I recently shifted to my new home which had nothing but cemented walls and some old furniture which I bought long back in the ’90s. All that precious furniture and some showpieces, paintings I had were outdated. I tried to place them on my walls but they just made those new walls look old.

Just like Robert Blair Davidson, who was called “The most in-demand Instagram artist in 2020” said in one of his interviews with Forbes that “People want to be surrounded by things that make them happy”.

Help I needed was to decorate the whole house with a mix of traditional and modern artifacts making sure that the things on the walls should be the things I personally adore.

Not only this but the house should have to be appealing to everyone visiting my home. Who wants to look old fashioned, right?, surely I don’t want to. So, I went ahead and searched for different styles and items in trend.

It took over a week(as I wanted it to be perfect) to figure out certain things like the color of the walls, color of furniture which includes a sofa set, dining table, coffee table and what style of art piece will go in which room. The kind of carpet/rugs available, fabric to choose from and many other small details.  (Ask people for the email to get a full list.)

Now, some pictures of different rooms from my home.

Here are the things to keep on your checklist while moving to your new home or renovating it.

Wall color painting ideas

An important and the most important thing is to keep in mind is the color of your walls. If you alone are not able to figure out what kind of color you should choose for every wall then try this paint visualizer from Asian paints.

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • Light color wall or use pastel shade for your living rooms and a little dark shade of color of your choice for your drawing-room.
  • Pastel colors give chalky, muted tones thus bringing an understated vibe.
  • It will be perfect for common areas like kitchen and bathroom plus it comes under minimalist design which is in trend right now.

Brass Decor

Brass idols and figurines are a great piece of artwork that can be installed in various sections of your home. Especially in Indian homes where God figurines are encouraged and appreciated by almost every parent. 

According to our religious myths, idols they tend to create a positive aura/ atmosphere around the place they are kept. 

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • Brass figurines of Hindu God and Goddesses are to be placed at the center table. To be exact, place it in a tray at the center of the table in a wooden or glass tray. You can always add small decorative items like small candle stands and a variety of colorful marble stones.
  • You can also place them on the wall shelves or near the window area.
  • Do not place God figurines on the corner or side table glass decor on the side table under the lampshade or vase.
  • If you don’t want to go with brass idols then purchase some brass decorative bowls or artifact. It can be a statement maker itself and give your room boho touch when filled with water and flower petals. You can place it anywhere.

Handmade Items

For the lovers of handicraft and the ones with artistic spirit, handmade items represent a bohemian touch also called boho meaning a free spirit wandering in nature. I myself love collecting handmade things when I am on the wanderlust. 

Remember, handicraft is the median to preserve a particular kind of heritage and culture which is reflected in an object through craftsmanship.

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • They can be kept anywhere as suitable for giving your house a traditional look depending on your choice. You can always use 2-3 hand-carved objects and hand-woven carpets or quilts.
  • Handcrafted wooden figurines and hangings give a traditional look to your decor. Rajasthani handicrafts are the perfect example of this as shown in the images.

Artistic Works

They are warm and subtle alternative when compared to steel objects, adding a sense of elegance. Look for the artwork which goes in contrast with your walls and furniture. 

Choose modern art or abstract art of some good artist which complements the modern style of the room rather than putting fake poster painting which degrades the quality of your drawing room. 

You can put the painting of flora and fauna are given a touch of nature’s beauty also it will make you feel close to nature which can be very refreshing.

Traditional paintings like paintings of woman or god and goddesses are also a great option for those who want more of a traditional than modern look.

Now the question arises on how to choose a perfect piece of art for your room?

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • Well, wall art doesn’t need to be the same color as your sofa, area rug, curtain or wall color in order to fit in the room.
  • So a better way to choose artwork is to look for something that catches the eye of guests and that complement the overall design of your home.
  • Sometimes your entire room might be shades of black white and gray, but putting a colorful art can make the room pop.

Slay It With Black & White Decor 

Black and white decor is the timeless design trend providing a sense of boldness and balance to your home. But in Indian households black and white decor is no that much popular as it is in western houses. 

Black and white decor is certainly found in restaurants and mini lounges which often associates luxury, sophistication and new beginnings. Your place will look breathtaking when you choose a black and white room palate and believe me it will never go out of style.

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • To add a pop of color for your black and white palate you can put plants on either side of your sofa.
  • If you want to add more brightness go with a few yellow or any other bright color accessories as shown below.
PRO TIP: Always keep both black and white colors in a balance, no particular one should be in excess.

Modern Decor With Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical patterns come in handy while displaying your furniture and floor work. You can choose geometrical tiles which are an easy choice because marble is both expensive to put in the first place and to replace. 

Geometrical pattern comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • Keep your furniture plain and choose pillow/cushion covers with geometrical lines or concentric circles of any size. Go with bold colors and fun fabrics in contrast with your sofa color. 
  • Choose showpieces, carpets, and accessories such as lamps, vases, candle stands with geometrical themes to better the result.

Groove With Vintage lighting

Vintage lighting fits into every space, be it your drawing-room, lobby or the porch of the house. I personally am fond of vintage lamps and wall hangings. 

Wall hangings I chose were some small houses which looks pretty cute and were under 600. Vintage style gives a soft, romantic, and rusty look for your home.

Over the years tastes and preferences have changed, we have vintage lighting, art decor, mid-century modern lighting and so on. This year popular trends are:

Trend #1 Soft gold lamp hanging.

Trend #2 Retro style with rustic finishing and neutral colors.

Trend #3 Vintage Edison style bulb.

Evergreen Style Recommendation:

  • Whether you are renovating or building a new home, the best lighting design is the one you will love and will work best in your living room.
  • It should be a statement piece especially when it is an overhead lighting accent piece or chandelier.
  • You can either use it as a centerpiece of your home or fix it on the wall.

Each room is different in its own way like appearance and purpose, so, lighting design changes from room to room, what works in the living room might not work in the kitchen or the bedroom.

The lighting should be reflecting the functions and the feel of each space.

You can manipulate the atmosphere of your home by just changing the position of lighting like I did while experimenting with different positions for my wall hangers.

Here are my lighting suggestions for different rooms


The most presentable place in your home is your drawing-room. For such a specific area table lamps, chandelier, floor lamps are ideal.


It is a place to relax and retreat thus you will want a dimmable overhead light and bedside reading light or a lamp.

Today’s bedroom is a lively place having television, gaming console that is why accent lighting for walls is a great way to give your space a decorative feel.


Under-cabinet lighting which is Led fixed under the cabinets

Since the kitchen is the most functional area of your house should provide clear light in order to cook, wash dishes and much more.


Only one lighting style I can suggest is the straight overhead light which will reflect on your body shade to give you a rich look.

Wrap Up

I have selected the above-mentioned items based on my personal experience.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

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I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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