Decorating our homes with furniture, antiques, etc. is not a culture but a feeling which every other Indian do have.

To create a house it takes a lot of effort, so it’s an obvious thing that you will get connected to the house.

But to make every corner of the house beautiful you have to decorate it because that is not just a house, it’s a home for the people which makes them warm living in it.

At the time when you want to find home décor items you actually don’t have any clue where to go if you are new in the city.

So here I am going to let you explore through these markets and malls, which is in these metro cities Delhi, Noida, and Mumbai.


First, we are going to explore the best markets and malls in Delhi and make sure to visit these places if you really don’t have any clue about home décor shopping.

Sarojini Nagar Market

Basically Sarojini Nagar is located in South West Delhi; it is one of the most popular markets in Delhi.

You can see the shops align in one line at both sides of you, varying in different categories such as clothing, footwear, kitchen items, accessories, home décor, cosmetics, and whatnot.


But this market is beneficial to women more than men because women are god of barging, they can bargain till the price gets lower than expected. 

Moreover, most of the categories above mentioned come under the interest of women so highly recommended for them to go and have a look.

You see there will be a good number of big brand showrooms available there but it’s much more famous for street shopping where you can get especially the home décor items at best prices, so there is no chance of disappointment.

Banjara market

Well, the Banjara market is located in sector 56, Gurgaon which is a hub for home decoration items.

From a vase to furniture you can find everything over there at killer prices.


You have bought a new home or you are planning to re-decorate your apartment then you must visit the Banjara market where you will find, furniture, antiques, mirrors, showpieces, ceramic pottery- which is going to explode your house with the most classy and beautiful you ever had.

The best thing about the market is that it will not lose your pocket even after buying a dozen items.

Even you can find a huge number of Rajasthan items over here which looks stunning either it is in the form of antiques or showpieces.

Sadar Bazar

Sadar Bazar a huge flourishing market which covers a long area in north Delhi, and is a hub for household items.

You can’t take care of your eyes from the shops over there which have a huge collection of decorative items for the home.


Yes, there are fewer shops for furniture’s but there are more shops for antiques, showpieces, hangings, etc.

So if you are visiting north Delhi doesn’t forget to visit Sadar Bazar which is also famous for its item at the lowest cost you can get anywhere else.

Not only that there is a huge range of Rajasthan items sold over here, including showpieces, Rajasthan dolls known as {Khatputli}, wooden items, beautifully carved pottery and paintings, which are unique and will look best if you decorate it at your home creating an essence of Jaisalmer at your home.

Janpath Market

Being one of the oldest markets of New Delhi, Janpath is extending from Connaught place to Windsor place.

The shops are open for you from 11 am to late night till 9 pm, so you have a lot of time to shop over there.


And the home décor items will put you in a dilemma for a while and will make it hard to choose items among all.

The beautiful and unique crafted items you will get here, which will make you remind of Sarojini Nagar and Banjara market.

So if you are visiting Connaught place do visit the Janpath market to have an amazing shopping experience and get items for your beautiful home.


After Delhi now it’s time to explore Noida which specifically lies in Uttar Pradesh and is near to New Delhi and Faridabad. So are you ready to explore?

Atta market

A place in sector 18, Noida which will let you swim in the happiness of getting items at such low costs.

It is well known for its street shopping.

It promises to every visitor over there that they won’t let them go empty hand.

Atta market

Wall hanging, clock, vase, pottery, paintings, etc. are quite exquisite here.

Not only that you will find area rugs and other stuff which can decorate your house in every possible way.

Visiting Noida and skipping this place will be quite a loss for you.

Panchkuian market

In the era of a huge price increase on each and every product, this is the only place in Noida which is going to provide you a huge number of options for the furniture’s that too at the lowest cost you can ever get.

 Panchkula market.jpg

But all these things didn’t affect the Panchkula market and it is still being the most affordable and supply best furniture to its customers.

Not only that they also provide you with a home delivery option so a place you should visit if you are looking to replace your old furniture.

Bhangel market

This is to be located in sector 102, and most famous for hardware, furniture, and electronic items.

Not known by many but this place is famous for its furniture stores.

You can find a large number of furniture stores to be here and that at its best cost.


It is a small village which does not have people more than 2000 you can easily find every other villager to have a furniture store.

Though the quality of furniture is remarkable, you can have the best choices among many.

And the best thing about the store over here is that they provide you home delivery and you can even order them over the phone by connecting to them through various websites online.

So thinking about to buy or to get furniture of your choice, come to Bhangel.

Market 99

Finding issues in shopping, why don’t you visit Dlf Mall of India or Great India Palace (G.I.P) in Sector 18.

Explore this market 99 to get amazing home décor items at its best prices. So what will be available here?


Decorate vase, different range of scented candles, Christmas hangings, cinematic lightbox, decorative items, flower bouquet, flowerpot, lantern, paintings, reed diffuser, etc.

The list is quite bigger to mention over here and it ranges from Rs99 – Rs600 don’t you think that this is quite cheap if you compare to other stores in any other mall in Noida. 


Visiting the metro city and you will sweep with the crowd if you have no idea where you’re going for the shopping. So here I came up with the best places to shop for home décor in Mumbai.

Crawford market

This place is in Khoka bazar, Chippi Chawl, Kalbadevi, where the shops are aligned from grocery to perfumes.

But we are here specifically for home décor shopping so; let’s explore what we can get over here.

There is a success corner over here that has a huge variety of antiques, ceramic pottery, showpieces, vase, flowers, clocks, and the prices are reasonable.


There is Murshid opposite to Crawford which gives you a huge range of crystal products, incredible showpieces, a unique collection of pottery, etc.

In the Crawford market itself there you will a large number of street shops who will provide you amazing home décor items at the lowest price.

Abdul Rehman Street

Abdul Rehman Street which is also known as Abdul Rehman Gali is also in Kalbadevi but it located in Lohar Chawl.

abdul rehman market delhi.jpg

There is Badshah store over there which has a great variety of imported toys that are completely unique and will make your house look even better if you place them at your home.

There is a Jai Ambe gift and stationery store which has a beautiful collection of showpieces and vase providing you a variety of different home décor products.

And so the list will not end there are many exquisite shops over Abdul Rehman Street which will help you to get a good collection of home décor items.

Linking road

This road is near toll gate Mumbai, which starts from Bandra Talkies and at Dahisar East.

Being known as a fashion city, it provides the best option for shopping and this road is one of the shopping heavens, for the people who love home decorating, which includes a fusion of modern and traditional street stalls.


It’s a crowded area, with lots of people visiting there and getting items of their choice, at the lowest price.

The prices will get lower as much you are good at bargaining and if you are bad at it then you are completely going to be in loss.

So what you are going to find? Artifacts, antiques, showpieces, wall clock, etc. so what are you waiting for go and discover this amazing street shopping.


The most famous place for furniture in Navi Mumbai in Turbhe MIDC is IKEA.

You will get all the items ranging from sofas, wardrobes, decoration items, bedroom accessories, dining table, shoe rack, TV units, tableware, and kitchenware.


So do you think there is any better option for furniture shopping other than IKEA?

No, moreover the prices are reasonable that you can easily buy any items over there at a pretty good cost.

If you want to buy a bed, then categories are:

  • Bed with storage and bunk bed
  • Children’s bed
  • Double bed and Single bed
  • Cot
  • Sofa bed and loft bed

If you want to buy a decoration item, then categories are:

  • Candleholder and candle
  • Clocks
  • Flowerpot and planters
  • Frames and pictures
  • Home fragrance
  • Mirrors
  • Vases and bowls

If you want to buy shoe racks, then categories are:

  • Racks and stands
  • Shoe cabinets
  • Shoe, coat and hat racks

If you want to buy a dining table, then categories are:

  • Dining table tops and underframes
  • Extendable table
  • Wall-mounted tables

And there are a lot more items for each category; you are not going to be upset after visiting the shop and getting huge variation. 


So our list gets over here, of course, there are a lot of places to visit for shopping and home décor in these three cities Delhi, Noida and Mumbai but these were some of the places I researched on and found to get more than four stars as per the other people view.

Even on youtube and other social media people made blogs mostly on these places as they found these places to be quite affordable and reliable places.

But yes I know there will still be many people who don’t like to visit shops and do the shopping stuff of home décor for quite many reasons.

So for them, I will recommend you some websites down here, on which you can get items of your choice for home decoration ranging from a small clock to a big bed.









And the list will not end so; these were some of the best websites you can search for home décor items.

Not all the website will give you items at a low cost but surely there are many websites mentioned above will make you fall in love with their product and its prices.

Just make sure before you buy the product compare its prices with other websites and get the best price product.

And don’t fall in the trap of a huge discount because sometimes the product on which the discount will be huge you’ll get a product of bad quality.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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