Every drawing-room or living room is incomplete without a carpet or a rug running down on your sweet floors.

That smell of carpet I bought one for myself was mesmerizing, it kept my drawing-room fresh for days.

A single carpet in your living room can change the look and feel of it.

You will feel the aura shifting swiftly from riches to royal highness as soon as you install a carpet in your living area.

Comparing and buying from thousand of products is a hectic job. That’s why I have an automated solution that checks prices on various websites and selects the best one.

There is more to just selecting and buying a carpet or rug.

Consider the following points before and while buying a carpet or a rug.

Size, shape, handmade or machine embroidered, maintenance, and carpet ideas are the selected points that I will cover in this post. So hold on and let’s get on with it.

Difference in Rugs and Carpets

Before discussing what is this Let’s settle this discussion for once and all. what are rugs or carpet? Or are they the same or different?

Well, rugs or carpets it is the same thing basically interchangeable terms but the only difference is that Rug covers basically a small area as compared to a Carpet. So, it is fine.

Learning From History

This is the one item that is used basically from the times of the kings and queens, Raja Maharaja and all.

They had accessories in their main hall or something used to be very big and large given the sizes of the house or mahal they are living in.

But now with the modern-day developments and with the changing size of the houses.

They have reduced to a great extent so now we are using small carpets instead of this massive carpet.

With more and more involved in these designs now we have different options available.

For example, if we feel that the carpet is quite big and we do not need this or anything, this is the time were Rugs come in the picture.

It does the exact same thing which the carpet does but is perfect for a small square area or less space.

Again, the choice is all yours. I guess this is the only thing that actually differentiates the living room with any other room.

Factors to keep in mind while buying Carpet

It totally depends on your taste and where you want to install the carpet. For what room you want carpet, what is the style of the whole room, what shape of carpet you want,

What size do you want?

The general rule of thumb for carpet size is measuring L*B means Length and Breadth. The following are the sizes available. These are the standard sizes available. Custom made carpets of size according to your need can be made.

  • 4 X 2 Feet
  • 5 X 3 Feet
  • 6 X 4 Feet
  • 8 X 5 Feet 
  • 9 X 6 Feet
  • 11 X 8 Feet
  • 12 X 9 Feet

Choosing the Right Design?

There are three types of designs present currently in India.

  • Contemporary 
  • Traditional
  • Handmade

What about the shape?

You might have seen rectangle carpets more often in Indian homes.

There are two more options that can be considered while choosing the one that best fits your needs.

  • Rectangle Carpets
  • Round carpets
  • Runners

How to use carpets based on size, shape, and design?

You can use any carpet or rug as a bedside carpet, sofa carpet, side carpet, table runner which will add value with their look and design. 

Below are the recommendations based on expert advice from interior designers and design enthusiasts.

How to Style a Carpet?

refurnishing home decor ideas

We can combine decor items like lamps, curtains, center tables, and other decor items too with each other to get a whole new look for our living room.

We can give the room more of a traditional touch by mixing carpets with lamps, figurines with idols painting with frame. Plants with pots and many many many other things like that.

This is all about Interior designing and the beauty of it and what it actually outperforms.

Well everybody loves a good house a great and a zen place to live at.

Choosing Carpet according to Room

Living room carpet size

Depending on your living room setting there are varying options that are considered.

Three settings are seen more commonly for which the solution is provided. If you have a setting other than these, then choose accordingly.

In this setting, your entire furniture sits on a large carpet or rug which is called oversize/XL carpet.

9×12 feet carpet is recommended for this setting.

In this setting, a sofa or couch sits on the border of the carpet or rug.

This works best when space is a little limited.

In this one, both sofa/couch and carpet/rug are away from each other having very little distance between them.

Dining room carpet size

The same recommendation is for the dining room carpet/rug.

The living room setting 1 in which the whole dining table or dining area is covered with the carpet.

The entire dining table on the rug is a traditional method to consider.

Bedroom carpet size

The same recommendation is given for the bedroom carpet/rug as the living room setting 1 in which the whole furniture on which you sleep, generally the bed, is covered with the carpet. 

Depending upon the bed size carpet size differs too. King size bed is the largest for which I recommend 9×6 feet carpet. For queen size bed breadth is lesser than king size so 8×5 feet carpet should do the work.

Another common option to consider is placing small rugs beside the bed and in front of the bed called base. This works best for queen size beds. 

Best Bed Designs In India | Keeping Pace With Trend

Hallway carpet size

For hallway rugs instead of carpets are considered. You can either choose to select a single long runner for the entire hallway or two identical runners.

Staircase carpet size 

Setting I just mentioned for hallway carpet goes for the staircase, the difference being for 11 feet staircase 10 feet or 9 feet carpet look great.

How to maintain and care for carpets or rugs?

The best to take care of your rug or maintain your carpet is by following these below-mentioned steps:

Vacuum regularly for removing dust and dirt from inside the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet depends on the type of carpet you have.

Spilled curry on carpet: Act quickly, soak the curry with a wet cloth using detergent and vacuum back and forth till it dries out.

Spot removal: in case the spilled area is not immediately treated then spots remain visible. Use spot removal solvent/solution and blot the carpet.

Consider cleaning service once a year.

Keep a regular check on the dents made by heavy furniture, seek immediate action if the dents are serious. For easy occurring dents use a coin to fluff up the carpet.

Best carpets picks for you

Choose from extensively made choice by our technical solution from thousands of carpets online to pick a carpet for your needs.

Rugs/runner under 500/-

Brown, White Chenille Runner  (55 cm X 142 cm)


Sparklings Brown Chenille Runner 

Size: (55 cm X 142 cm)


Sparklings Multicolor Chenille Runner 

Size: (55 cm X 175 cm)


Carpets from 500 – 1000/-

Flipkart SmartBuy Maroon Chenille Carpet 

Size: (136 cm X 210 cm)

Flipkart SmartBuy Maroon Chenille Carpet 136 cm X 210 cm

Zesture Brown Chenille Carpet 

Size: (137 cm X 214 cm)

Zesture Brown Chenille Carpet 137 cm X 214 cm

Cloth Fusion Premium Quality Made in Egypt Bed Runner Carpet for Bedroom

Size: (57×180 cm)

Cloth Fusion Premium Quality Made in Egypt Bed Runner Carpet for Bedroom 57x180 cm

The Home Talk Cotton and Jute Braided Floor Rug – Multicolor

Size: 95 cm Round

The Home Talk Cotton and Jute Braided Floor RugChindi 95 cm Round diamater Multicolor

Decorative DesignThe Home Talk Jute Braided Round Shape Floor Rug, Boho Bedside Runner Carpet for Bedroom Living Room, 90 cm Diameter (Multicolor, 3 Feet Round)

Decorative DesignThe Home Talk Jute Braided Round Shape Floor Rug Boho Bedside Runner Carpet for Bedroom Living Room 90 cm Diameter Multicolor 3 Feet Round

Carpets from 1000 – 3000/-

Status Multicolor Polyester Carpet  (122 cm X 183 cm)

Status Multicolor Polyester Carpet 122 cm X 183 cm

Fresh From Loom Polyester Designer 4D Shaggy Fur Carpet, 3x5ft (Multicolour)

Fresh From Loom Polyester Designer 4D Shaggy Fur Carpet 3x5ft Multicolour

TAUHID CARPET Soft Anti-Skid Shaggy Area Rugs (White and Silver, 2.9 x 5ft, 2 Inch Pile Height)

TAUHID CARPET Soft Anti Skid Shaggy Area Rugs White and Silver 2.9 x 5ft 2 Inch Pile Height

Saral Home Pink Polyester Carpet  (120 cm X 180 cm)

Saral Home Pink Polyester Carpet 120 cm X 180 cm

Carpets above 3000/-

Pathak Carpet Industries Brand Luxury Modern Rugs For Living Dining Room, 5Ft X 8Ft (5’X8′) Shag Area, Grey

Pathak Carpet Industries Brand Luxury Modern Rugs For Living Dining Room Grey

Al Madad Modern GeometricThick and Embossed Hand Made Wool Carpets for Living, Hall, Bedroom

Al Madad Modern GeometricThick and Embossed Hand Made Wool Carpets for Living Hall Bedroom

Genius decors California Shagy Collection Carpet Rugs (Navy Blue, 4X6)

Genius decors California Shagy Collection Carpet Rugs Navy Blue 4X6

Tauhid Carpet Super Soft Indoor Shag Area Silky Smooth Rugs Fluffy Rugs Anti-Skid Shaggy Area Rug, Carpet 5.3 X 7.9 Feet ( 1.60 X 2.30) Cm, Ivory


Kismat Carpet Traditional Persian Carpet for Living Room Bedroom Floor and Hall 1.00 inch Thickness 6 Feet x 8 Feet (180×240 cm) Color Red by Kismat Carpet

Kismat Carpet Traditional Persian Carpet for Living Room Bedroom Floor and Hall 1.00 inch Thickness 6 Feet x 8 Feet 180x240 cm Color Red by Kismat Carpet


I hope all your doubts get cleared after reading this article but if you want to ask any further questions feel free to ask in the comment section, I will be more than happy to help you.

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I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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