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When you enter your bedroom what is the first feeling you get? Do you feel happy or sad? In working days after a long hectic day when you enter your bedroom, and if you don’t feel better for a while then it’s time to make changes in your bedroom. Changes just don’t mean you have to change the whole look of your bedroom, it just you have to add and subtract some of the things, which will actually help you to boost your mood, from a stressed-out day. After researching a lot on this topic I came out with some

Best ideas to increase the positive aura of your master bedroom 2020

Wall color

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you see after opening your eyes is the wall. Pale dull color of the wall can spoil your whole mood in the morning only which will affect your complete day.

At the same time think of bright beautiful colors or some beautiful warm texture that can boost you up.

According to the psychology of color, the paint colors you select all create your mood.

So, try putting colors to your wall, which will make you happy whenever you see it.


Not many of us put lamps in our bedroom, but the one who knows the importance of a lamp.

It not only enhances the look of your bedroom but also helps you to maintain the warmness of the room.

Dazzling light looks good only sometimes, not in the night when you are reading your favorite book or go to the toilet at night time, it will actually make your eyes itchy.

Keeping a lamp beside either side of your bed or wall lamp will make you comfortable in reading a book or working on a laptop without disturbing you, partner.


When you visit your friends or relatives’ house, have you ever encountered bad odor from their home, you must have.

Why take an example of others, why not consider your own bedroom, which sometimes smells due to a damp towel, dirty musty clothes and many more things which can make your bedroom smelly. And this is a serious issue because this smell can settle on your bedsheets and carpets which will long later than expected.

So it will be good if you use room freshener, in the form of spray or packets, which can prevent the bad odor and help you to enlighten your mood and make you feel refresh.


Do you think there is a connection between the furniture you use in your bedroom with the atmosphere of your room? Yes, it does matter not only that the position of the furniture also matters.

The type of furniture you use, the way it is being designed to make the bedroom more elegant and furnished and the position where you keep it makes you connected with the bedroom.

What is the furniture’s which should be there in a bedroom? Bed, sofa, wardrobe, dressing table, side table beside the bed, bookshelf (if you love reading books), study table, all this furniture must be there in a bedroom to make it easier for you to handle the things.

But it’s not easy to keep all these things in the right places in the room, so you must visualize the room carefully, to buy the furniture according to space.

Bed linen and headboard

Bored with the same plain bed linen using every day? Does it make you lazier? Probably, if the color of your bed linen is too pale and simple, it will never make you feel good, it will just make you feel tired and lazy.

Most of you would not have this idea that the color of bed linen actually gives energy which can soothe you down.

According to researchers blue color is considered to be the perfect color for linen because it gives positive energy and makes your bedroom look more nice and cozy.

Not just blue yellow, green, silver, orange and many more colors will help you to get better sleep than usual. And if there are nice prints over the bed linen it will just brighten your smile but you have to make sure that the cloth of the linen should be comfy so that it helps you to get better sleep.

Moreover, if you keep headboards with the pillow, on your bed then it helps you to read or work comfortably on the bed, not only that it help you to maintain the posture of your back. So use good quality headboards in your bedroom.


Every third person you meet is a book lover. If not book then at least all of us love to read magazines and journals.

But we all face problems in keeping our books and magazines, some people just hate to get up from the bed and keep the books on its place, so do we have any proper solution for this?

We can arrange a small bookshelf side of our bed so that it will help us to read the books and keep it there moreover we can use the same table to keep the lamp or clock.

Book actually makes the atmosphere very calm and peaceful, and even according to research if you really want a happy room, books will be the key part of that room. Because books not only maintains the peace of your mind but also give you your own space.


Beautiful memories on the wall, can you just visualize this once in your mind how it will look? You can perfectly imagine this, the happy faces of you and your families, which will make you smile every day, and it will always refresh your memory about the moments you spent with them.

There are many ideas to decorate your room with the pictures, you should go through those ideas and pick one of them according to the pace you have in your room, trust me you will love this idea after implementing it.


You must be thinking who keep plants in a bedroom? Surely not many, but the one who keeps it are actually living a very healthy and prosperous life.

What actually the plants do? The plants help you to purify the air and spread a sweet smell in the bedroom which makes you feel fresh, every time when you enter inside the bedroom.

Plants like lavender, areca palm, English ivy, Boston fern, etc. are preferred.

Plants make you feel alive and the amount of co2 plant produce is far less than what the human body produces, so it’s completely safe to keep plants in the bedroom.

Sort all things

A messy room, where everything is not in its place, where all your things at the corner of your bedroom, you don’t know how to arrange those things? Troublesome right! You should know how to arrange things, even if there are a lot of things but space is less, you should find ways to arrange them in a proper way.

You can create space by keeping them in a sorted way or place them somewhere in your storeroom.

Filling your bedroom with a lot of things will make your room crowdie, and you will feel uncomfortable to sleep in it. Even living in that type of room will make you unhappy every day.

So it is highly recommended you to keep the things in as much sorted as you can keep.

We have already discussed the ideas to increase the aura of your bedroom, but we are completely aware of one’s budget not all of us can completely change our bedroom from top to bottom, so here I have three types of innovative plans which have been categorized according to the budget in three types:

Innovative plans categorized according to the budget

For the one having Budget of 2k-3k

As our budget is less, I can totally understand the transformation of the bedroom will be more tough, but not impossible.

What we can do is instead of painting the whole room with a different color we can use a wall stamp, any of your choice and color which will match with your wall it will look beautiful and it will just take 30-45 minutes and will just cost Rs199.


We can use a wall lamp which will cost Rs199 each on both sides.

Arus Pendant Wall Lamp

For the odor

You can use Odonil which will not cost you more than Rs132.

Pour Home Lavender Spray (Pack of 1)


It’s all up to your space that how much space you have according to that you can buy the furniture of your choice.

If we talk about bed sheets there is a lot of bed sheet which comes under Rs500 online or offline.
STELLAR HOME 104 TC Cotton Double Printed Bedsheet


If we talk about books you can keep on wall shelves which will cost you Rs559.


For the family pictures, you can put a string and hang your favorite photos with lights hanging on it at Rs349.


You can beautifully decorate your room by keeping a plant that will not cost more than Rs199.


And also to keep the things sorted you have to keep things in the chest of drawers so that room doesn’t look clumsy which cost you Rs1250.


For the one having Budget of 5k-7k

As our budget is not that less, so the transformation of the bedroom will be a little bit easier. What we can do is instead of painting the whole room with a different color we can use PVC wallpaper sticker, any of your choice and color which will match with your taste it will look beautiful and it will just take 1 hour to do at a good cost at Rs299 (45x600cm).

WolTop Extra Large PVC Wallpaper Sticker


You can use a pair of wall lamps which will cost you around Rs380. 

DEZIREHP Pendant Wall Lamp

For odor

For the odor you can use room freshener or air purifier, air purifier will cost you Rs899.

Buyer zone Mini Portable USB Car Home Funny Egg Air Purifier Portable Room Air Purifier/Freshener (Multicolor) Refill (Pack of 1)


Now if you come to furniture it’s all up to your space that how much space you have according to that you can buy the furniture of your choice.


If we talk about bedsheets there are lots of bed sheet which will cost Rs689 online or offline. 

Flipkart SmartBuy 144 TC Cotton Double Geometric Bedsheet

For books

You can keep a side table beside your bed or on wall shelves which will cost you Rs1942

LUXUS Multipurpose Side Table with Lockable wheels Engineered Wood Side Table


For the family pictures, you can put a string and hang your favorite photos with lights hanging on it or you can put pictures in photo frames and hang on the wall which will cost you Rs589.

A3 BOX Photo Frame


You can beautifully decorate your room by keeping a plant which will cost you Rs699.
V A enterprises Jade Plant, Two Layer Bamboo, Golden Money Plant, And White Pothos Plant

Extra Storage

Keep the things sorted you have to keep things properly arranged in the wardrobe
HomeTown Atlas Engineered Wood Free Standing Chest of Drawers

For the one having Budget of more than 8k 

As there is no problem with the budget so it will be a lot easier to transform your master bedroom completely.

What we can do is change the color of paint of the room and also use a wall stamp on it to make it more beautiful and classy, and for this, you can use white and green paint and after painting the wall you can use these mentioned walls stamps.

Wall improvement

Makeover Sku 29 White Distemper Wall Paint

Asian paints 4LTR GREEN Distemper Wall Paint

Kayra Decor KD353 (SIZE:16″ x 24″)Beautiful reusable Wall Stencil

Kayra Decor KDS36010 24 ” x 40″ Reusable wall stencil Stencil

For Odor

For the odor, you can buy an air purifier which will cost you around a minimum of 7k. 

Iris Natural Diffuser, Diffuser Set, Aroma Oil, Refill (Pack of 1)

For books

You can keep a bookshelf which will cost you Rs10,000. 

Nilkamal Freedom Big 1 (FB 1) Plastic Free Standing Cabinet

For the family pictures

You can make a complete wall and put all your favorite pictures on it using a frame which will be around Rs1899

Painting Mantra Generic Photo Frame


You can beautifully decorate your room by keeping a lot plant on the shelf around your room as per your choice which will cost you Rs1199. 

Ferns N Petals Set of 3 Air Purifying Plants In Multicolor Raisin Pots for Valentine’s day/Birthday/Anniversary/Wedding/Housewarming Gifting Plant


Astra 400 TC Cotton Double Abstract Bedsheet


Furn Central Engineered Wood Free Standing Cabinet

Forzza Bentley Engineered Wood Bedside Table

You can use a wall lamp or table which will cost you Rs1499.


Hope this article will help in transforming your bedroom in the best possible way.



I am Sabhya, a home decor enthusiast and an interior designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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