The way we decorate our home speaks about the kind of space we enjoy. It describes us and our personality traits.

A unique space, particularly and specifically designed and arranged according to the taste of an individual. It reflects your thoughts and ideas. A nicely decorated room can lift the spirits of the whole family and make their days brighter and livelier.

Home décor is important because it can affect everything from our self-perception to our confidence and productivity. Other than mentally refreshing and comforting a person, decor can also affect people physically.

There are a lot of aspects of home decor; color and lighting, the layout and the furniture. Colors and lighting affect the mood enormously. Scented candles and plants can refresh the mind and body and reduce anxiety.

How to decorate a room for oneself? Let me give an example.

Take a small family of four. They wanted to decorate their house when they moved into the neighborhood. What kind of decor would suit them and their personalities? The family is living in a friendly neighborhood where people meet and socialize. They require a nicely decorated and welcoming living room for their house. The bedroom of the couple should be relaxing; somewhere they can turn to after a day of hard work and social life. The kids need a room where they feel happy and have enough space to learn and play. The décor would speak tons about the family, their lifestyle, and their nature.

They might use warm colors with captivating accents and art to decorate the house.

Styling & decorating Different Rooms


A living room filled with furniture and a large window  Description automatically generated

Some might think that to have minimalistic décor for the living room, they must go with monochrome tones.

The above image of a living room set is a good example of a colorful living room that includes various elements without being too loud.

Color Palette

One can see a wide range of colors and their shades in the above image of the living room; yellow, blue, dusty pink, and purple.


The theme is rather vintage pop. The walls are solid colors without any patterns and the yellow couch adds life to the comparatively somber walls.

The funky, vintage cushions and throw pillows add character to the yellow futon. The futon can either be faux leather or acrylic to go with a setting like this.


The wooden center table goes with the minimalistic furniture and the beautiful pattern painted on top avoids it from looking out of place. 


Potted indoor plants give the room a gentler and fresher feel, adding some weight to space.

Where and how the plants are placed may really change the outlook of the room.

Decor – Artistic Touch

In a room with enough artistic posters, too many plants would look very cluttered. The red telephone is used to accessorize the whole room.

It firms the basic theme of the room; pop vintage. One can use any other classic item to get the same effect.

A gramophone or a radio in a bright color can also be used as an accessory for the theme of the room instead of the telephone. 

Windows & Curtains

The bare windows create a more open and breezier atmosphere in the room. But if one wishes, they can get sheer white curtains for a more private setting without compromising on the light entering the room.


A bedroom with a bed in a room  Description automatically generated

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of home decor. This is where one spends most of their time at home. It must be welcoming and calming to oneself. If one doesn’t find the most comfort in their bedroom, it can be stressful.

The above image is a good example of a warm and welcoming bedroom.

Color palette

We can see yellow and subdued shades of blue mostly in the room. The solid yellow wall adds to the warmth of the room but the darker, close to ochre, tone of the shade avoids the room from looking too bright and stressing the eyes. 

Bedsheet & Pillows

The bedsheet is blue, white, and brown stripes. One should notice that the blue shade of the pattern is not very dark. A dark blue pattern would have brought down the coziness and warmth of the room to give it a more dark and regal feel. Matching pillow covers keep the look a little basic.


A side table or a nightstand is a must-have for a bedroom. It’s very functional and makes the area more wholesome. Night lamps are also a good and functional accessory one requires in a room. While the image shows small lamps, one can also use the bigger typical bedside lamps.


Some might find it a little cluttered to keep indoor plants in the bedroom but for most, it’s soothing. 

Decor items – Artistic touch

The wall can be decorated with framed arts. For example, the one in the above image is abstract – pop art. It provides the room with a casual and light atmosphere. One can make it more personal by putting up their own framed pictures or art. The wall is there to create one’s own unique, personalized corner, or space

The room can be further accessorized by hanging ornate mirrors and colorful wall hangings.

Flooring & Rugs

Wood floorings are more preferable. They add class to the room and don’t feel cold on bare feet. You can place a rug near the foot of the bed. Rugs make the room feel more intimate and sophisticated.

Windows & Curtains

Heavier and darker curtains are preferred for the bedroom windows. They provide privacy and keep the room dim even during the day.


A room filled with furniture and a book shelf  Description automatically generated

The kitchen area is more about functionality and space than beauty. It is not supposed to be accessorized. Try to keep it as open as possible.

The kitchen with the center gas station is very convenient. It allows one to multitask and move around the kitchen while cooking and still access the gas station.


One of the most important features of a good kitchen is having a sufficient storage area.

Well, compartmentalized cupboards and open shelves make storing kitchen items easy and organized. This makes the kitchen tidy and clean.

Color palette

The colours of the wooden furnishings should be coordinated with the rest of the house. There can be less colour in the kitchen to balance out all the colour in the house.

The palette can be toned down a bit by adding white, black or wooden finishings.

People have started using loud wallpapers in kitchens with minimalistic furnishings contrary to the earlier concept of simple monochromatic kitchens.


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Color Palette

Kids’ rooms are usually colorful and bright. Paint walls with bright colors and animated patterns.

The warm and cheerful colorful tones will keep up with the enthusiasm and excitement of the kids. Pastel shades are perfect for Kid’s bedroom.

The bedsheet can have large motifs in primary and pastel colors. A bunk bed is the best choice if there are two kids.


It saves up a lot of floor space in the room giving them a larger play area. The bed and other furniture should not have sharp corners for the safety of the kids.

Decor Items

This kind of décor is perfect for children between the age of 8-12years. Accessorize the room with informative and educational posters hung around the room. Placing a carpet or a rug in the room will add to the safety of the kids. 


A bathroom with a white tub sitting next to a window  Description automatically generated

Decor Items

Bathrooms need not be accessorized significantly. The tiles are usually kept in lighter tones for ensuite as it helps to spot dirt and cleaning it maintaining hygiene.

The common or guest bathrooms can have darker tiles to keep it looking tidy for a longer time.

Color Palette

Colour can be added to this particular area by using ornate mirror frames. In the above image, the yellow door pops up the room with color.

A bathroom mat or rug is an underrated yet essential item for the bathroom. It is necessary to avoid slipping and hurting oneself and to dry feet. It subtly makes the room more convenient and beautiful.

Know the Color Palette while decorating a house

If one wants to avoid too many bright colors they can go for natural tones. Natural textiles in soothing tones are in trend.  Placing indoor plants in the house is one of the most popular trends in demand. They have been proved to reduce stress, ease tension, purify the air, and deter illness. With everyone becoming health conscious, this is one of the most efficient elements.

Blush, dusty pinks and bronze with a warmer color palette are seen frequently. Feminine tones are being preferred for their gentle and fresh look.

Bright colors and graphic patterns are becoming prevalent in the home. The look can be achieved by putting up wallpapers with floral patterns, and huge framed art pieces. The Victorian era inspired furniture would boost the whole “Maximalist Art” décor. 

With the general movement of a trend towards nature, natural elements are becoming more widespread in the home industry as well.

Florals are in trend. Floral wallpapers, floral bedsheets, floral cushion covers, etc. can be seen in the market extensively. But don’t make a mistake of using them all together! Floral prints matched and coordinated with solids and stripes and other patterns. They can give a very soft and elegant look to a house. 

Bold patterned and graphic wallpapers have been flooding the market. You can use them in any of the rooms according to their wish.

Wrap Up

Even with all the style and aesthetics involved in ongoing trends, comfort has not been compromised. Having comfortable furniture with cushioned seats are back to being priorities. 

While decorating a house might seem like a lot, it is all worth it at the end. It is creating a 3D reflection of one’s persona and vibe. Furthermore, as decorating a house requires a personal touch, one can keep the same look for decades and simply change small elements once in a while to keep up the lively ambiance.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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