Decorating your home according to your style is every person’s dream. It takes time and effort to plan your dream home. Decorating the home goes for a long time.

We tend to get bored with the same plain wall and wish to change it. A little change here and there is all we need.

Nowadays, people are moving into big cities and leaving behind their old comfortable homes.

Having a balcony with a beautiful lush garden is exotic.

A big beautiful garden is not possible in small apartments.

So what we can do is convert our balconies into garden space.

Pretty small plants can light up your home and they are immensely good for the environment too.

I would totally recommend to set up a garden on your balcony. 

Importance Of Gardens

Gardens are an intimate part of the house.

My mother as a child used to tell me that in her back home they used to have a garden with all sorts of pretty flowers and useful plants.

They would grow the tomatoes, lemon, green chilies, and coriander organically in their home.

The idea of having your own garden was so appealing to me as a child and I would often wonder that one day when I will have a house of my own I will do my gardening.

I live in a metropolitan city and an apartment.

A garden in an apartment is not possible so I transformed my balcony into a garden space.

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This is how I altered my balcony. There are climbers, plants hanging from the ceiling, and pretty flowers placed on the plant rack.

A plant rack helps in saving the space and a lot of plants can be placed on it.

On the other side of the balcony, I placed a small table and chairs for two. 

My mother and I enjoy our daily morning tea in the balcony garden and nature gives us all forms of relaxation. 

That’s how I enjoy my early mornings. Contemporarily, I have some ideas for you on how to design your balcony garden. It will be trendy, cool, comfortable, and your kind of place.

7 Trending Balcony designs

Presenting, some lovely and trending balcony designs. Decorating your balcony garden space is a fun and creative activity to do.

This area is a place to show your inner fun side. The initial stage of designing depends upon a lot of factors such as the balcony space available, budget, theme, etc.

The balcony garden should not be limited to plants only.

You should try to create a space for relaxation also.

A garden is not a place to sit in the morning only, make it a place for night time too. Add some lights to brighten your garden at night.

Fairy lights throw a delightful light in the night. Let’s have a look at some designs.

Pretty and alluring

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This garden is so pretty and alluring. Even in limited space, you can still create something marvelous as in the picture.

The flooring used is deck wooden tiles. They are easily available in the market or you can shop online too. Fits in the budget as well.

This balcony garden gives a fresh and clean look. Enjoy the warm sunny days on the balcony with your favorite flowers.

You can also Plant Colorful flowers on the line of the balcony as seen in the picture.

This kind of plantation trick is squeaky clean and does not create any ruckus.

Use small tiers that are reusable and easily found and cushions make them comfortable. Avoid tables and chairs for small spaces.

You can use any bright colors for the cushions.

Paint the tiers in different colors to make them look appealing.

Cool and trendy

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You can easily create this balcony look.

By using a drill attach a wooden or metal plant rack towards any plain wall. Now hang some plant pots in it.

You can use old tires for as pot as shown in the image.

Hanging pots are effortlessly accessible in contrasting colors.

A climber is also there. Climbers possess a special kind of beauty.

Place them on the top of the balcony or the walls and they will decorate your balcony garden itself.

This balcony garden is suitable for small apartments with small balconies.

A simple chair is present there to lean on. This DIY balcony garden is cool and trendy.

Sober and Classic

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This balcony garden is perfect for an average-sized balcony.

The decor of the entire balcony is truly simple and classy.

The white color of the furniture and the railings is matching with the green lush carpet.

You can not grow grasses in your balcony so it is better and preferable to get a green grass-like carpet mat for your balcony garden.

It will resemble the real natural grass. It is easier to clean and maintain.

In the corner of the balcony, there is a wooden plant rack. Shiny and colorful pots are used for small plants.

You can add climbers and hanging plants too.

The wooden table and chairs are painted in white.

The white color gives a feeling of wide space, innocence, and purity. It is a calm color.

The cushions placed on the chairs are in zig-zag patterns and blue. It goes well with the white decor.

There are some flower pots on the table too. This balcony garden is simply a beautiful one.

Lush of green

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This average-sized balcony garden is different from other balconies. It is a more ethnic, traditional, and royal looking balcony.

Flooring is of wooden deck tiles.

In the one corner of the balcony, the lush greenery can be seen. White marbles are used for decoration purposes.

NOTE: If the walls have bold colors, then the furniture chosen should be softer colors or lower shades of the same color. If the walls have pale colors then you should make sure that the color of the furniture should be bold or dark.

You can use different decor items. The copper-colored large artificial flower is placed in between the plants.

Plants are also hanging from the wall. You can add some pretty colorful flowers in the garden space.

You can use different kinds of pots for the plants. Ceramic plant pots look classy and stylish. Easily fits under the budget too. A simple wall hanging or a plant rack can also do good to the decor.

For larger Balconies

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This balcony garden is summer perfect. It is a big sized balcony. A lot of different kinds of furniture is used.

Starting with the flooring, it is a green luxuriant carpet mat. It takes you closer to nature. The green grass mat is a must.

Look at the corner, there is a huge plant rack.

Use different kinds of plant varieties if you have such a large balcony space. Use hanging pots too wherever you can.

Blue-colored two small tables are also there which compliments the balcony garden.

Besides these, small plant racks and big plants are also there. Madhubani pots look pretty and traditional.

Madhubani is enormously popular and styling your home with it is a great idea.

Limited space

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This one is different. If you want a balcony garden and do not want any ruckus then this one is definitely for you.

There is a fancy plant rack that holds plants in lots of different ways.

The use of glass pots is uplifting the balcony look.

They are definitely appealing and look gorgeous. This one is a recent addition and is a must-have.

Below the plant rack, there is a small fence. On another side of the fence are some plants and pretty flowers.

A wooden railing is also installed for hanging pots.

You can place a maximum of two Folding chairs and a table in the balcony.

Also, you can add plants just before the balcony or beside the wall. Pretty pink, purple, and yellow flowers will look nice here. Add some lighting from the hanging railing. Lanterns will light up the whole mood.

Sophisticated and traditional

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Lots of plants can be seen here. Kulhad, ceramic, and clay pots are used. Different kinds of pots are making such a good atmosphere. You can also use cascade or galvanized pots. Mix and match everything. The pots are not very small. You should opt for big pots as they look more beautiful and fill the empty space easily too.

A piece of furniture used here is the bench which looks stunning. Usually, people go for simple tables and chairs.

A small portable coffee table complements the entire balcony garden.

The hanging lights create an aura of purity and calmness. Lights are an essential part of the balcony garden.

Excessive unused space looks boring. Make it interesting by planting a lot of plants and playing with colors.

Quick Tips

 Apart from all these designs, here are some quick tips to keep in mind while designing your dream balcony garden space.

Do not stop at one plant. Buy and plant as many plants as you can. The garden should not be limited to only some popular pretty flowers. There are thousands of varieties available in the market of plants. Different kinds of flowers placed together look gorgeous no doubt.

Take proper care. To keep the plants in good condition, look after them constantly. Water them regularly, keep them in a space where they get the most sunshine. Use effective fertilizers for the health of the plants and the most important thing is to keep pruning them.

Lay a carpet. Cleaning the floor is very important and the mud and clay make it difficult. Lay down a carpet on the floor of your choice. It makes cleaning easy. 

Go organic. Do not plant only flowers but vegetables too. Use the space efficiently and plant some organic vegetables in the balcony garden. With this, you will also get something worthy out of it. Tomatoes, lemons, herbs, and a lot of other valuable edibles can be planted.

Know the direction. Keep your plants where the sun is. Try to know before planting where the direction of the sunlight is and place the plants facing it.


Now, these were some tips to follow while planting a balcony garden. A balcony garden is a personal space so use it diligently.

A cup of coffee with fresh bewitching flowers is such a good feeling.

Design your balcony garden keeping your budget and space available in mind.

Set your budget before designing. Use recycled products such as plastic bottles. If you have some other things such as an old tier or a big plastic drum use them.

Use climbers and creepers both. Climbers for the wall and creepers for the railing.

Plant aloe vera. Aloe vera is really good for the skin. The organically grown aloe vera is of supreme quality.

Apart from our health, we should take care of our skin too and what better way than using the products from your own grown balcony garden.

We hope our designs and tips were useful for you. Thank you. Good luck!


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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