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Living room as you all must be aware of is the room for everything from entertaining friends to having a cup of coffee to watching reruns of your favorite Television series.

Now, we all have to rearrange or adjust our Living room for every occasion like when our friends are coming over or it is a festival party we are throwing.

This is hectic and annoying, changing your room decor for every occasion. Why don’t we settle down for a living room that is perfect for every occasion?

A perfect living room for every occasion is a dream come true. Balancing style and comfort takes great effort and time, but we can do that for a perfect living room, right?

We don’t have to decorate it in haste when any festival is coming and then going back after it ends. We will suggest some ways on how to get a perfect living room for every occasion. A new perfect living room will be like a breath of fresh air and stylish as well. Let’s start.

Designing your living room is an enjoyable process. So, we will start with Wall colors and then will add on the furniture and articles required in the room. 

For the First Perfect Living room for Every Occasion look

We have created three looks so you can get any one of them. They all are plush and elegant looks and very easy to achieve.

All the items are chosen from the most trusted websites and all the looks are designed keeping in mind that you don’t need to change them anytime soon. Have a look at our first look.


Wall color: Warm Grey

grey living decor and interior ideas

Warm grey is a subtle and gentle color that never goes out of style. No matter if you are living sea-side or in the hills or the busy metropolitan cities this one is classic.

Having this color as your mains will give a warm appearance and if you are messy kind of a person then this will not highlight this.

You can use minimal decoration yet this one will leave an impression.

Sofa – Set

Ibiza’s two-seater sofa in blue color by Peachtree from Pepperfry is a unique and snuggly sofa that is perfect for every occasion and compliments the warm grey walls.

This two-seater sofa is for a small living room. This product is available in more than one color on the website. Keep it in the middle of your room.

Center Table

The center table should match with the sofa or else it will look distinct from the overall decor.

Along with the above-mentioned kind of sofa, you can add the Square coffee table by exclusive Furniture from Pepperfry. Place it in front of the sofa.

Side Table

A side table is never a turn off for the living room decor. Leo End Table (Large) in Bavarian Beech Colour by Lakdi from Pepperfry is a good choice.

It is a simple, small and light side table that will give your living room a perfect look and you can easily move it if you want.

Place it beside the sofa. Here, you can place a small photo frame for your family.


Global Home Fashion Premium Carpet by Amazon is a must-have for the living room.

It is Grey colored that matches well with grey color walls and blue colored sofa. Its fur material will give you an intimate feeling in the room.

Carpet should be placed in the middle of the room. Place it in front of the sofa or under the center table.


Cody Five Tier Book Shelf in Choco Walnut Finish by Live Home on Pepperfry is an item of complementary furniture.

It will look good with the side table. These shelves are not only charming but useful as well, you can add books there or place a nice small cute vase there. Position it in the corner of the room.

Wall Paintings

Wall paintings are the most interesting part of the Living room. There are multiple paintings out there that you can choose from.

Along with this decor, you should opt for Tomatina Canvas A Beautiful Tree of Cherry Painting from Amazon.

This painting gives a divine look to the room. Hang it in the center of the room wall or behind the sofa.


Lyse Decor Metal 3-Lights Round Cluster Wired Hanging Chandelier Pendant Light for Home Decoration (Black) from Amazon is just beautiful.

These well-designed lights give your living room a well-defined aura. Lights are important as it illuminated the room giving a fairy-like look.

You can illuminate your living room anytime with these good looking lights. Hang them beside the shelves to achieve a certain glow.

Vase Pots

Ethnic Karigari Decorative Beautiful Indoor White Blossom Flower Vase from Amazon will complete the look of your living room.

You can place it on your side table, beside the sofa, on the center table or at the corner of the room. The white flowers of this vase bestow a peaceful feeling to your room.


For decorating your side table or you can place it on the shelf. We have TAYHAA Brown resin owl on tree showpiece from Myntra is a cute showpiece.

Owl showpiece also signifies intelligence and additionally, you can hang it too.

For the Second perfect living room for every occasion look

For the Second perfect living room for every Occasion look we have.

turqoise Living Room Paint Color pallete and decor ideas

Wall color: Turquoise

Turquoise Living Room 1

A second wall color that we suggest is turquoise. It never goes out of fashion.

This color brings out a classy and royal look to your room and gives the perfect look when combined with nice and well-crafted furniture.

You can choose different shades of turquoise as it looks the best in all of its shades.


 Jordan RHS Sectional Sofa in Blue and Grey Colour by Muebles Casa from Pepperfry. This double shaded sofa in RHS design is comfortable and it is multi-seater so you can place it in your large-sized living room.

Centre Table

Halsey Solid Wood Coffee Table in Dual Finish by Woodsworth on Pepperfry is worth it. A large-sized center table won’t be a good idea with the large-sized sofa so, you should go with this delicate one.

This center table goes well with the RHS design sofa while maintaining the clean look of the room.

Side Table

A combination of a wooden table along with the turquoise wall color is always great and pleasant to the eyes so try to go for the wooden table.

New Butterfly End Table In Natural Finish By Peachtree on Pepperfry would be a good suggestion to try out. Place it in the corner of the room.


Selective Premium Shaggy Living Room Carpet by Amazon is comfortable to sit and walk. Also, it gives the royal look while keeping the homely feeling. Place it in front of your sofa, underlying the center table.

This carpet is good in size that fits in all sizes of your living room.


The House of Quirk Plastic Bookcase Cabinet by Amazon is one of the ideal shelves that you can select. It is light in weight and very affordable too. A good shelf is a must for your living room.

It just not adds to the looks but it is as useful as any other furniture. Place your achievements on this so everyone can have a look at some of your favorite books.

Wall Paintings.

Pitaara Box Artwork Showing Beautiful White Flowers Canvas Painting MDF Frame from Amazon is a painting with all-natural feels as it shows the beauty of flowers.

Nature never goes out of fashion. This looks best in your living room if you place it just above the sofa.


Choosing the right lights is very important with the turquoise wall color as it reflects the wall color and highlights the best shades of it.

This wall color is light so, choosing the Imperial Wooden Wall Light/Wall Hanging Lamp by Amazon fits well. Fit it on the above section of the wall.

Vase Pots

Ethnic Karigari Designer Home Decor Modern Art Long Wooden Decorative flower vase by amazon.

This vase is about 31cm long and suits best with the sofa size. Place it at the corner of your living room and complete the look.

Book Stand

Books stand are one of the most trendy and stylish things to own. Place it on the side table or shelf for a nerdy and cool look.

Flourish cycle bookend from Amazon is a unique book stand.

For the third Perfect Living room for Every Occasion look

Last but not least, our third look for achieving the perfect living room for every occasion look.

mint green

Wall color: Mint Green

green colored palette for wall designs living room designs

Apart from the above two mentioned wall colors, you can go for mint green. This color is completely trust-worthy for the choice of your living room walls.

It creates a natural aura in your home and brightens the whole house. Paint your walls mint green with or without white color.

Using the combination color for Walls is always in trend.


Try to add Greendale 3 Seater Sofa in Greenish Blue by Dreamzz Furniture from Pepperfry to your Living room. This three-seater sofa looks best with the mint green color of your walls. It is simple yet sophisticated and adds a traditional look to the room.

Centre Table

Round tables are so much in trends and compliments almost all kinds of the decor of the living room. A glass round table would be a great idea to decorate your room with class and elegance.

You can seek Alexa Coffee table from Pepperfry.

This black colored glass table is trendy and traditional. Place it before the sofa.

End Table.

It’s time to try something new to your living room. Going for an end table would never be a wrong idea. It gives a clean look to your room. Keeping it at one of the Corners of your room and enjoy the pleasant decor.

Iowa Wooden End Table in Teak Color by Nilkamal from Pepperfry is a must-go end table for this look.


Using a contrasting colored carpet with the wall color is so much in trend these days. So, you should go for the blue or yellow color in the choice of carpet.

Good price Lovely Carpets from Amazon would be a nice choice. It is a soft carpet and also much Comfortable.


Try to shop for Happie Shopping Wooden Wall Rack from Amazon. This is a different product and looks amazing on your walls.

It is three set shelves so you can set it on the front walls of your living room. It is a classic shelf yet looks modern at the same time. Fill these shelves with beautiful vases and Books. 

Wall Paintings

Canvas Art Printed Oil Painting Wall Pictures for Living Room Abstract unreal Clouds No Frame, Multicolour from Amazon. This is a beautiful canvas painting that decorates your living room.

With the extracts of the colors, it looks brilliant and rich. Hang it on the front wall so you can enjoy it sitting anywhere in the room.


Gorgeous Glass Ceiling Including Lamp Pendant from Amazon. Light up your room with these beautiful lights at the ceiling of your living room. These lights highlight the bright Color of the wall.

You can adjust the hanging length as per your own choice. Lights are surrounded by the glass and give multicolor reflection when hits the wall and ceilings.

Vase Pots

Anasa blue glass Ultra opaque glass vase from Flipkart is an amazing vase pot. It looks nice with the wall color.

It is a glass vase that you can put on your side table as well as on the center table. Add some Roses in a vase to make it look more appealing.


Showpieces are necessary to fill the space in the room and Silver Iron small Military Aircraft showpiece by Zahab from Pepperfry is perfect. It is unique and vintage. Place it on the side table.


Above, are some pleasing looks that you can create for your Living room for every Occasion. These are suggested so you don’t have to create havoc whenever any event is coming. Just relax and enjoy your family time after completing your living room perfect look. Good Luck!


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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