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How many times you have visited your friends or relatives and was surprised to see their home interior with an awesome collection of showpieces or collectibles?

If your answer is never than you may be right as in India more money is spent on decorating the religious space which is visited by family members only.

But now the age is being shifted towards western culture, being influenced many families are expanding their mindset in home decor in response to the same.

The first thought I am having right now relating to this article is my friend’s home.

She literally has spent around 2 lac while improving her home furniture and drawing-room.

After being impressed by her move, another sold out his whole furniture, old boring paintings of horses, some ugly plastic vase.

NOTE: Plastic Vases Are The Worse Decorative Item You Can Possibly Install In Your Home. I Recommend You To Get Rid of It If You Have Any.

He renovated his whole home with modern arts and furniture giving his house a modern look.

Now that was some really impressive work that made me write this article.

I wanted to inspire more people who are either shifting, teenagers who are embarrassed to invite their friends home.

“Any house/home can be converted into something great if the right choices are made”

I have categorized some important home decor items for your home.

NOTE: Style recommendation is given with each product

First category

Traditional decor ideas for home decor

Showpiece is something that attracts attention or admiration as an outstanding example of its type. 

These showpieces go best with the center to the side table. When it comes to showpieces and idols religious figurines of Gods are preferred over any piece of art.

If you are religious or a devotee of God then God/Goddess figures would be the best fit for you.

Else there are many more beautiful artifacts and master showpieces available.

There is no doubt that they will uplift the aura of your home. From modern to traditional figurines, we have sorted every type for you.

Style recommendation: On the side table, for center table keep it in a wooden/glass tray filled with other antiques.

Idols & Figurines

Buddha Idol

  • Made of Brass
  • easy to clean
  • Traditional look

Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi Idol

  • Hindu God Brass Statue
  • Indian Diet Figurine
  • Easy to Clean

Beautiful Decorative Cow and Calf Decorative Showpiece

  • Stone Work Statue
  • Size: 16cm
  • Made of Brass, Multicolor

Decorative bowl & box

Elephant Design Decorative Ganesha Bowl Decorative Water Fountain Showpiece

  • Brass Urli Traditional Bowl
  • Size Of Showpiece- 31 cm
  • Item Finish is of Brass and Gold

Blue Crab Enameled Jeweled Box

  • Package Includes a Tropical Magnet by Portman Studio
  • Attractive Jewellery Box in shape of crab
  • Color: Blue and turquoise


mysha enterprises Brass Metal Sea Ship/Boat Show Piece with Wooden Base

  • Best for Living Room, Office Decoration
  • Color is Metallic Gold
  • Made of Brass and Metal

Second category

Wall decor ideas for home decor

Your walls say a lot about you, it can be a statement style.

Decoration of the wall by adding a fancy mirror (especially the round ones) are in trend.

Adding a mirror to a small room creates an illusion of the room being bigger because of the reflection in the mirror.

Below are some elegant mirrors that can boost your interior design.

Style recommendation: Place it on the empty wall with a console table under it to add grace.

Trendy Mirrors

Modern Decorative Mirror |Elegant Home Design|

Venetian Designer Mirror

  • Elegant Wall Mirror
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Unique design

Oval Mirror With Craved Metal On circumference

  • Oval Mirror For Wall Decor
  • Color: Lavish Gold
  • As shown in image looks best when installed above Console Table

Decorative wall showpiece

Handcrafted Wooden Ship

  • Best for Home Wall Decor
  • Size: 60 Inches
  • Color: Antique Green
  • Vintage Look

Round golden Decorative Mirror

  • Lavish Gold Colored
  • Round Shaped With Concentric Circles
  • Best when installed above Console Table

Third Category

Antique Decor items

Wall Hanging Art

Make your walls speak for you don’t let them empty but fill them with beautiful modern decorative wall hanging which are a real piece of art and as told above some of them have a mirror finish which is in trend right now.

For small homes and apartments large scale art, an oversized painting or photograph will command attention and set the tone.

Metal Decorative Flowers Wall Hanging

Wall Mounted Art

  • Star Shaped 3D Decorative Hanging Sculpture
  • Multicolored metal stars
  • Size: 25 X 44 Inches

Wall Mounted & Hanging Modern Art

  • Beautiful Metal Art
  • Multicolor Leaf and Butterflies Sculpture
  • 3D Design tree branches with Butterfly on it
  • Back LED Lights
  • Size 39 x 18 Inches

Small Set of 3 Metal Circles Wall Décor Hanging

  • Bright Gold and Silver Color
  • Metal circles
  • Large Wall Sculpture Art

Traditional Wall Hanging – Set of 4

  • Rajasthani Men Playing Flutes and other instruments
  • Gives room a Traditional Look
  • Best placed above your Sofa set on the Plain wall
  • Material: Iron
  • Size: 14 cm x 3 cm x 14 cm

Fourth Category

Decor Items for Table decor

A beautiful home is made from colors of the world with smooth walls having showpieces installed, floor covered in marble or wooden flooring, glowing lights, traditional linen, and rugs.

The Things that can really uplift the look of room are the small decor items such items are mentioned below.

Flower vase/Artificial flower pot

Sullivans Ceramic Vase Set of three

  • Various Sizes
  • Material type: Ceramic
  • Color: Distressed White

Style recommendation: place it on either a side table or in the middle of the coffee table

Large Glass Vase

  • Gives Rustic Look To Room
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Glass Vase for Flowers

Style recommendation: put it on a console table or side table with natural flowers if possible.

Set of 4 Home Decor Artificial Tree Plants for Decoration with Pots

  • Small cute Bonsai Plants
  • Potted in Pots

Style recommendation: place it on either a side table or in the middle of the coffee table

Set of 2 Mini Cute Artificial Plants

  • Bonsai Potted
  • Plastic Faux Green Grass
  • Fake Topiaries Shrubs
  • Best for Home Decor, Washroom, and Office Decor

Style recommendation: place it on either a side table or in the middle of the coffee table

Home Centre Eadric Narrow Neck Glass Vase – Blue

  • Classic Plain Vase
  • Elongated neck With Wide base
  • Elegant shape and Royal look
  • Color: Blue

Style recommendation: put it on a console table or side table with natural flowers if possible.

Home Centre Stellar Celestial Cutwork Vase – Gold

  • Eyecatching Golden Vase
  • Wide from top and narrow from base
  • Elegant shape and Royal
  • Celestial Cutwork Patterned vase
  • Color: golden

Style recommendation: put it on a console table or side table with natural flowers if possible.

Home Centre Eadric Glass Vase – Red

  • Unique shaped Vase
  • Dumbell or hour-glass Shaped
  • Royal look
  • Smooth Plain Glass Vase
  • Color: Wine Red

Style recommendation: put it on a console table or side table with natural flowers if possible.

Set of 9 handpainted Pots and a Wooden Frame

  • Warli painted pots
  • Sheesham Wooden Frame
  • Each pot is of different shape
  • Brown Frame and Multicoloured Pots 
  • All pots are handpainted
  • They give whole room traditional feel

Style recommendation: use this piece as mentioned in product

Fifth Category

Creating Positive Aura

Dream catcher

Dream catcher is sometimes also referred to as sacred hoops which are meant to protect people in sleep especially children from bad dreams according to native Americans from where this practice started. But now they are in trend worldwide as a symbol of positivity and soberness.

Style recommendation: Place it above bed or sofa on the head side on the wall

Daedal Dream Catchers Milky Way Wool Windchime 

  • Size: 17.71 inch
  • White color

Blue Jays birds windchime hanging

  • Hand-Painted birds sitting
  • Decorative Hanging
  • Material: Iron Windchime 
  • Size: 16.1 inch, Multicolor

Dream catcher-night owl

  • Dream Catchers with Feathers in shape of owl
  • Wall Hanging Home Decor
  • Blue in color

Dream Catcher Handmade Tree of Life

  • Dream Catchers with Feathers
  • Wall Hanging Home Decor
  • Size: 5.1″

Sixth Category

Making home serene by adding Candles

Wall And Hanging Candle Holders

There are endless opportunities that can be encountered while decorating your home, the number of options keeps rising every time you will visit a store be it online or offline means physical locations.

SEt of two Wall Hanging candle holders

  • Twisted Petals Tea Light Candle
  • Diya Holders – Set of 2
  • Green and Yellow Color Candle Holder

Style recommendation: place it on a small but empty wall of your drawing room or bedroom.

‘The Bottle Trio’ Hanging candle holders

  • Light Votive Candle Stand
  • Living Room Decorative, Set of 3
  • Handpainted tradition look item
  • Dark Green, Sunlight Yellow & Crimson Red

Style recommendation: put it on a console table or side table.

Homesake Turquoise Bird Cage with Floral Vine (Set of 2), with Hanging Chain Iron Candle Holder  (Blue, Pack of 1)

Style recommendation: Place it on side/center/console table with decorative items inside the cage as shown in product image or you hang it in aside your bed to gain the attraction of your friends.

Candleholder for center/coffee table

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan 45334 Modern Geometric Gray Wood & Metal Candle Holders in Iron Platform Frames | Set of 2: 5” x 8”, 5” x 10”

ExclusiveLane Candle Minarets Warli Hand Painted Wooden Votive Candle Holder (17.8 cm x 17.8 cm x 48 cm, Natural Dark Brown)

Sammsara Wooden Candle Holder/Wooden Candle Stand for Home Décor/Decorative Gifts, Set of 2

Crafticia Iron Tribal Lady Tealight Candle Holder Doll Set of 4 Handmade Decorative Gift Item Showpiece For Home Decor – 12 inch

LightHaus Candle Holders Metallic Gold Set of 3 with FREE 12 Scented Tealight Candles – Ideal for Home Decoration and Gifting Gold Plated 12 – Cup Tealight Holder Set  (Gold, Pack of 3)

Tied Ribbons Tealight Holder Hanging Lantern Set Of 2 (6 Inch X 3.7 Inch)

Velleitie Gold Candle Holder – Set of 2

Style recommendation: place it on either a side table or in the middle of the coffee table.

What is the all-time favorite home decor element?

Wall hangings and showpiece like figurines and idols are some of the evergreen picks of an Indian customer.


What to buy what not to buy and how I choose the best available option for my home. These are the certain questions that come to mind while we shop for our bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

You might say I don’t have time to compare from thousands of products. Well then trust me and The Products in this post will help you what to buy while explaining why to buy it.

All the items mentioned are in trend and will look great in your Home Just remember the color palette basics.

I hope after reading this article you will find inspiration and Answer these questions



I am Sabhya, a home decor enthusiast and an interior designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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