It is very important to furnish and decorate your house to make it look more go-to place.

Homes are not just places but feeling and it feels best when your eyes see the beauty since it soothes your mind.

Decorating your home and accessorizing it reflects culture and gives you a themed living.

It can be small or big.

LIVING ROOM – temple of the soul


“Decorating – and life is about moderation.”

by Larry Laslo

A little mess never harms anyone. To own your living room and maximize the space in, a lot can be done.

The color of the walls should be light, it makes it look bigger and spacious.

Multi coloured Pastel Wallpaper Mural

Use light-colored walls and contrast the furniture accordingly. Blush pinks with green, pale blue with purples.

Add storage items, probably hanging to make it look tidy and clutter-free.

Small tables with tiny box-like drawers with a wooden touch in the corners can be used.  You can make more use of space by using streamlined shelves showing off the more of you if books, CDs, and old cassettes are rightly placed.

Nothing better than Craftonline Floating Shelf on snapdeal can be suggested for this.

Artifacts or decoratives


Big vase at one corner with bright artificial flowers can be an addition. Or Lush the corner with a big green houseplant as they can define a lot about the freshness and calm you hold.

Choose a wall for hanging art

navy blue color palette combination living room designs

Every home has a story that can be told by nothing better than paintings, pictures or wall hangings. Don’t over-do the wall, the less it is packed the more it interconnects.

The right sized sofa

navy blue color palette living room designs

All to remember while choosing a sofa is – Quality always. Use tufted couches rather than a bulky sofa. The sofa shouldn’t be the only furniture occupying your living area.

Use the L-shaped design other than opposites. It will occupy less space and look bizarre.

Casa style Casper sofas on amazon are ideal for small area arrangements.

True to the purpose center table

black theme living room

Use a small center table that can be used for storing items as a hidden one. Also, as one for show. Square coffee table on Pepperfry might be what you have been looking for!

Huge storage trunks are left out in many homes unused and usually hold no value as such. But the lost value can be added by using them for storage and sitting in the living room by accessorizing them with cushions and beautiful covers.

“If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own, it will never happen. If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point. It is the old, the new, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn but loved things in your home that make it your own.”

—Stacy Risenmay, Not Just a Housewife

BEDROOM – where the soul rests

white colored palette combination for bedroom

While going for beds, contemplate storage beds are the most common and feasible.

There are plenty of designs available that look differently.

Another type of beds that can be considered are Murphy beds and wall beds. So these can be used not only to free up more space but also provide storage if free.

Amazon-branded Somilo Polaris bed with a bed box is one of the many options you may look through.

Use small transforming tables

green colored palette combination for bedroom

Transforming tables can make your entire room transform into an office, meal station, or low lying tables for show. 

Place drawers near the bed

pink colored palette combination for bedroom

Store your essentials at an arm’s reach in small. Electric sockets over the head for convenience can be useful.

Place your articles right

yellow colored palette combination for bedroom

Make your bedroom YOUR thing to the most. Fill it up with the things that reflect your identity, choose colors that you love. Use wooden shelves as white to place your favorites to echo value.

Inbuilt cupboards


Use inside-wall cupboards for things like clothing. To grant maximum space to your bedrooms, this is the best way. These usually come in the push-open wardrobe variants and are practically the best too.

Like none other than the Zuari By Forte Longline Sliding wardrobe in Flipkart.

Organizers for the room

geometrical shaped wall mirror set

Small organizers placed in a corner of the bedroom are ideal as they can be used as dressing tables too. Everything can be put in place in them. Hanging wall attached glass slits can be designed to make them look pretty as well.

Bluewud Walten dressing tables are one of the most sold furnishings on Amazon.

Decorative art at corners rather than middle


To give your bedroom a vintage look, use metal furnishing accessories of anything you wish to: more like that related to your hobbies; small and attractive at the sides or at a corner of your room.

KIDS ROOM – a place with least consistency

Since kids grow and learn a lot of different new things so a lot of momentary differences are required in their rooms too.

kids room decor ideas white palette

The color of the kid’s bedrooms should be bright, vivid and encouraging. Wall art can be used to cheer up a kid and his interest in his room.

Beds are something that kids adore for relaxing. Bunk beds are best suited in such cases.

Beds for kids should be able to create more room for activities.

Storage of toys and articles

amazing chalkboard wall for kids room

it is very important to inculcate a sense of responsibility kids regarding their toys and other stuff for the sake of their future habits. Thus, a storage series with combining sturdy frames and removable boxes can be organized as suited to the children. These can be vertical, stair shape, etc and can be used according to requirements and are available. The best example is the Trofast toy storage series.

Fancy the area

kids room decor ideas white and pink palette

The area can be decorated with hanging storage lower than usual for easy reach. These can be very fancy or unpretentious. Storage handbags, metal storage, plastic storages, pattern wall hangings, etc can be used for this. These can be found online on SHEIN.IN

Tables and chairs

baby blue color palette combinations for kids room interior and wall

Very important to maintain the practice of studying in an upright position. the easy-open table chair sets are useful for small rooms for children, as can easily be moved too. Storage tables for kids like the joker multi-utility compact table is a bestseller on


Storerooms are multifunctional rooms used to store all items required in the house in bulk, and yet are known to be underrated and rarely sound arranged. But the use of storerooms is made to the most when it is well set with everything in place.

Big cupboards for big items can be used, like the cello novelty compact cupboard which wouldn’t really reserve all the space present in the storeroom. Things like clothes, chemicals, kitchen and cleaning materials can be stored behind this closed and well-defined furniture.

Open shelves

There are absolutely important for storing stuff that is frequently required. provides one of the bestselling open shelves by the new look.


large and small – these are useful in hanging tools and other mechanical items used in garages.

Small drawers

These are important to store small objects like drugs, books, old belongings, etc that may be required at any moment of life.

Wrap Up

Home décor and furnishing are crucial in all aspects and can vary by so many levels. But this one is surely a difficult one where you know one wrong decision and you may run out of space leading to constant annoyance and ruckus. 

Hence, this one will help you choose wisely and make home a better place to be in.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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