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When it comes to creating a positive aura at home, people usually try to find a connection with Vastu or some other typically mythological importance of the same.

Now, to make it simple, the reason why you must have a positive aura in your home is for better working of the brain.

There are various things you can do to improvise the positivity of your house.

A negative aura in a home is not only harmful to your mental health but it also affects your working capability.

To help you in creating a positive aura at home, here are a few tips you can follow:

Ways to make home Aura positive

There are various ways to make your home negativity free.

As the saying goes, Positivity In, Negativity Out, so does our motive for your home, i.e., the positive aura in and negative aura out.

A home can be a mini apparent of 2 rooms or a large bungalow but it will always be a home to the person who lives in it. You all deserve to live in a home with all the positive vibes and none of it negative.

Let’s start by taking the negative out and positivity in your home, step by step:

Living Room


Since we spend 90% of our time in the living room, it has to be the room that gives the most positive vibes in the home.

Color theory

You can start by giving it a change of paint adding some texture to it.

The blank walls simply seem to stare at a person causing blankness in their head so this can be overcome by adding some artwork to it.

Sunlight is important

Make sure there are windows in the living room that let the direct sunlight in. There is nothing more positive than natural sunlight and the example is solar power operated in any article.

Adding fragrance

It would be great if you lit an incense stick in your living room. This makes the room seem fresh and you will be ready to work more productively. Try growing some crawlers that come in from your window.

Add nature

There is nothing more positive than the invited nature itself. Not only does the greenery provide a nice view of your eyes but it also relaxes you to enhance your productivity.

These days people are less involved in families and more involved in their lives.

Drawing Room


When we talk about the drawing-room, we know it is that room of ours where guests are supposed to sit and eat and talk.

It is important to have a positive aura in the drawing-room because the negativity would haunt the guests away and they would never want to visit your home. This is the thing about negative aura, people don’t realise what it is but it really scares them.

Color theory

To have a negativity free drawing-room, try giving shades to your room.

The colours should be contrasting and soothing like lime yellow and sky blue.

Give the walls a striped texture of these shades and hang the curtains of a third colour say white or golden.

You can simply imagine how wonderful the drawing room will look. There are various colour options you can choose from.


Now, the furniture part is very important. You would not want your guests to say a negative word about your choice so try choosing lightweight furniture like that of cane. It is light and trendy.

Decor items and other antiques

You must add some flowerpots in your drawing room with a carpet on the floor. To change the look of the drawing-room, change curtains and furniture covers occasionally.


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The kitchen is the most important room in your home. After all, if you are feeling full right now, show gratitude towards it.

Well, a kitchen needs to have a positive aura as well. It is very easy in the case of a kitchen. All you need to do is, keep it maintained.

Cleaning helps

A clean and workable place is more likely to invite a positive aura in it. Make sure that the walls or tiles are clean, the floor has no ingredients spread on it that get stuck in your feet and cause irritation and the jars and utensils should be clean.

Keep everything in an airtight container.

Always be ready

Always have a mop handy for the kitchen. As soon as you spill something, mop it out. Weekly clean the jars and boxes and make sure the utensils are all managed well.

Don’t forget to dump the garbage and waste every day. Also, clean the chimneys and gas stove.

Color theory

It is known that warm colors in the color palette like red, yellow are proven to be good for the appetite.

Dining Room

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The dining room is a place where you eat. Nobody wants to eat in a place that has negative vibes spread all around it.

Keep in touch with nature

To get rid of this negativity, use some small plants that grow in water. Put them on your dining table.

Clean surroundings

The dining table must be clean and nothing should be spread on it. No dirty dishes or leftovers.

Maintain hygiene

Your dining table must not stink because you would not want to eat in such a horrible place where flies share your food with you. These flies and insects not only share your food but also bring sickness and infections to your family. It is really important to maintain hygiene.

Color theory

Four best colors to choose for the dining room’s color palette are:

Shades of red since it creates a sense of liveliness and also increases appetite.

Orange creates an atmosphere of calmness and comfort. This color looks good with wooden highlights

Yellow encourages happiness and one tends to feel cheerful.

Green for freshness and health. You can always add a hint of green by adding plants in the dinning area.



Finally comes the place where you sleep in peace. But what happens when you cannot sleep? Why is it even so? Even when you have a tiring day, the bedroom doesn’t seem like a good place to sleep. Why? It is so because of the negative energy that has spread its roots in the house.

Color Theory

The bedroom must be of aight color shade and should have led lights that may be dimmed at the time of sleeping.


Some people don’t like to sleep in all dark so lamps should be used. Lights always play an important role in the bedroom.


You can also add a canopy to your bed. While all these are the external factors, you may also keep in mind that the bedroom stays clean and tidy while you go to sleep.

Add fragrance

It must not be visited at any other time than sleeping. You can add a light shade of curtains to your windows and should use a room freshener. A light fragrance brings positivity in.

Kids’ Room

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Energy affects the kids’ brains very quickly. It is important to have an enormous amount of positive aura in your kid’s room.

Color theory

For that, you may need to pick a color wisely. Maybe go for bright shades like orange, pink, green or yellow.

Dull or pastel shades do not bring optimism in a person while the bright shades make them more productive and energetic.

Cleanliness is important

Ensure that the room is tidy and dust-free so that no allergies occupy any space hence, a room full of positive aura.

Sunlight exposure

The room should be exposed to direct sunlight so that the child doesn’t need to study in artificial lighting.

Fairy lights

Add some fairy lights to the kids’ room so that they don’t get scared in the night.

A bit of motivation

Add quotations on the wall to keep the child motivated.


Lastly, what you need to have in your child’s room is a large clock so that they work according to time and follow a rhythmic schedule.

Touch of Nature

There should be natural flowers in the kids’ room. It can be a real flower pot too.


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Before you would want to make any changes to your home, you should know why having a positive aura at home is important.

Well, just like a rotten apple rots other fresh ones, a negative aura rots the person’s mind who is living in it.

Negative aura creates depression, anxiety and reduces your working efficiency.

Negative energy brings sadness and gloominess in the behavior of family members and there is a higher chance of such people spreading negativity around them eventually becoming a toxic substance in the society.

No one wants to be around negative people. To get over this, you need to have a positive aura in your home.

Getting closer to nature

It can be added by using natural fragrances of flowers or some incense sticks. Since you cannot stay in the woods to be positive, you can have a little garden at your home.

Spending time with your family in the garden would be priceless.

Color theory

A variety of colors should be used in the house so that a person may choose the room according to the work like writers need to work in calmness while housewives need peace and students need brightness.

Colors affect the aura so much. Although black is the new trend but it attracts negative energy so try to avoid black color in your home.

Mirrors are effective.

If you find that any room in your house is small compared to others, try installing mirrors on the wall.

It makes the room look bigger and gives a rather positive vibe.

People with a positive lifestyle are more likely to think openly and freely. They are more inclined towards their goals and develop a good thinking ability. 


oib2YhBkXvajtHjQbnUSawy7kNlamhJ0q9NTyWE9q o7onyjeNLBlgvS

In today’s lifestyle, people usually go for a soothing and attractive house.

While getting their house refurbished, they choose trendy shades but usually forget what is really needed.

It is important to know the importance of a room in your house and what color should be painted in there.

A positive aura is a must in every house. Positive aura brings serenity and prosperity.

A person with a positive mind can accomplish so much in life that a negative minded person cannot.

This article is all about what all you can use in your home to make it more aesthetically pleasing and fit for a positive aura.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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