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Choosing a wardrobe that could sync with the decor of your room without compromising all the functional and storage requirements is often a challenging task. Especially when the space is small. The design of a wardrobe should be aligned with the needs of the person living in the room and his storage requirement

Have you considered all these criteria while buying if not then them brief you on each type thoroughly:   

Door Mechanism Of A Wardrobe

Here, hinged doors and sliding doors for wardrobes have been explained while stating the pros and cons

Hinged Door

They can work with wardrobes designed in any shape thus can be fitted anywhere in any manner whatsoever.


  • Better visibility of inside provides a wide-open view.
  • More hanging space is available in hinged doors.
  • Can use doors as hanging space for sling bags, scars, belts, etc.
  • It comes in a variety of styles like mirrors, laminated, marble finish and colors including pop and pastel colors.
  • Easy to maintain since hinges can be tightened or lubricated in cases they loosen or are making noise plus can be replaced in case of damages.


  • Takes up space as they swing outwards when opened.
  • Hinders the traffic flow in the room to prevent it you must not place anything in front or side of its doors.

Sliding Door

These are movable doors that glide horizontally along the metal channels fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. 

They are considered as a style statement because of their sleek cum contemporary look.

NOTE: If you choose sliding door remember they look best when you have at least three or more doors


  • Give a sleek, modern and neat look.
  • Space savers and do not interfere with any functions. 
  • If you want to have a large wardrobe with maximum storage this is the one for you.
  • No need for additional storage.
  • available in a wide range of lengths and sizes


  • Restricts to have full view of wardrobe blocking view of half side.
  • Need gentle handling.
NOTE: Rough handling can damage the alignment and can also make the door slip off the track.
  • We need to lubricate the rollers regularly.
  • Ensure the cleaning of tracks from time to time.
  • Expensive 
PRO TIP: Do not overstuff, it may cause the fabric to get stuck between the sliding doors.

Types Of Wardrobes

On The Basis Of The Number Of Doors

Considering this point is important depending on the factors like

  • How many people will use the wardrobe,
  • Who will use it,
  • Where you want to place your wardrobe, 
  • Whether you have smaller, medium or larger bedroom.

I have categorized in increasing order of storage so that you can choose accordingly

Two-Door Wardrobe

  • Fit for small/average-sized bedroom.
  • They are available with drawers, shelves, and hanging spaces.
  • Great for bachelors, singles or teenagers. 

Spacewood Optima Engineered Wood 2 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Natural Wenge)

Flipkart Perfect Homes Julian Engineered Wood 2 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Walnut, Mirror Included)

HomeTown Willy Engineered Wood 2 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Walnut)

The Attic Jodhpur Carving Wardrobe

Three-Door Wardrobes

  • Suitable for average/large-sized bedrooms
  • They are available in many storage combinations providing large storage space.
  • Great for a family of three who needs to share a single wardrobe.

Spacewood Dew Engineered Wood 3 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Walnut Rigato, Mirror Included)#JustHere

HomeTown Ultima 3 Door With Mirror Rwlnt Engineered Wood 3 Door Almirah  (Finish Color – Walnut, Mirror Included)

Four or More Door Wardrobes

  • Perfect option for large bedrooms.
  • A must for couples who want their own personal space.
  • Act as shared storage units for couples giving each of them their own individual storage space. 

Spacewood Apex Engineered Wood 4 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – White, Mirror Included)#JustHere

White-colored Engineered Wood 4 Door Wardrobe 

Spacewood Classy Engineered Wood 4 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Natural Teak, Mirror Included)#JustHere

HomeTown Prime 4 Door Wenge Engineered Wood Almirah  (Finish Color – Wenge)

Flipkart Perfect Homes Andes Engineered Wood 4 Door Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Wenge, Mirror Included)

On the basis of Material of wardrobe

Fabric/Customizable Wardrobes

  • Perfect for any type of room since it comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Great option for college students, children room, bachelors living in rental apartments, P.G. students.
  • Customizable for easy storage solutions.
  • Feature zipped hanging-compartments, drawers and side pockets for shoes or accessories.
  • Space-saving, budget-friendly option
  • Quick solution for storage of clothing, toys, etc.

Stainless Steel Wardrobes

  • Best for long run
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Now also available in a variety of colors, styles
  • Available in hinged or sliding as per your need

Godrej Interio Slimline Fusion 2 Door 2 Shelf Metal Almirah  (Finish Color – Russet and Copper Brown)

Interio Godrej 2 Door With Locker Metal Almirah  (Finish Color – Pacific Blue)

2 Door With Locker Metal Almirah  (Finish Color – Russet)

Slide N Store Compact Metal Almirah  (Finish Color – Tex Phiroza Blue)

Slimline Fusion 3 Door With Locker Metal Almirah  (Finish Color – Frost Grey)

3 Door With Locker Metal Almirah  (Finish Color – Pacific Blue)

On The Basis Of Style Of Wardrobe

Contemporary & Modern

  • Light-colored, high-gloss finishes of a contemporary wardrobe can uplift the room’s look.
  • They add a trendy feel to your space.
  • Its dark-colored finish looks quite bold.

Vintage Look

  • It comes in a variety of shades, rich tones, antique styles, waxed pine or painted pine too.
  • Add natural warmth and elegance to the room.
  • Perfect for a traditional styled interior.


Cupboards were meant to be small in size used to display crockery but in an Indian home, they might be used to store clothes since they started coming in different styles. 

You can place it in your bedroom, lobby or wherever you need to have extra storage like in the bathroom to store extra towels and other hygiene-related things or in lobby to play extra mats, cutlery and crockery.

The plastic cupboards look great in kid’s room and since they are portable they can be moved whenever and wherever you wish. Mostly the colored ones are cute and kids like to have colorful things around plus it will uplift the style of the room and give more fun kinds of vibes.

Types Of Cupboards

Wooden Cupboards

  • Looks fabulous in the bedroom when organized in right like in the image above.
  •  It can be a statement maker to your room decor.
  •  Since dressing tables are not in trend anymore, These are used as a dressing area by hanging an antique, big mirror on top of it.
  • Perfect for: Teenage girls who love decorating their room and spent most time in front of the mirror. 
NOTE: Remember cupboard/standing cabinets are smaller than a wardrobe.

Home Edge Frodo Solid Wood Free Standing Chest of Drawers  (Finish Color – Natural)

TimberTaste Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Free Standing Sideboard  (Finish Color – Natural Teak)

Woodness Pluto Engineered Wood Almirah  (Finish Color – Multicolour)

Woodness Pluto Engineered Wood Almirah  (Finish Color – Multicolour)

DriftingWood Solid Sheesham Wood Side Board Cabinet with Drawers for Living Room | for Kitchen & Dining Room | Honey Finish

LifeEstyle SheeSham Wood Chest of 6 Drawers (Standard Size, Brown)

Plastic Cupboards

  • The plastic cupboards look great in a kid’s room.
  • Since they are portable they can be moved whenever and wherever you wish. 
  • Mostly the colored ones are cute and kids like to have colorful things around plus it will uplift the style of the room and give more fun kinds of vibes.

Nilkamal Freedom Mini Small (FMS) Plastic Storage Cabinet (Weathered Brown & Biscuit)

Novelty Compact Plastic Cupboard  (Finish Color – Red & Yellow)

Big Bamboo Cupboard Cello Novelty (Finish Color – GREEN & YELLOW)

Cello Big Plastic Cupboard  (Finish Color – ORANGE & BROWN)

Cello Novelty Large Cupboard – Red and Blue

Foldable Cupboards

  • Great option for college students, students living in P.G., bachelors, singles living in rental flats.
  • Budget-friendly, You can get great deals at a low price.
  • It is a portable, collapsible feature that makes it special. 
  • Good option for those who keep shifting frequently.
  • Very spacious.

Flipkart SmartBuy 2 Door 4 Shelf PP (Polypropylene) Collapsible Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Chocolate Brown) 

Carbon Steel Collapsible Wardrobe  (Finish Color-Royal Blue)

Stainless Steel Collapsible Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Dark Brown)

CbeeSo Carbon Steel Collapsible Wardrobe  (Finish Color – Dark Brown)

Difference Between Wardrobe, Almirah, And Cupboards

Almirah is like a cute teenage girl … only for one … away from the rest of the world …only take care of her boyfriend … so almirah is small and only for one person ….

Cupboard is a model … a stylish girl as well as matured … who looks good with some extra makeup as well as her intention is showing off….. instead of looking cute…that girl looks sexy actually …so cupboard is for decoration

Wardrobe is like a lady who’s butts become extra large which are enough to hang some clothes …as well as who can hang the clothes of more than one person at the same time … 


I have selected the above-mentioned Wardrobes and cupboards in 2020 based on various customer reviews that I read thoroughly on various online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

I hope all your doubts get cleared after reading this article but if you want to ask any further questions feel free to ask in the comment section, I will be more than happy to help you.

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