Black and white modern bedroom decor

Does it sound boring? It probably does because we all start our day from the bedroom and end it there, so why the color palette of black and white for the bedroom?

It looks gloomy too! Hey, hey…hang on that’s not the notion of the interior décors.

Black & white color might be a monochromatic palette but has never lost its appeal to this date as the color theme has a timeless quality.

Do you want to know how? This color theme can offer a number of looks depending on the choice of furniture, accessories, furnishings and the lighting for the room. Don’t you feel so?

It is not only about the color palette but also about the décor we choose for the room makes a huge difference. 

Are you confused or thinking about what gets along with the color combination?

Here in this blog is your breakthrough giving you an overview of which can relieve you of your unsung state.

Read along…

So, how to make the bedroom interesting and experience feel-good vibes where we tend to spend most of the relaxing time.

Interior Ideas for bedroom with B&W color palette

What do you prefer as a décor?

Well again here we have choices, it depends on how one wants the feel of the room.

By the feel, it means – do you want a hotel room experience or an exotic suite type feel, etc.

It is basically the interest one puts into the selection of décor that makes the room enjoyable, lively and heavenly.

Check out the look & feel of the bedrooms with the following decors:

Elegant look

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You can go with a simple elegant look having a side table on each side on which the bed lamps are placed.

To coordinate with the walls of the room, choose the black & white frame for the walls behind.

Adding on to it white curtains would certainly throw light into the room.

The lamp light shade or the false ceiling light shade can be of cream yellow which gives a soothing touch to the room.

On the table, there can be a stand or a holder to keep things.

Synchronizing with the décor, the pillow covers, and the bedsheets preferably contrast color code which either is black or navy blue.

Cozy look

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Another take on it can be the cozy feel where you go for hanging feathery light with a white bulb which gives a modern look.

And on the side table of the cot a flower pot in contrast to the walls, would add a sober look.

You can either go with flowers in sync with the décor of the room or put feathers that match the hanging light.

The wall behind the bed can have more than three to four photo frames.

It can either be wall décor frames or photographs of self in the black & white combination which shows the theme of the room.

What else could be better other than having a room for self with such cozy feels!

Hotel look and feel for the Bedroom


To have the feel of a hotel room, color the walls which can be a contrast for your furniture and the décor you use it to decorate. Like you can have a black bed designed and along with with it a center table with a combination of black & white wood.

A painting that has a black frame to be put on the walls would contrast more than anything.

To add on to the walls on the walls can be shaded with brown where a huge vase is made to stand along the wall matching the branches.

Side table on it is, as usual, an elegant look, and some of us might also prefer a TV in our room for that purpose.

A wall is color-coded with the brown matching the opposite side of the wall.

As a simple décor, a black mattress can go with the room’s floor matching the set up of the room. Black and white combination always has a striking look.

It might be ancient but never out of fashion!

While some of us prefer sober, elegant and calm look for bedrooms, most of the people also like to make the view of the room lively.

How does one make the room lively? Through furniture, wall accessories, photo frames, etc. one can make the feel livelier.

Décor items that bring liveliness to the bedroom

Even if it is a black and white color palette, the combination is always a contrast for other colors. Do you agree? While all your sheets and the curtains are of the color palette white & black in the room, you have walls where you can place the decors on the shelves.

Hanging shelves


One of the walls you can fix these hanging shelves depending on the items that need to go on them.

Decorhand Wall Mount Set of 4 White Wall Shelves Storage Rack Shelves Wooden Wall Shelf

These can hold small frames, vases, clocks, antiques, etc.

Home plants


One can have these small pots of plants on one of the corners or small bonsai plants placed near the window or on the table.


This will make your room look natural and lively giving you a fresh feel. The plants can act as mood enhancers while you are in a bad mood or not in a state of thinking sanely.


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The wall frames are the decors where one can experiment with, do you agree?


Yes, frames can reflect the interests of people, images of famous personalities or the art frames which usually go well with the black walls.

Hanging lights


One can either go with the brown look which is a contrast to the combination giving a feel wooden look at the same time making it lovely.

House swing

Isn’t this one thing favorite of everyone irrespective of age? Yes, the child within comes out when you see the swing and so the childlike feel is itself a lively state. Hence this swing adds to the décor. The swing can be of white or black depending on the walls you paint. If the swing is black in color take the cushioning white and vise versa.

Noosa Hammock Swing In Natural | hardtofind.

A corner near the window with the swing alongside a small table with a bonsai gives a soothing as well as the liveliness of the room. Here having a book in hand can be a plus point, what do you say?

Furniture that goes along with B&W bedroom

It is just one room and not the whole living space, hence we need minimalistic furniture inside the bedroom. Think what kind of furniture goes well? Well, then find out here…

The Masterpiece – Chair


The chair can be placed at any corner of the room so that if needed one can sit on it or else it adds to the view of the room.


The light shade of the chair would be a mix and match to the walls of the room giving it a beautiful image.



One can either use it as a study table or a place where you can keep things.


The color can either be dark brown or black with respect to the walls.

Side tables


These again are in context with the color of the sheets or the walls, whichever makes it better.


Khilona House Living & Bedroom Stool

You can go with a black stool with a white cushion on it which is used near the dressing table. Or you can have two small stools of the color with a small center table at one side of the bed near the window. Does it give a view of relaxation? Certainly, it does… 

Bean bag


A piece of movable furniture that can be put at one corner to give the look and feel, having it in the room makes it easier for one to sit on the couch rather than jumping onto the bed.

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Yet there are many other things which can enlighten your mood with the interiors in the bedroom.

Want to know what else can make it lively apart from décor?

And they are… 

  1. False ceiling lights 
  2. Home décor lights 
  3. Photographs 
  4. Fashionable candle lights 
  5. Wallpapers 
  6. Mirrors
  7. Hanging plants

The list goes on… you can add more to this list but they all should be color-coordinated, and the choices are abundant and are always open. 


Be it a living area or the bedroom, the color of the white and black palette is never out of magic because of the shades it mixes within and makes the room look more elegant and even the feel of the presence. 

Now that you know what goes well with the color palette and the type furniture to choose while you decorate the room to make it livelier and happier do try other combinations that can make it a happening place. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and will not consider it is boring to have the black and white color palette. 


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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