It is a fair fact that the redecoration of bathrooms is not a cakewalk. It’s rather arduous and quite expensive. Restrooms as we may call them, are an integral part of a home – be it huge or a decently smaller one. The renovation of bathrooms turns out to be a bit of a deal when we are budget barred. Despite the ample enough people who do it over the top and don’t mind burning candles from both the end, uneasy lie the heads that dream big with moderate expenditure possibilities. However, it’s not exactly beyond the bounds, is it?

We can always hope for major upgrades that would cost us lower than what we could believe. How? Let’s have a look at it.

The rented houses w/ limited scopes of modification

Sitting tenants are one separate class of wishful thinkers who would rather vary their options differently. But are restricted to bring about limited or handful of changes qualified as necessary. Thanks to online shopping websites that provide a remarkably large amount of choices that might suit different types of people. Compromising with space shortage has become easier. What and how a tenant changes his restroom makes a huge difference in this case.

The things that can be upgraded include:


A major deal when talking of restrooms.

Lights matter in private spaces like restrooms and bedrooms. For the up-stated bunch of people who are more likely to have smaller bathrooms, bright light with equivalent uniformity is a catch. White light is best suited but a tinge of mellow would add class to it. More than 1 source of light in mirrors to avoid shadows makes it worth the money. Fairy lights and scented candles can be used to give a retro touch too, the ones that are splash-proof and IP44 rated. makes the simple look like a high grade.

Changing out your lighting is easy and inexpensive, and at the same time gives your bathroom a fresher and larger look.

The sink area

A very important part of a “perfect bathroom”. It is the only area that needs to have all the toiletries kept nearby, in an arm’s length or so. An average sink area is spacious enough to be well decorated with little accessories. The best way of which is to use ceramic bottles that contrast with the color of tiles.

Large white sinks for a contrasting look in a dark shaded background makes a lovely choice. Whereas, black marbled tiled around the sink is another instance, to begin with. Smallholders and jars for storing essentials like cotton puffs and buds. There are plenty of these available in lesser prices on Flipkart like those from the “Mcqualmi’s”.

Colored rugs

To make your restroom cozier, big colorful rugs can be used since they look soothing. The use of rugs is not circumscribed; there are several types of rugs that can be used for both materialistic as well as practical purposes like obviously clean drying the floor. These can be used beneath the sink, the toilets and across bathing areas. www.bedbathandbeyond has the finest collections of sets like those.

Bathroom cabins

The very basic bathrooms may not have many holders and may lack cupboards, but you can definitely go for home-cubes, and logger cabinets. These vary in size and space and patterns and can be set in accordance with what fits best.

Bathroom cabinets have turned out to be the most demanded accessories in recent years and the value for money for such items remains justified. Just like the bestselling “puffy w-of bathroom cabinet” and “logger – bathroom cabin” on snapdeal. These keep up with the but required private spaces of two opposite genders. Suit best for not only family bathrooms but mark a clear cut owning of personal stuff in an ensuite too.

Accessorizing according to owners

Restrooms are important to be well organized, maintained and decorated according to the people using it, be them, kids. Stuffed toys and attractive art (wall hangings, paintings) can be used to define culture. For kids below the age of 12, colorful walls and comic curtains.

To give the restroom a western or an English touch, particular reading material can be kept (magazines, newspapers).

Huge mirrored/Glassed partitions

Since it is the 21st century India that we’re living in, curtains can be economically replaced by beautiful glasses to partition the toilet and the bathing area. However, rentals don’t always give you the freedom to do so.

Which brings us to use shower curtains of more variety! Like the “Kuber industries PVC shower curtains” that give a decent touch. Go surf! Amazon has it all. Not everyone can accomplish placing the bathtubs of their choice, but a decent shower/hand-shower in a proper shower space can be managed.

Colour combinations

Light-colored tiles in the bathroom floors and brightly colored walls bring a fresh look to it. It is meant to bring positive thoughts. You can go for theme coloring like the royal blue, olive green, sunny yellow, woody brown, winter gray.

You can always manage that little piece without much labor and use custom stick on floors. “Aquieen SS tile insert” from Amazon is my personal favorite choice in a case like that.

Pretty shelves may help

Shelves must have all the bathroom basics, cleaning supplies, etc. The no. of bath towels should exceed the per person criteria. Plastic plants can sit on the top of the shelves for them to look attractive and wanted to be used. This helps to maintain the idea of keeping things as they are and need to be.


The electricity supply matter in all places across the country, be it the hilly areas where warmth inside a restroom must be a priority or the plains where humidity might make feeling fresh a rare case situation. For the use of appliances like geysers, blowers, fans, electricity becomes an obligation. Charging points and sockets near the mirror should be present for to-go use. Also, safety must be assured first.

Hygiene vitals

Plunger, properly placed bins, toilet paper supplies should be present in the bottom shelf to avoid frequent encounter with and yet an easy approach in times of need.

Kid-friendly designing of particular areas of the restroom

The grooming of a child is as necessary as teaching him to read and write. Toilet training of children is an important aspect and must be given in the years of their early childhood. But how can a restroom re-setting help?  That is simple! Creating an area where the child may want to go rather than using diapers in such an age. Curtains wallpapers and mats with cartoon characters are the basis of what we can call: a kid-friendly bathroom. Moreover, easy to reach towels, easy to handle storage spaces and extra built-ins, and double faucets would help the kid in dealing with personal hygiene and develop healthy habits. Some shortlisted items from amazon include “funblast bathroom accessories” and “FULLY bathroom accessories for kids”.

The Owner-Occupied Homes

These are the homes that have more of a scope to be redesigned as per the owner’s will. The options can be weighed differently as major changes in the interiors of the bathroom can be kept under consideration. The owners can renovate the bathrooms big time if need be. Being tricky can help in bringing an exotic touch to the restrooms. A lot can be changed, not entirely effortless, but is worth the time. Apart from the minor changes mentioned above, the bigger ones can be made if you totally want to own your restroom.

Plant small trees to chic up the idea of re-decor – small greens or houseplants would do no harm to your personal space and only make you feel fresh in an entire true sense.

Avoid doing a lot – by paint! – painting the bathroom in light colors – white, blue, green, pink will help to refresh the old environment of the space like nothing else.

The big attractive wall

Hangings and tiles – tiles on the wall give a different kind of finishing to the restrooms since painted walls don’t stand by the constant water spillage and start looking ugly and old is not much time. Peel and stick tiles are cut-rated and vary in textures, size, and resemble the only feature you choose. Wall hangings help to give the restroom a modern yet cultured touch. It makes the guests feel cozy and communed.

Add contrasting features to the tiny bits

Drama created through fixtures, furnishing, and accessories add a contemporary touch to the bathroom. New look glass partitions, sinks and toilets. The vacant area near the sink can be lighted with aromatic candles. Light-colored walls and tiles with color contrasted fixtures give the best look of all.

Personalize and manage things accordingly

Space for a proper cabinet that best expresses the character of the owner. Be it a family bathroom or not. Personal space and autonomy to organize valuables are necessary. Reading material should be provided for people who spend a satisfactory time there. To open up your minds suggests the best of readable for keeping in your restrooms.

Electricity and appliances

The use of blowers in cold places and fans in hot places can be done. Switchboards should be a part of the beautiful mirror wall to bring some mandatory appliances into use, there are plenty of them online on

THE design

What should be where – belief in Vastu and energy flow can be rather helpful as you get the right ideas to place major components in a look friendly and a “good vibe” manner?

Over the door hangers over sticks/drills

Avoid strainful drilling and sticking on walls and remove all that has been already peeping out. This will save the walls from pointless disruption and look elegant. Buy from amazon “ofnmy OD hooks”.

Mirror! Mirror! on the wall

Its time to live life out of the old blues and dive into the era of modernized crystals of vision. Large mirrors make you confident about yourself, why take the risk to miss? presents the best collection of the same.

The Kid’s Zone

Kids require their own time and space to inculcate healthy habits in the bathroom. The urge to do so is more important than practically doing it. This can be developed by creating a vivid design in the bathroom.

Multiple vanities

For homes that have more than 1 child, multiple vanities and faucets act like a lifesaver. Managing time and avoiding clashes becomes easier.

Light drawers, easy to reach shelves

For a growing kid, it is best to keep safety first. Light drawers and lower shelves help the child to become independent of an elder’s vision and yet safe from accidents.

Color popped walls

Colour and designs matter vastly to children. Theme coloring and designing makes the child interested in spending time in the restroom and comprehend the importance of privacy. Some examples of theme décor are – cartoon themes, comic characters, alphabets and words, freehanded art (can be done by oneself easily; is catchy), contrast coloration.

Minions for your minions!

The most attractive theme and color for a kids’ restroom is that with minions. It is all at once, vivid and fun. Several items like rugs, soap dispensers, towels, buckets, etc are available in online stores as “Despicable me minion bathroom set”.


The little things matter in life and these most certainly are them. These are the best ways to redecorate the bathrooms in the most outgoing manner: The ones that most probably might have had you to close your eyes and imagine wildly.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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