Decor Gully is an initiative to provide the Indian audiences with ideas for their home decor.

It keeps its audience updated with the latest trends in the design industry of India as well as the western decor.

For those who don’t really get the idea of modernism and western cult, we feel happy to give them a solution so that they won’t fall out of the trend.

We cover everything in the home decor and management niche from the kitchen to the storeroom.

We give information about to transform every nook and corner of your house to make it more homely


To share and prosper the right knowledge we have aiming for the right audience.


Akshay, Moderator

Akshay, pursuing his Engineering, experienced how software applications for appliances like washing machines, Tv, and fridges are built.

When he wanted to renovate his home, there was little to no information available for the Indian audience. Most of the companies and interior designers had very high charges even for a small room makeover.

This is the time when he researched for expanding his interests and found education and information sharing most appealing.

Along with his friends in the home decor and interior architecture industry, he started DecorGully.

Khyati, Graphic Designer

Khyati is a Graphic designer and artist. She started writing for DecorGully because she wanted to share her knowledge with others.

Her motivated and creative spirit is what is the source of such great content. Her goal in every article is to share her creative yet discrete ideas.

Being an artist since 2015, She tends to have great taste in colors and really knows what goes with what is quite impressive. She has an artistic approach to everything which makes her unique in her own ways.

Gagan, Interior Designer

Gagan graduated from Pearl Academy Delhi and works with the people who are in need of makeovers, renovations, and fresh designs. His designs are part of restaurants, guests’ houses, homes, and commercial projects.

Other than his love for interior designing, he loves cooking, clubbing and watching the latest episodes of Tv series.

Gagan helps to keep the content of the DecorGully fresh. He regularly keeps a tab on the latest trends and helps to generate innovative Decor ideas.