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When I bought my sofa, there wasn’t a center table with it. Believe without a center table, a sofa set is always incomplete. It’s like a hole in the middle of your room or like a cake without frosting.

So I started looking for a center table but there were some new terms and others were a whole lot of new that popped up like console table, coffee table, side table, end table, nesting table, and whatnot. 

After researching and consulting with my friends in the interior design industry it took me half-day to figure out what was what and what are they used for.

We all have busy lives and we do not want to waste our precious time scrolling tons of pages, what to buy, what not to.

Even when we figure out what’s best, yet our confused brain ends up buying a piece that is expensive yet did not go with the interior of our home.

I have categorized all table types briefing them to the least for my readers.

Types of Tables Available in India 2020

Coffee table 

You probably already know this one by another name which is “center table”. 

It adds to the beauty of your sofa giving your drawing-room a whole better look by filling empty space.

Remember, your table should match/go with the sofa set you bought after selecting the best for yourself. 

This does not mean that you have to buy your furniture from the same place. Experts tell frequently to avoid shopping for furniture from the same place as it can make your space look like a store 

Side table/Corner table/End table

Have you ever noticed a table beside a sofa? Yes, those are side tables or end tables.

Basically they are used to increase the storage beside your bed or sofa (they can serve for both).

In which you can store objects like extra napkins, coaster sets, magazines, a novel which can be very handy when your guest is waiting for you.

TIP: Display an antique showpiece or a light lamp on top of the side table.

The corner table is long in height always staying in the corner to reflects some of your photographs or any other piece of art you would want to display.

Console table

A console table is simply a table that is supposed to be kept sticking with the wall.

This table gives a royal look to your lobby or drawing-room. 

If you add a mirror or a light color painting to the wall above it, it will add to the grace (chaar chaand) of the table wherever it is kept.

The recommendation is to place a console table in the lobby.

Nesting table

In simple words, the number of tables in increasing/decreasing order of size.

Nesting Tables are of American Origin.

Usually, they are three or four tables set, graduated in size so that they may be stacked on top of one another.

Space-saving furniture and best for small homes. 

These can be stacked together in a neat manner and unstacked for the extra surfaces to hold drinks when your friends come over.

Besides looking cool, they add interest to space.

Nesting Tables are used as a corner table, center table, and as a nightstand too.


Office table/Study table

Well, these tables do not need an introduction or explaining as they are self-explanatory.

Study tables come in different sizes and price range and you can choose one for yourself depending upon your budget and need.

The one I recommend should have enough space for my laptop along with open space from above so that I can mount my tv monitor as I like to play a game on a big screen after my work is done.

Dressing table

I didn’t really use the dressing table back at home but my mother did. This implies you know it too.

I had a big mirror installed in my room for the same purpose so never had to visit my mom’s room.

The difference between a chest and a dresser is that a chest is usually just a set of drawers and a dresser is a set of drawers with either a mirror or a cupboard with shelves attached to the top.

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Type of material

Solid Wood/Engineered Wood

Wood or solid wood furniture contains wood in its pure form.

The polishing and finishing of Solid Wood is done mostly by hands.

Engineered wood furniture contains termite free wood which is smooth, fancier and bonded by strands, fibers or boards of wood together. 

Sheesham and teak wood are examples are solid wood while plywood is an example of engineered wood.


The metal table is not all metal but some parts of the table contain metal like the legs or sometimes the frame.

It is all about discovering your own style by mix-matching them with suitable sofa sets and accessories.


Plastic tables have plastic bodies. It is wholly manufactured in plastic and is popular in rural areas.

I personally do not recommend plastic furniture for the living room as it degrades the look of the whole room.

Plastic furniture of the brand like nilkamal is Quite impressive which can be used in garden space as you do not want to ruin an upholstered sofa in harsh sun or rain.

But when it comes to the living room or any other room of your house I don’t recommend plastic furniture.

Even if you do not have a big budget then I suggest going for a simple wooden table or nesting tables as they can give you extra surface within your budget.

Sheesham Wood

Sheesham is known as an Indian rosewood tree.

This wood is hard, durable, long-lasting, termite and pest resistant, and costlier 

It is widely used for making furniture, outer doors, and windows.

Teak Wood

Teak is commonly known as Shagwan famous for its high oil content and tensile strength.

It is a type of hardwood that is tough, long-lasting and pest resistant. 

Also, it is costlier than Sheesham due to toughness and long-lasting ability. Widely used in outdoors, boat building, boat decks, etc.

Questions from the web

How to differentiate between solid wood and engineered wood?

Generally, engineered wood furniture has a label on it but if not then you can tell by the weight of the furniture.

Solid wood is heavier and when hit hard solid wood does not make a hollow sound.

How to differentiate between Sheesham and teak wood?

Only someone with experience can tell like your father or maybe a carpenter.

Personally, I just go with whatever Flipkart or quora tells me.

What are the best coffee table brands in India?

Spacewood, Hometown, Nilkamal, Bluewud, Flipkart perfect home furniture and some other make in India are coming up with really nice designs at affordable prices.

List Of Best Tables Available Online

Luxury Coffee/center tables

The Attic Corona Mango Solid Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Teak)

Vintej Home Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Provincial Teak)

The Attic Jack Metal Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Multicolor)

Side table for sofa/bed 

TimberTaste Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Side Table  (Finish Color – Dark Walnut)

Extreme wood Living & Bedroom Stool (Brown) Living & Bedroom Stool  (Brown)

Craftspoint Solid Wood Side Table  (Finish Color – Matte)

Console Table


Home Glamour Stria Console

The Attic French Console Table (Natural and White)


SamDecors Solid Wood 3 Drawer Casino Console Table Hall Table Black with Golden Iron FrameFinish

DG DEXAGLOBAL Console Table (H 80 x W 40 x D 120 cm) (40x120x80, White Top + Gold Base)

Study table/Office table

Urban Ladder Tolstoy Engineered Wood Study Table  (Free Standing, Finish Color – Dark Walnut)

AKSHNI Aron Engineered Wood Study Table  (Free Standing, Finish Color – Wenge)#JustHere

COMFOLD 3-Piece Home Office Desk Set Engineered Wood Office Table  (Free Standing, Finish Color – Frosty White)

Woodness Chicago Engineered Wood Office Table  (Free Standing, Finish Color – Grey Oak)

Forzza Yale Engineered Wood Study Table  (Free Standing, Finish Color – Wenge)

Dressing table

Bluewud Freddie Engineered Wood Dressing Table  (Finish Color – Wenge)

Crystal Furnitech Zinus Engineered Wood Dressing Table  (Finish Color – Wenge + PA 108)#JustHere

The Attic Solid Wood Dressing Table  (Finish Color – Honey)

Crystal Furnitech Elfin Engineered Wood Dressing Table  (Finish Color – Wallnut + White

Spacewood Original Engineered Wood Dressing Table  (Finish Color – Brown)#JustHere

Nesting tables

Homey Essense Metal Frame Solid Sheesham Wood Top Nesting Table Decoration for Home | Set of 3 Stools | (Black&Brown)

Woodstage Sheesham Wood Bedside Nesting Tables Set of 3 Stools for Living Room Furniture for Home (Walnut Finish)

Decostyle Nesty Nesting Table – Set of 3 – Acacia Exodus

DecorNation Carissa Solid Wood Set of 3 Nesting Table (Sheesham Wood, Brown)

Best Selling Coffee/ Center Tables

Tables Under 3000

Akshni Talon Engineered Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Oak & Walnut)#JustHere

DeckUp Siena Matte Finish Coffee Table (Dark Wenge)

Forzza Clinton Low Engineered Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – wenge)

@home by Nilkamal Astero Center Table, Walnut

Spacewood Engineered Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Vermont)

Tables Under 5000

BM WOOD FURNITURE Sheesham Wood Round Centre Table for Living Room | Coffee Table | Center Table | Light Brown am

Crystal Furnitech Sigma Engineered Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – wallnut + wenge)#JustHere

Crystal Furnitech Avia Engineered Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Wenge)#JustHere

Tables Above 5000

The Attic Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Walnut)

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Mahogany)

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham Coffee Table  (Finish Color – Dual Tone)

Urban Ladder Tate Display Coffee Table (Finish: Mahogany) Am

DriftingWood Solid Sheesham Wood Coffee Table for Living Room | Center Table | Mahogany Finish am

Wrap Up

I have selected the above-mentioned tables based on various customer reviews that I read thoroughly on various online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

I hope all your doubts get cleared after reading this article but if you want to ask any further questions feel free to ask in the comment section, I will be more than happy to help you.

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I am Sabhya, a home decor enthusiast and an interior designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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