are in trend for the year.

Although it is advisable not to go for big geometric patterns in small rooms as it makes the room appear even smaller.

One can go for different geometric patterns or can employ the same pattern for a uniform look.

Terrazzo in Bathrooms

2024 is all about experimenting with existing styles and trends and the result is Terrazzo flooring in the bathroom.


Usually, people go for either marble or tiles while designing their bathrooms but marble, as we all know, is difficult to maintain and clean.

Hence Terrazzo flooring was an easy replacement. Its also used on the walls to create a bathing space.

Terrazzo in Kitchens

It is the ideal material for kitchens as it is very easy to clean and maintain. It is also very durable and will last you a lifetime without any damage.


In 2024, There is no limit. Now you can use terrazzo as kitchen tables and countertops as well.

It is a creative and cost-effective way to design leftover terrazzo materials as it gives a certain uniformity to the kitchen design.

Creating contrast

For the longest time Terrazzo flooring was created using chips made out of the same material. But since the trend is making a comeback, it has been introduced in a different light altogether.

Contrast flooring

Instead of using one type of chip, builders are now creating contrasts by balancing cool and warm-toned chips and also light and dark-toned chips.

In this way, styling your floor becomes very interesting as there are infinite possibilities and combinations to choose from.

Designing stairways

Terrazzo is a versatile material and hence it can be used anywhere.

Modern builders and designers are looking for different places where they can use this flooring and create their best and unique décor. 


In 2024 Terrazzo flooring will be spotted in stairways as well. Because of its cost-effectiveness, Terrazzo is being preferred by builders in designing almost all parts of the house. 

If you’re opting for Terrazzo flooring in other parts of your house, it is advisable that you use it in your stairways as well.

Designing hallways

To maintain the uniformity of the house flooring, even hallways are being covered in Terrazzo flooring.

Hallways give one the liberty to mix and match the designs and color schemes used throughout the house.

Hallway design using Terrazzo

One can even go for a different design, color, or material altogether but it is advisable to use one single material and color to cover the hallways but one can always experiment with the design.


Terrazzo is a truly unique material for flooring. It promotes recycling and reusing and is also easy on the pocket while giving you your desired trendy look. 

It is quite nostalgic for the people of the eighties as most of the people might have seen Terrazzo flooring in their homes during that time.

But as the saying goes, the old always find a way back to us.

In the same way, Terrazzo has also come back to us in a new way.

It has also been accepted by the people with so much enthusiasm that Terrazzo has become a leading trend for 2024.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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