Wall color is important and should be Eye-catching. But what color or pattern to use? This question becomes a headache when you are trying to plan to change or set your old or new home respectively. Color plays an important role, it can make or break your entire look. Apart from the looks, colors can give you a sense of peace reveals color experts, Amy Krane.

Decorating your home should be up to you only but it takes a lot of time and effort so here down below are some tips in which we will explain to you the trending Wall color that you need to switch to and some little changes here and there will be a cherry on top. Let’s go.

How to choose the right color palette for your different rooms

House Colors Interior 2019

Here are some Trending wall color combinations that you must have.

For your Living Room

The living room is the most important room in the house. All the big things happen there from a full-fledged party to a small group of friends chit-chatting and gossiping all things happen here. So styling and keeping your living room up to date can be influential. Let’s start with trending wall color combinations for your Living room and also note down the psychological effects of the colors on us.


black color palette designs for living room

Black can never be out of style and trend. Trust us. If the accessories or the furniture that you are using are somewhat dark in color or may be shaded even than your wall color could be black. Color black gives a sense of discipline and a masculine look. If you are not into those mushy-mushy pink colors than black can be your color with a tinge of grey here and there in your Articles or bookshelves will do.


grey color palette combinations living room designs

This color is trending and is refreshing. Adding Grey to your living room can lighten up the mood. It is serene. If you are living facing sea-side then grey color suits your room. Grey is a neutral color and is known for intelligent and disciplined people. Combining grey with white or black even creates a lively and inviting space.


white color palette for wall designs living room designs

Some of you may think that white is out of style now but that is not the case. For all the white lovers, White is still in. If you are using white color than the Articles and Furniture of the room can be of any color. You don’t need to mix and match everything. White color goes with almost everything. Combining white with any color can also be easily done. White color gives the illusion that the room is more spacious. On the other hand, painting your walls white can induce a feeling of innocence and purity.

Navy Blue

navy blue color palette combinations living room designs

This color brings outs an edge to the room. It is Royal and can impress anybody. With minimum furniture, this color is just simply awe. It gives a vintage look. This specific color should be given preference because it has a calming effect and lowers the blood pressure. So if you are coming back home from a hectic day at the office than spending your some time in the living room can help you relax and clear your mind. One thing to avoid in this color is it’s Pastel blue shade because it can come as cold and chilly.


green color palette living room designs

It is lustrous and adds lushness. Having your living room Green is beautiful. It is more kind of sophisticated. If you love gardening then it looks appealing. Apart from that, it gives a homey feeling. Green color symbolizes prosperity and is known to reduce anxiety. This color is a must-have.

For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a personal space. It should be cozy and warm, giving a feeling of homecoming. The common mistake while painting your home is painting every room in a different color reveals Rayman Boozer, a prominent Interior designer from New york. Keeping everything minimal should be kept in mind. Do not overdo. Keep in mind the theme and just follow the lead with it.

Pale Beige

beige color palette combinations bedroom designs

This color is versatile and subtle. Keeps the atmosphere warm and serene. Having pale beige as your bedroom color is a very good idea in fact. Keep the color light and then add some color to your room in the form of Articles. Using recycled decor items is not only trendy these days but beneficial for you as well. It is economic and very creative. An old stack of newspaper can create a table stand, could you believe? No, right? But using old and waste products can help you create a very young and cheerful environment.

Bright White

white colored palette combination for bedroom decor ideas

Again, you guys must be thinking no not white anymore, right? But we will argue that keeping things minimal and simple plus elegant is all we want. It gives a spacious look and is economic too. Having your ceiling white can give the impression of the high castle-like ceilings. If you prefer simple things and don’t want any intrusion of colors than this one is for you.


violet colored palette combination for bedroom

Some ignore this color saying it is childlike but the violet color gives an extra edge to your room. Combining it with white color is preferable. Leave your ceilings white and color the walls violet.

Mint Green

green colored palette combination for bedroom

A light, refreshing mint green color is very comfortable, keeps you close to nature and just having two simple wooden chairs by the windows or balcony is snug. Green as earlier stated brings prosperity and fortune as well, we don’t mind that, do we?

Blush Pink

blush pink colored palette combination for bedroom

Pink is a color that everyone loves to have in their bedroom. It is cute. Paint your walls a light blush pink or pastel pink. It gives a rosy and girly charm that every girl loves. Use some big wall stickers to decorate your walls besides the beautiful color. Wall stickers are trendy and cool. Economic too. A book stacks will look good too.

For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where the heart is. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It should be timeless and stylish as well. Jeremiah Brent, another interior designer, a specialist in the kitchen reveals that investing in the kitchen is necessary. Besides the marvelous wall color, he says you need beautiful appliances. Marble countertop looks ravishing. Placing a chair and a table at a corner with a little light to relax can also be done. The wall colors should be welcoming and it should go with the countertop and cabinets as well. While choosing a color, there are certain things that one should keep in mind.

  • It should go with the overall decor of the kitchen including kitchen furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Kitchen lighting should be appropriate and should look soothing to the eyes.
  • The most important thing is, the whole aura of the kitchen should be comfortable for the person working there in the kitchen. Anything should not cause discomfort as the kitchen is the place to work, to create, to enjoy, nothing should let this feeling go.

Coming to the wall colors,

Baby blue

baby blue color palette for kitchen interior and wall

This is the most recommended color by most of the famous interior designers for the kitchen walls. It gives a fresh feeling as well as gives the walls the look of the modern era. Baby blue gives the best kitchen vibes. As it says, the great color makes great memories. You can choose a white countertop. This color combination will rock.


turqoise color palette for kitchen interior and wall

This is another cool color that gives a warm feeling. Turquoise is always the choice of people when they want to go with the combination of cool and warm at the same time. It is one of the light colors and matchable with the kitchen furniture of almost any color. So, If you’re painting your kitchen walls in this color, you should not worry about contrasting kitchen furniture colors.


Kitchen Interior Colors Ideas

Yellow is beautiful. It is crazy, lovable, young and fresh. It adds the feeling of youth as well as comfort. You will always feel energetic when you are around this yellow color. Talking about the shades of yellow, never choose the pale color. It fades the feeling. Light and dark both of the shades go with the overall decor.


grey color palette for modern modular kitchen interior and wall

One of the most popular colors in the kitchen decor is the grey color. Grey color can be used in combination with mostly black or white or can be used alone. Use light grey to color your walls and always feel welcoming and cool. Grey gives a strong feeling. It is dark, strong and energetic.


white colored kitchen interior and wall

Again, it is also one of the most popular colors that will paint your walls with beauty and love. This causes the lightest and refreshing feeling to the one working in the kitchen. White can be used alone or in contrast with any of the dark colors or with the light colors. Paint your walls with white and love the feeling of calmness around you.

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For your kid’s room

The kid’s room should be lively and cheery so your child never feels sad or lonely. Kid’s room must be cheeky and eye-catching that uplifts the mood of a kid who has just returned to their safe place after a tiring day at school. Use some vibrant and playful colors to paint the walls.

Kids have their best childhood memories which they will remember for the rest of the days so, all these things should be kept in mind while painting and decorating a kid’s room. No boring thing is allowed. Wake up the inner creative little kid in you while designing.


trendy kids room chalkboard wall

Painting your walls with a new chalkboard color is trendy and cool and trust us your kids will love this no doubt. They will draw on the walls so why not allow them to do that. They will love it and their friends will also crave the same.

Sea Blue

baby blue color palette combinations for kids room interior and wall

Sea blue is attractive and all their favorite underwater movies inspired collection will be a cherry on top. A large Nemo or Dory poster will be incredible. Little plant-like cushions and pillows will give an edge.


white and pink color combination palette for kids room interior and wall

Pink is every kid’s favorite and a cheerful and princess-like color. It is fun and love. Every baby girl adores it. It gives a fresh and neat look. Do you know there is a thing called the “pink effect”? Pink color drives out the sense of neglect and loneliness. The kids will be calmed with its soothing effects.

Red- yellow contrast

red and yellow color palette for kids room interior and wall

This red-yellow combination will make your child’s room look crazy and cool. Children love chirpy and loud colors. It will make your child feel energetic and happy at the same time. Creating good vibes in a kid’s room is necessary as the wall colors and the whole decor does affect the child’s mental health. You can also add some cute pictures related to cartoons or stars or anything they are into.


purple color combination palette for kids room interior and wall

Violet is a loud and crazy choice for kids and they will love it. It is probably one of the best ideas to cover your child’s room with all the love and affection at the same time giving it the modern era vibes. Violet color can be used alone or can also go in combination with white or yellow. Violet-yellow is popular.


Make your family fall in love with these beautiful ideas. It needs loads of effort and time to create a comforting and positive vibe at your home. We hope that our ideas and suggestions will help you in some ways.

Choosing the colors depends on your likes and dislikes. We just tried to help you out by mentioning our best possible choices. Usually, you can also choose colors by keeping your culture and traditions in mind, where do you live and what do your loved ones like.

It also depends on the weather conditions around you. It may seem weird but people’s nature will also play an important role while deciding a color for your walls. You should always take suggestions from your family as they are sharing the space with you. Home is a place to live. Home is a synonym of comfort, love, care, and happiness. Maintain it by using the best of your ideas filled with all love.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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