When you set up your bedroom in a  traditional way, you look for everything that has decency, and vibrancy into it.

Sets of mahogany bedsteads, walnut-colored curtains, shades of baby blue all over the room.

Things help you in making your room look elegant with every hint of traditional fit into it.

You need to pay the most of your attention on the floors, walls, woodwork, and how comfy and cozy the idea of decor is.

You can easily beautify your bedroom by adding an adequate amount of woodwork into it. 

For example, you can set up a drawer for books, a curved table with a set of sofa chairs for sitting, around the king-sized bed, or maybe a small bed with a curved headboard kept adjacent to any wall of the bedroom.

Besides that, bedside tables that you may use for keeping lamps are also one of the very common furniture articles that personifies your idea of having a decent and traditional bedroom decor.

Basics for your bedroom decor –

indian bedroom decor ideas

Classic furniture

You can set the traditional mood of the room by adding classic furniture.

They give quite an antique look to the room, one that you might have been looking for.

Also, Bohemian look matched with traditional statement pieces is a good way to go.

Giving Vintage touch

To personify your room, you can add characters such as the use of vintage chandeliers. A set of beautiful or trendy lamps and seats.

Use of Vintage or antique showpieces will add to the warmth while sleeker furnishings will make sure that the end result isn’t too boggy or stuffy.

Try putting a canopy into your bedroom. They give coziness to your room, along with a classic fireplace with a sleek design.

Another basic factor is the color scheme

Neutral colors or dull shades of dusty colors add up to the decency you’ve been looking for in your bedroom.

The walls painted in muddy color, spices up when you set them up with maroon curtains and brown bed sheets. That, along with your classy furniture, compliments with the traditional look of your room.

Choosing a good fabric

The choice of fabrics comes a long way down from the days of fussy parlors. 

Use bold and vibrant patterns, to seek contrast and vibrancy into the room.

Such patterns on your traditional sofa or chair give you a sufficient proportion of formal style look.

Some ideas of traditional bedrooms that you can totally lean over at.

These bedrooms have been perfectly designed for a traditional look.

Using black won’t kill your traditional vibe.


Your bedroom will be a masterpiece, the black color or its varying shades will add up to your classic traditional vibes.

Off white walls paired with black furniture is an amazing combination. You can add contrast to your dull room walls by the use of black color.

Arrange a large window alongside your bed to give a comfy look to your room. Also if you are a day person or a light lover, an enormous amount of windows will be perfect. 

Set upside stools and tables along with a carpet laid all over the floor. You can also set up your room in a way that you can enjoy your evening tea on the sofa.

Don’t ever think that you are using too much black, because you are not, it’s only adding more and more classy look into your traditional vibes.

You can use black in your bedroom decor by means of striping or by tonal means or even by applying it as a pattern all over the room.


Shades of black furniture with another varying black shaded rug.

Black tinted smoky walls with interesting wall paint also in a black shade makes it all go black.

This doesn’t decrease its beauty but actually increases it, by these hues you can make any bedroom look timeless and sophisticated.

Using shades of black in every element of the room like walls, floor, bed sheet, pillows and etc.  makes it look irresistible.

Its soothing neutrals and comforting patterns give the traditional bedroom a restful ambiance.

Traditional bedroom with bold and bright, Patterns


The use of bold and aesthetic patterns gives a unique spin to your formal traditional bedroom.

Traditional vibes can fit in perfectly by the use of patterns. You can add bold colors or vibrant patterns on the room wall by the use of wallpapers.

Wallpaper is the best way to personalize your bedroom. Be it the idea of having a loud scheme of colors, graphical patterns, or floral designs.

Different patterns spice up your bedroom look. For example, mix and match several motifs in the same color palette for a fierce space.


Different patterns can be –

Use of dark hues if you want to have a bold and dramatic look into your traditional bedroom. This will go well with materials such as velvet and leather.

Stripes are a classic choice of traditional bedroom decor.


For a twist on tradition, try wide and bright colored strips. For example, strips of baby blue paired with white walls.

Patterns provide your traditional bedroom with a prominent sleeker finishing.

Throw patterns all around the room which suit you the best like patterns on a pillow cover or rug.

Traditional decor could incorporate a pretty broad range of styles. Blend decorative pieces from different periods that match your soul the best and artistic traditions to create a stunning vignette.

Go Tonal or nothing

tonal shade bedroom

For the creation of sophisticated bedroom decor ideas, go for a tonal color palette. Present its display by sticking to only one color or its varying shades.

The tonal idea gives your bedroom a classy and traditional look. It helps your bedroom look symmetric, organized, valuable, and premium.

The bedroom doesn’t have to be submerged into dead pleasantry, you can go any way imaginable.

Antiques with tonal bright, ignite the crisp old-fashioned “Shakti”.

Let your personality decide the color and the range of shades as you will be spending a lot of time in your bedroom. So, you will need to feel flattered about your mood.

The tonal display will make your bedroom sing of one color throughout the entire space helping the room feel cozy.

cedar hill farmhouse bedding 9

The color of your choice which covers the whole room indecency, color inclusion should be made possible in almost every aspect of the room.

Whether it is the walls or even a small rug, the tonal display beautifully maintains the classy traditional look all around the room.

The scheme of the chosen color should be taken care of according to the color scheme of the furniture used in the room to avoid recapitulation. The color should be the same but with the varying shade, it will give you what you were seeking for a perfect classic traditional bedroom.

Core of a Traditional Bedroom


The bed is like a cornerstone of a building, it literally defines your bedroom and plays a huge role in its decor.

Yes, the bed is one of the most important elements of a bedroom, but it can also be the flower pot in the space.

No matter how large your space is, the bed always commands the room.

Make your bed burst with colors or let it stay neutral or add a pattern to it. Make it a contemporary play on the old-world upholstery style or add stripes to flourish it. Just synchronize it with what suits your personality because later it will become a soothing element to your mood.

A bedroom should always have a bit of coziness and one of the easiest ways to achieve that is by adding layers or throwing up blankets and pillows to the bed.

There are a variety of materials out there and you can mix and match them all with your heart’s desire.


If you are looking for something flashy to go along with your vibrant walls, or for something a little more old school and vintage, then the choice of your bed frames will have you all covered there.

No matter what type of decor you are planning or are up with, a bed has you all covered and planned.

There are many different types of traditional beds available in the market. Choosing the right one is an important decision which is up to your elegance.

What is an ideal bedroom for most of us?

blue color palete bedroom decor

A place to relax and have a peaceful sleep. This is what an ideal bedroom is for most of us. So, there is a lot of effort put in, in making your bedroom a pioneer of comfort and peace.

Platform bed, sleigh bed, canopy bed, four-poster bed, bunk bed, day bed, trundle bed, round bed, and French bed, any of these will give you your desired exquisite look.

After a busy and tiring day, the moment you step inside your room, your bed will be the first thing you would want to visit is your bed.

Jumping up upon an amazingly snug mattress will give you a complete feeling of relaxation. The traditional bed offers romance, elegance, and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

And to be really honest you don’t have to worry about going out of style.

Traditional beds of any type establish elegance and are always trendy.

Mix of modern and antique

earthen color pallete bedroom interior

Blending modern decor items with antiques is a great way to achieve the traditional look of your room. This approach creates balance while adding contrast to the room, also making it look fresh.

Try going for contemporary decoration by the use of antique accessories.

This can be selected around various themes such as simplicity, shades of grey or smokey colors, soft floral designs, crown moldings, etc.

This way you can give a visually intriguing sense of balance to your bedroom’s interior, also totally agreeing with your traditional idea.

modern look brown palette bedroom decor

One of the simplest ways of centralizing the old with new is by the fixture of lightning in your bedroom. 

Try to consider focusing on dazzling possibilities if you are not sure how to mix vintage and modern furniture.

The lighting effect could totally complement your idea of antique and modern combination, also it will go perfectly with your traditional fit.

 You can use antique floor mirrors and structural pendant light dress things.

If you are sticking to one neutral color, be sure to introduce plenty of varying textures for a more robust and firm look. 

Warm up the walls and cathedral ceiling of the bedroom with your choice of a romantic colored glaze. With doors and curtains of exquisite design that reflect the subtle texture all around.


Decorating your room is all about balance and proportion and this is applied when we talk about the color of the room, the shape that is the symmetric measurement and arrangement, the texture of the materials used, and the style you put forth while using your creativity.

Hope you find all the tips and ideas useful……Share your experiences in the comment section


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