Bedroom is a place, which is not only the most essential room of our home but also the place where our body relaxes the most.

So whenever it comes to the bedroom we have to think of a better way to decorate our bedroom.

Decorating doesn’t mean to fill the room with blunders but to put at least things that are essential for the bedroom.

Here in this article, we will discover the most important items we need in a bedroom without which the bedroom will look incomplete.


We keep a nightstand at the side of our bed, but why is a nightstand necessary when it comes to our bedroom?

A nightstand is used in many ways which not only makes our work easier in the bedroom. But also looks sober, like you are reading a book and you want to sleep suddenly, now to keep the book on the shelf you have to get up to reach the shelf.

side table or nightstand decor ideas

But now if you have a nightstand you can keep on it, and later in the morning shift the book on the shelf.

Moreover, instead of finding places to keep a lamp, you can put the lamp on the nightstand.

So it will be easy to reach and light will be reaching enough distance which will help you to read. 

Chest of drawers

Do you find difficulty in finding things? Do you forget things after keeping them? You don’t know how to manage things largely in number?

Then you should not miss keeping the chest of the drawer in your bedroom.

This chest of drawers will not only help you to manage your things but will save you precious time.

chest of drawers of bedroom

In the past, the chest of drawers was used to store clothes, because it was believed that storing clothes in drawers was easier than in wardrobe as the wardrobe was not that famous at that time.

That is the reason that in the past the chest of drawers was the most item in the bedroom.


We don’t usually notice the curtains we use at our home, but yes when we go to other homes we definitely started judging them if they don’t have a good taste in color or material of the curtain.

Now the point is what type of curtain will best for our bedroom, first let’s talk about the material of the curtain.

When it comes to material, light-weighted, loosely woven, curtains are suitable which absorb less heat, or else it will increase the room temperature.

So you should buy lace fabric, nylon net, cotton, muslin for the bedroom curtain.

bedroom decor essentials

Now if we talk about the color then you should keep two things in your mind:

#1 If the wall is light in color then the curtain should be dark and vice-versa.

#2 If the sunlight is directed toward the sides of your curtain then choose only light colors.


You should always be aware of which type of rug you are buying for your bedroom.

grey color palette bedroom decor

Three things are important in this aspect:

#1 Your rug should match with your room color. Like if your room is black then the rug should be white or some stripe pattern to match with the room, because if the color of the rug and the room color mismatches it will look horrible.

#2 The material of the rug should be soft and comfy because the rug will be spread in half of your bedroom so. Don’t use rug which can capture dust and fur easily, especially if you are a pet lover choose the right material for the rug.

#3 The size of the rug depends on the size of the room, if the room is small then the size of the rug will be small and if the room is large then the size of the rug should be enough to cover two-thirds of the room. The sisal rug is considered to be the best rug to be used in a bedroom.


So no doubt that bedding is the most essential thing in a bedroom, without bedding you can’t use your bed, your whole bedroom will look incomplete.

There is a direct relation between bedding and the quality of sleep you get from it.

If the material of your bedding is best then surely you will get good sleep due to it.

blue color palete bedroom decor

The bedding should not only be of good material but also they should be clean and smell good so that you don’t feel tired when you use it.

It is said as the best colors for the bedding are white, ivory, or beige but the problem with these sets of light colors is they get dirty easily and come in highlight.


We know lamps are used when we don’t want to use bright lights in our room. But do lamps are considered to be one of the essential items of the bedroom?

Yes, there is no doubt in this fact that the lamp is important when it comes to the bedroom because Light of the lamp is soothing to the eyes; they are warm and give you a peaceful feeling whenever you turn the lamp on.

modern look brown palette bedroom decor

Lamps help you to work without disturbing your partner, you can easily read your favorite books and your partner can sleep without fighting with you to turn off the lights.


Your bedroom will look boring if there are no books on it but not many of us are book lovers?

Oh sorry, I said wrong many of us are book lovers, it can be magazines, comics, novels, journals, etc.

People mention the book corner to be a happy corner because they feel happy whenever they read books, it not only enriches their vocabulary but also increases their knowledge.

book storage space in bedroom

Books give your room a peaceful atmosphere, which will improve your mood.

It will not only display the type of reader you are but also help the people around you to read every time they look at you.


Not even a single person will be there who will not love plants. Most people love taking care of plants.

They keep plants in the garden, living room, balcony but not many are there who keep plants in the bedroom.

plants in bedroom decor ideas for bedroom

Plants are the sources to reduce stress and create harmony in the surrounding.

They not only lift up your mood from the bad day but also give your room a fresh scent all day long; you can say it is a type of odor controller. This purifies the air and gives you fresh air to breathe.

Tips of How & Where to place each above-mentioned Essential

We will start from color of the wall of the bedroom, the different shades of color on bed, rug lamp, flowers all with cream color is giving an elegant gesture.

#TIP 1

When you are using light wall color, you should use dark colors in the accessories of the bedroom and if you are using dark wall color, you have to use light colors like you can pair blue walls with white bedsheets either plain white or with beautiful prints on it.

violet colored palette combination for bedroom

Now the next important task is to organize the bed. We have already discussed how to choose the color so now, it is important to know how to organize the bed.

#TIP 2

Make sure that your cushions and headboards are matching or in contrast with the bedsheet. The bedsheet of white color and the cushions, headboard, and blanket of orange and yellow color, is the best color combination. But you can always experiment!!

white colored palette combination for bedroom

Never ever use dark color cushions and headboards with dark color bed sheets. Always pair light and dark, if you are using a red color bed sheet pair up with white, cream, light yellow color, and light blue cushions and headboards.

#TIP 3

Now look carefully at the side table kept on side of the bed, the side table is even working as the nightstand and you can store some books and artifacts or something which is close to your heart.

blush pink colored palette combination for bedroom

Keep a side table on one side of the bed, you can keep on either side it is optional, and choose wooden tables because wood gives the best look when it comes to the decoration of a room. Put all the necessary accessories on it and don’t crowd the nightstand with lots of things it will look bad.

#TIP 4

Now observe the lamp, they have kept a lamp which is perfectly matching with the bedroom, so not only the type of lamp matters but also the color of the lamp.

sea green colored palette combination for bedroom 1

Lamp color should match with the bedroom, try to match cushions color with the lamp color then you won’t get any problem to decide which color of lamp you have to buy.

#TIP 5

Now the most refreshing part of the room, yes plants just observe how beautifully the two plants at the corner of the room, especially the plants which are on the wall are looking perfect with the yellow walls. The whole look creates an aura of freshness.


Analyze your whole room and then keep the plants at the best places of the room, it’s better not to keep all the plants at the same place to avoid crowd and money plant is the best plant to choose if you are confused in choosing the plant.

succulents and cactus
Succulents & Cacti
NOTE: If your room doesn’t have access to proper sunlight then you can buy some succulents and Cactus

#TIP 6

The next important thing is that books are kept at the bookshelf which is not properly a bookshelf but a wooden rack and the best thing about the rack is you can keep your books and even other things in so it will work as a multipurpose rack.


Buy a rack or shelf it is not necessary that it should be made of wood only you can buy metal or plastic rack also, and keep books and other items on it which will give a very healthy look to your bedroom.

#TIP 7

Now just look at the rug, the colorful rug with plain white wall and the fitting of the rug has just put stars in the dull sky. And that is why the mixing of the colors is so important when it comes to the look of a room.


When the walls of your room are light in color then pair your rug with something dark and highlighting prints, so that it can be noticed by others while if the room is having dark color walls let us suppose black in color then pair with white or light pink color rug with fur on it, it will just look amazing.

#TIP 8

Now, look at the position of the window, the sunlight is directly coming from the window so now it is very important that your curtain should not be dark in color like blue, red, etc. instead they should be white, grey, pink, etc. in color.

Neutral Color palette combination living room decor ideas

Use a beautiful curtain for your window but at the same time, if you want to keep your room cool then, never ever use dark color curtain if your window is toward the sun instead use a white and cream color curtain, they will give a classy look and help you to keep your room cool.

#TIP 9

In the corner, there is a wooden chest of drawers, which is completing the whole room, and also it is working as a table too on which plant and pictures are kept. There is a need for furniture which can be used to store items in it and a chest of drawers is the best option.


Keep storage furniture in the bedroom in a corner, it can be chest of drawer or open drawers, open block racks, etc. in my recommendation use chest of the drawer, it is available both in wood and plastic and keep in the corner, and keep pots on it.


So, in the end, I will give you details of some websites to buy all these items, if you want to buy online but for the one who loves shopping outside, do discover and find shops and buy items of your choice and preferences.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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