After a tedious job and appropriate procrastination, the Sinha family found the right color palette and inspiration for their house. Interior color design trends are today, more bent towards multiple color schemes.

The blending of different colors with shape, light, and texture has become the base of every home. A perfect color palette that would be around them, to motivate them and to inspire them.

beige interior color palette

The Sinha family confessed that choosing a perfect color palette was one of the most challenging and tricky parts. They faced confusion while choosing colors for different rooms and were worried about how they all could be related and go together. It wasn’t easy for the family to tackle their own walls, to put it in simpler words!

What did the Sinha family take into consideration?

The first step Mrs. Sinha took is to walk around the house. She walked from one room to another and kept a sketch to keep a good track. She kept notes and made more than 7 color plans. Mrs. Sinha found it easier to start with the largest room in the house. She said it was easier to decide the color of the largest room and the one which is placed at the center of the house. Since Mr. Sinha had a liking for soft and natural colors, they both went together for that. They wanted their house to feel comfortable. Both of them said “White is the one color you can never go wrong with”

Some Basic Tips To Start Off With

Every person has a color that he or she is very fond of. Mainer times people try to bug in that color which ends up not fitting the whole color structure or palette. So if you have a favorite color which you are hell-bent to use, then start with that color always.

In the case of bold colors, you can choose the color softer than that for the other rooms. Once you pick the color for the main room, you can choose lighter shades or complementary light shades for the other rooms.


For example, Mr. Sinha is obsessed with black. And hence he started to work in the living room with the color black. So while choosing for the other rooms, the couple chose colors from the same hue which was near the color black.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinha said “This gave our house the right amount of depth effect”


While choosing colors for rooms that are bigger in size or have a lot of open space, choosing colors that have pleasant light shades makes the work easier and more aesthetic. Shades of tints can be used in such situations.

If the house is distinguished with floors, then choosing a different color for each floor is an attractive choice. Choosing active colors downstairs would make you feel lively while choosing calm colors upstairs will make you feel relaxed. This is also helpful in creating different moods.

As colors are chosen, try them on paper first. Assess each color and the look it is going to finally give. Colors and combinations seem different in our minds and different in reality. 

Types of Color Schemes

MONOCHROMATIC: Monochromatic schemes are the choices of colors which are made bold or lighter by the addition of white or black. 

ANALOGOUS: Colors used as complements for each other are analogous colors. Like green and yellow with green or orange.

CONTRAST: Contrast colors are yellow-orange or red-purple.

Blue & White Color Palette

images 2 1.38.35 PM

Blue and white is one of the most classic décor color combos. It makes it look authentic. It makes the room feel fresh. Blue is a color that makes the room look edgy. It also gives an edge to it over the other colors and makes it look industrial. Navy blue and Teal are some of the famous colors which can be used.

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A Bold patterned wallpaper also does a very good job of choosing the home color designs. Even if the wallpaper pattern is intense, it still manages to keep the space tranquil.  Choosing patterns of palm leaves gives a tropic effect to the room.

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Blue seems to do a fantastic job even when it comes to the bathroom. Blue for bathrooms is generally a Greek selection. Most of the houses in Greece will be blue.

blue color palette interior tips

They often choose light blue tiles for the flooring or for the walls. They believe that when blue is chosen as a background for the bathroom, everything is highlighted and merged as well.

Using Calm Color Palettes

Calming color is a choice we all make to escape our stressful lives. Calming colors for your rooms might comfort you to a great extent.

living room interior ideas

The color stands for being bold and spiced. It is also used aa a major color for apartment therapies.

mauve color interior of living room

Mauve is one of the most soothing colors. People are prone to choose this over white. It makes the house look elite and subtle. It is mostly used for the living and dining area.

Beige color palette living room interior decor

Beige is by far the COZIEST color. It has the vibe of soft pillows and rugs which you would love to fall off on after a rough day. it makes the perfect space you would want to spend your day in. 

Color Contrasts With Pink

Pink is one color that everyone is hesitant to play with. But when used properly, pink is one of the BEST colors to choose for your house. Pink is one of the most trending colors used in Britain and is looked upon as elite selection. It is a bohemian selection.

Blue and pink contrast color palette for living room interior

This combination is also known as a jewel-toned effect. It is mostly used in gemstone shades and has proven to have a stunning effect on house décor.


An earthy green goes very well with a light shade of pink. It makes the space soothing and dynamic. 


Pink can be looked at as an energizing color. While to make active and energy go together, choosing grey is a superb combination. Pale pink with soft grey gives the person the sweetest dreams he or she could wish for.

Color Palettes Based On Personalities

skybluecelestial or millennial pink color palette

People who are kind-hearted or are soft people are known to have a healing aura. These people normally go for color combinations of Sky Blue, Celestial or Millennial Pink.

warm color palette

People who are energetic and free-spirited often choose colors that are close to the sun or are warm. They often have the enthusiasm to brighten someone’s day. 

Clay, Moth Wing, Cookie color, and Caramel are some of their favorites.

interior color palette ideas for living room decor

BACKGROUND COLORS: Dark grey, beige, and coral blue

FURNITURE COLORS: Maroon and a lighter shade of grey

MAJOR COLOR: Beige and dark grey

golden color palette

For people who are traditional and old school, colors like light shades of gold, dry dock, charcoal blue, and wheat are normally selected.

Why Is Color Palette Important?

beige dark grey color palette for bedroom interior

Nothing is as personal as color. When it comes to decorating the house, the colors are the heart of every plan.

Even while choosing the furniture, the colors are more important than anything else. The color of your house gives the right message to people who visit you.

It shows how positive you are or how energetic you are. The ambiance of your room depends on this. your perception of the smallest things are dictated by the colors you choose and the colors you are around.

The choice of colors is subjective and hence there are no right and wrong colors. Paint is the defining feature of your house and you will have to live with it for a long period of time.

A luxurious home reflects everything that you like and stand for.

Mint and Pale gray

Mint and Pale gray kitchen interior

It can freshen up the kitchen of the house. Pale green can be used for the color of the cabinets and gives a considerable freshness for after dinner situations. The furniture in the kitchen can be dark red teak.

Black and Marigold

black and marigold color palette interior design

This color combination is hitting up every designer’s sketchbooks. It is also coming into the houses of major Hollywood stars. It accents the room and gives it a very dramatic look.

NOTE: If the walls have bold colors, then the furniture chosen should be softer colors or lower shades of the same color. If the walls have pale colors then you should make sure that the color of the furniture should be bold or dark.

How Lighting Effects Colors Of Wall

Lighting plays an important role in Reflecting Colors of Walls

living room interior color palette ideas

The lighting of the room gives an edge to the color you have chosen for your house. Light has the ability to reflect and deflect the color on your walls. That is the reason that the colors tend to look active in daylight and comparatively dimmer at night. Different lightings can change the appearance of the room. For example, Indigo can look much more red in specific lighting. 

Another trending style for decorating the walls is to paint certain areas of your walls with objects like trees or leaves.


Choosing the colors depends on your likes and dislikes. We just tried to help you out by mentioning our best possible choices. Usually, you can also choose colors by keeping your culture and traditions in mind, where do you live and what do your loved ones like.

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