Look around. Does your house feel not-so-bright anymore? Do you want a change? The best way to go about that is a house makeover!

Paint your walls, get new furniture, or simply move it, choose your newfangled color scheme and voila! Your same comfortable house is now brand-new!

A change in the surroundings also uplifts your mood and helps you start over. It is time to redecorate and redesign your pretty little house.

Invest in the latest trends and make yourself a home that you cherish. Further, if it has been a long time to your abode, your house would have started to show signs that it needs an upgrade. So don’t wait for it, get it!

Why makeovers are important

Your house is a safe place. A home gathers your friends and family and should be kept in a way that comforts you the most. 

Light up your house and feel the change! Get rid of your old plain lights and replace them with energy-efficient ones. Help the environment and also make your house different.

Instead of looking for new options in the market that are way-too-costly, why not renovate and update the designs in your own house? Make your current house perfect and let the magic happen!

Having a family of four is difficult. Everyone has their own needs. The kids might not like what their parents choose for them. The parents might not like what the latest trends in home design are. But since it is a house for all of them, all their considerations should be included in redesigning a house!

Now that they are all grown up, they need separate rooms. They need the room to represent how they are, how their personality is. They will invite their friends over and they need to have a cool room!

Parents can now change their room into something more comfortable. Something that makes them relaxed after a long tedious day. 

Here, we are showcasing designs of everyone different! There is a parents’ room, a daughter’s room, a son’s room, a bathroom, the stairs, and your pets’ room! Take inspiration from these designs and get decorating!

Things to keep in mind before redesigning

Everyone in the family should make a list! Their requirements from their room, what they expect in the master bedroom, and everything else. The more you know, the more you are in a better position to make your house as per your needs. 

You have to set aside a budget. If you need a home suited to your needs, you have to invest in furniture and colors that stay that way for a long time!

Plan with your family and visualize your new home! Take into consideration everything that every member of your family wants. Since you all share a household, it makes no sense that only one person calls the shots. Ask others what they want, how they want it, and involve them actively in designing the house.

Have fun designing your little abode. What is the point of the whole process if you just remain stressed? The whole idea of redesigning your house is to have a new home to be in, which makes you feel safe. So get going, enjoy the process and make a home you are proud to live in!

Let’s look at some designs!

Okay, enough talk. Let’s look at the designs we think stood out more than the others! Look at them and visualize your own house like that. If you like it, you are set!

# Kids Room

For Girls

The first one is for a daughter. She typically likes lights in her room and wants it to be filled with a thousand pillows! Feel familiar? You can try to change your room into something like this:

Room 3.jpg

The color scheme of this room is pretty basic because more than the walls, the room focuses on different kinds of things that accessorize the room.

The wall art, the pillows, the flower vase, and the pictures are just some of the many things that can be added in this kind of a room!

The trick is to have everything you love in one place. Your room is your spaceship and you should design it however you want!

You can have posters of your favorite movies or series, of songs, of quotes that define you; you can fill it with soft toys, with beautiful wall hangings, and with dream catchers! Don’t forget the pictures! Keep space for your unforgettable memories because they will always keep you company. 

Let your room and your life be pretty!

For Boys

The second room is for the son! Depending on his likes and tastes, he can design it as per his wants. We have chosen a room that is spacious. Not too filled, not too empty. It is designed for moderation and perfection. It can look like:


The other kid might want a room that is simple but has a huge space for other things. This room looks utterly pleasing and feels like a dream. The ceiling color matches the floor and the walls. Overall, the design is made to look warm. It works well if you want a room that is just your space and no one else’s.

Make your room your happy place!

# The Living Room

The living room is decided by everyone in the family! But it needs to be beautiful and warming to the guests that come to visit you.

The living room is the first impression of your whole house and it has to look fabulous! Decorate it subtly and add everything that you would need in your house.

Keep spaces for your gifts and other things that are owned by everyone in the house. How about we choose a room like:

House 1 Minimalist.jpg

The center table is simple and useful. The lights hanging from the ceiling give it a very chic look and the sofa colors match well with the surroundings. This looks a perfect place to sit and relax with your loved ones.

You can change the furniture and the colors according to your preferences but an ideal living room looks something just like this!

# The Master Bedroom

The parents always need a room that projects elegance and simplicity. They do not want anything that is too vibrant. A sober room with enough space for their belongings seems like a good way to start.

Here is a room that would work out best for them:


They usually prefer light color palettes, not too dark and not too bright. A room with a few open spaces, a bed that’s cozy, and walls that have some of the minimalist art they like is the way to go.

They can have a bedroom that has enough storage space and some couches where they can rest and read or just have tea together.

Such a plain, beautiful room is their basic need and we believe this makes for a perfect design!

# The Pet Room

You cannot forget your pets! If you are designing your house, you also need to make space for your pet. Your cute little dog or cat deserves their own room.

Here are some options! The first one is for a dog and the second one is for a cat. They need to be built differently as their characteristics are anything but alike.

Dog room.jpg

You cannot have the same room for both of them, of course. Design it according to their likes. Have an adorable little bed for them, have toys stacked up for them, soft cushions, soft floors, a sandbox, and whatever else their needs are.

Like the first image, you can also have a small little door if you don’t want your dog to step out in the middle of the night. Fill it with pictures of your pets so they feel more like home!


For cats, have the toys that they can chew on and play with! Have small spaces as they like to fit themselves in.

Have furniture full of shelves where you can keep their food, their clothes and everything else they need!

Steps for successful Interior design

Think about what works best for you. What works for one, may not work for the other. 

Make sure there is natural lighting! Artificial lighting is good, but nothing beats the sun!

Decide colors and run them by others. You should not end up choosing a color that looks pleasing at that moment and looks hideous later on. 

Try different combinations with your furniture. There is no harm! Finalize their positioning based on what looks and suits your room the best. 

Have your own style! Try to be unique and you will have a house like no one else!

Tips for redesigning a room

You can choose room designs according to your own style. We all have a basic idea in mind about how we want our spaces to look like. It’s time to execute it! Find some things online that best suit your needs and get changing. 

If you are a student, you can prefer rooms that have a large bookshelf or enough storage space for your books and other materials. 

For an artist, a room that has a workstation and a home station work out the best. Don’t mix the two! Have a separate section where you work. 

If you prefer bright colors and want lights in your room, you can design it according to the picture we shared! Make your room the best version there could be.

If you like sports, you can have a whole wall filled with posters of your favourite players. You can even colour your room in the colour of the crest of the team you support!

If you teach, you need enough space to keep your accolades and presents you receive from the students! Keep that in mind while designing. 

If you prefer minimalist designs, pick and choose furniture and designs according to that. Let your room not have too many things, but enough space to keep your necessary things. 

You have to design your room according to your professional and your personal life! It has a huge impact on how your house ends up looking. Every person has different ideas and wants. Don’t be afraid to choose!


Never forget why you are building your dream house. It will test you, it will be tedious and it will definitely be challenging. Don’t give up midway!

Design everything as per your lifestyle. Don’t make everything luxurious. It might be difficult for you to maintain it!

Pick your own architectural style: Contemporary, Minimalist, Traditional, Modern, Mid-century, and countless others. Do thorough research on different styles and choose what you end up relating to the most. 

Be good to the environment and make it an energy efficient one. It will even save your costs!

Have a proper budget and a proper time scale! Don’t take too long to design your room! Have a schedule.

Your room is a glorious embodiment of your needs. Make it into a place you love coming back to every day. Happy Designing!


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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