Bathrooms in modern houses are like a point where the entire household converges.

It’s the most overlooked room yet the most frequented in a day. Baths have been regarded as undeserving of an overhaul.

It’s high time that the importance of updating bathrooms is realized and novel décor ideas are implemented.

Bathrooms are the rooms where we start as well as end our day. They are not just places where we cleanse our bodies but also where we vitalize our mind and soul.

A bathroom set in the perfect tone and design can become a shrine of tranquillity.

It can check all the right boxes and then some when it comes to uplifting a lousy mood.

All the chaotic thoughts can transcend into perfectly ordered and collected ideas in such a bathroom.

Picture 13 Amalgamation
Here we can clearly see how even distinct elements working in tandem can increase the style quotient. The sprawling bathtub in a white sea of marble is just heavenly. To supplement the grandeur, the wooden stool, and the potted plant is present. The large window makes the room feel spacious without invading privacy. It is nothing short of – an amalgamation of the best.

We cannot elude the fact that many people have had their great epiphanies in a place as ordinary as a bathroom. Who knows, maybe your next “eureka” moment will be in your bathroom.

We cannot disregard a bathroom for what it is anymore. It’s high time that they deserve as much décor insight as any other room in the house.

Bathrooms may be small compared to other rooms but undoubtedly the most expensive places to work with. Due to the tremendous resources and commitment involved, having a clear foresight is a prerequisite that cannot be ignored.

Having a well-drafted out plan can make the actual process a tad bit less daunting right off the bat.  No matter what is your taste – luxe, life, or simplicity, the following ideas are useful in each scenario.

We can set a particular theme for the bathroom and work our way slowly up the ladder of transformation. At all times, the prime focus must be on keeping the space subtle and simple because bathrooms need to be a welcoming place.

Following are a few Bathroom Décor ideas that are in vogue these days and may inspire you to revamp your bathroom in this new decade.

Colour Coded Consistency

Picture 1 Consistent Theme
 Consistent Theme
It is necessary to maintain a consistent and coherent theme throughout the bathroom. This will help you avoid any awkward spaces. Moreover, this ensures future compatibility as you can always add elements easily because you have a fixed theme going on.

It is essential that bathrooms have a subtle and sober design theme.

Many leading designers believe that one can never go wrong with white and it’s grey shades.

Varied shades of blue are a close second. In modern homes, a gentle blend of these themes can really put life into otherwise solemn bathing spaces.

While the whites help to maintain a clean and hygienic look, the subtle shades and highlights of blue are reminiscent of the aquatic world of seas and oceans. All in all, these colors can turn around a bathroom into an inviting space of the home.

Picture 3 Exquisite White Marble 1
Exquisite White Marble
White marble flooring is the epitome of opulence. It screams luxury and class. This all-white bathroom has style oozing from every square inch of it!

Shades of white are generally suggested for the tiles (floor and wall alike) and also for all the sanitaryware.

In between these white spaces, shades of blue serve as accents, and these hues can brighten up the bathroom in the simplest yet the most impactful of ways.

Recommended shades – Pearl White, Grey White, Flint Grey, Aquatic Blue, Turquoise, Pale Blue

Wall Décor, Floor Overhaul, and Unique Elements

Picture 2 Make the walls pop
 Make the walls pop!
Wallpaper can bring a lot of style and boldness. Designer wallpapers like this can turn bathrooms into a welcoming space with a sprinkle of freshness.

Designers unanimously agree that subtle wallpaper with gentle hues and patterns can turn around a bathroom completely.

Textured wallpapers are also in vogue these days and are really great to look at. If your bathroom is spacious, then the decision to adorn one of the prominent walls with a wall mural comes second to none.

Wall murals are not only artistic but also reflect the owner’s exquisite taste. While white marble floors still remain the epitome of elegant luxury, some designers also accept that wooden floors can also have their distinct style statement. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices.

One upcoming trend is of fusing earthly elements inside the bathroom.

It is evident as it is now considered fashionable to install stone inspired basins and terracotta holders. This is a subjective design theme, but the queerness of it is its biggest USP.

Bath Cabinets

Picture 11 Perfect Cabinets 1
Perfect Cabinets
Well-crafted cabinets can become a game-changer for your bathrooms. It can turn your uninteresting space into a bold style statement. The hung mirror and small plants effortlessly contribute to the style.

Installing bath cabinets in bathrooms has been in trend for the past couple of years.

Cabinets in spacious bathrooms are not just a style element but practical as well because in the long run, it helps to keep your space organized. 

Cabinets can be tall and wrap around your bath fittings or they can be wide to adorn your basin and mirror shelf. The latter ones have the ability to accommodate a basin as well as tap fittings so that the bathroom acquires a clean and polished look rather than the discontinuous look of mixed up design elements.

Well designed and fabricated cabinets, especially those made from selected wood can lend your bathrooms the class and chic it has been missing. 

The cabinets become a one-stop solution to stock all your toiletries, creams, and powders that too on different shelves in an orderly fashion.

Picture 12 Windowed Baths
Windowed Baths
If your bathroom is engulfed by a large window, the use of glossy tiles and a wide mirror cum cabinet setup can bring out the style in your bathroom.

Modern cabinet solutions have quirky design elements that allow the storage of bath linen that is also in an unconventional but equally stylish manner.

Nothing is more beautiful than a bathroom that is clean as well as organized.

These cabinets will ensure that you don’t fumble for that shower gel when you need it or that essential oil which you often misplace otherwise.


Picture 9 Vanity never goes to vain
Vanity never goes vain
Floating vanities like this never fail to turn heads. This makes the complete bathroom look extra classy and chic. Also, this bathroom has a brown theme going on for it.

Many experienced designers indicate that a contemporary bathroom is always incomplete without a stylish vanity.

Vanities not only act as storage space but give a bold highlight to the bathing space.

You can equip yours with roll-out drawers and tap and release cabinet doors to complement the functionality.

Many prefer vanities in a simple pattern but bold paint schemes.

Retro styles and glass doors are also in vogue. Investing in a suitable vanity can give your bathroom that plush look of a well-curated bath.

One of the latest trends is floating vanities, which are actually wall-mounted but provide a clean and classy look to the bathroom.

Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one thing you surely don’t want to miss to upgrade. Perfect and accurate lighting is the key to deciding the ambiance of any living space.

The same holds for a bathroom, good lighting can make a bathroom seem like a well maintained and curated space of your home.

Picture 5 Pendant Lighting 1
Pendant Lighting
Pendant lighting is currently the hottest trend in lighting out there. Notice the storage cabinet and how it adds to the grandeur of the bathroom. The prominent mirror also makes a statement.

You can be ahead of the curve by implementing the following popular trends which literally infuse light into your bathing space:

Pendant Lights

One of the hottest trends right now in chic lighting is making its way into your bathrooms. Elegantly suspended lamps around the vanity and bathtub effortlessly uplift your bath’s style quotient. To sweeten the deal, you can decide on your own lamp holder from an assorted selection of hundreds of them. Mix and match by choosing the lamp brightness, lamp holder, and suspension wires, thereby giving you complete freedom to complement or supplement your theme.

Bar Lighting

One of the more modern options in the lighting segment. An amalgamation of transparent glass tubes and LED arrays, that can brighten up your dressing counter or the vanity space. If you have a minimalistic theme going on already you can never go wrong with this beautiful lighting solution.

Ceiling Lighting

Considered as the main element of lighting. Panel lights and recessed lighting systems are the most attractive options of the bunch. These lights are meant to deliver the majority of light to the bathroom, and hence light temperature must be chosen in accordance with the ongoing theme.

Retro Lighting

Despite being a very subjective taste, there is no doubt that retro lighting owns a significant chunk of the decorative lighting industry. Recommended by designers and lighting experts alike, these can bestow that mystic charm to your bathrooms. A variety of designer retro fixtures and lamps are available with brass and metal-inspired options being the favorites.

Picture 16 Magical Floating Shelves
Magical Floating Shelves
These shelves are the perfect companion to your otherwise lonely walls. These effortlessly adorn the walls of the bathroom and simultaneously provide a solution to store small items.

While we are discussing at lengths how to makeover our bathrooms, we cannot escape the fact that bathrooms are small spaces to work with. We can only do so much to tweak the basic structure of a bathroom.

But some attention to the little elements can also make a statement. Revamping the bath fittings, bath accessories and bath linen can really make a difference.

After all, the devil lies in the details, and true enough these elements though inconspicuous, never fail to improve the aesthetics.

Moreover, this will suit you even more if you want to take up designing as a DIY project, are on a budget, or even if you just want to take things slow. 

Trailing are some of the fashionable and vogue bathroom décor ideas which are small in scale but large on impact.

Bath Accessories

Picture 6 Arched Mirrors with unique lighting
Arched Mirrors with unique lighting
The beautifully carved mirror can become the centerpiece of the attraction. This, coupled with the elegant lamps installed by the side, instantly ups the style game of the bathroom.

A great choice in bath accessories can turn around an otherwise unadorned bathroom.

There are several options available today, including many designer pieces that can turn around your bathrooms.

These include ribbed glass stands for holding your toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste.

Wooden framed mirrors and arched borderless mirrors are the trends of the day. White marble counters, wall mounted smoked glass shelves and brass hooks can instantly up your luxe game.

All these things have an individual style quotient and can be used subjectively depending on your taste and preferences.

New additions to the trend of beautiful framed paintings that match your theme. If correctly implemented these tips can fill your bathroom with life and vivacity.

Bath Fittings

Picture 4 Bringing the Nature inside 1
Bringing the Nature inside
Natural and earthly materials like stone, flint, and wood can set a unique tone for the interiors. It can supplement the class and grandeur of your bathrooms while simultaneously being simple and subtle. These elements that we borrow from nature ensure that the bathrooms possess a natural vibe.

Not precisely a décor domain, but still it is imperative from the design perspective.

Investing in premium and uniquely designed fitments can add that tad bit of luxury and exuberance that your bath has been missing. 

Chrome taps, modern showerheads, premium hoses, and excellently crafted jets can not only bump up the style quotient but most importantly provide that sublime bathing experience that everyone craves for.

Bathroom Fabric and Linen

Picture 7 The Humble Rug
The Humble Rug
An excellent choice in rugs can bring the required vivacity and vibrancy into the bathrooms. These simple pieces of fabrics can make the bathing space pop with colors and energy. Investing in a pretty rug goes a long way to make your bathrooms attractive.

To enhance an exquisite bathing experience, adding great bathing linen and premium bathing rugs comes second to none.

Many designers agree that white cotton towels are the best and recommend expanding your bath linen range to include hand towels, napkins, and body wipes.

To infuse that extra bit of class and prominence in your bathroom, you can go for monogrammed linen from premium brands.

Secondly, décor experts recommend flat woven bath rugs that follow the color scheme of your bathroom.

Lastly, having a fabric shower curtain that has great printed patterns and designs never fails short to impress every time you enter the bathroom. The designers recommend changing the bath rug and shower curtain every four months or so.

Picture 8 The Shower Curtain
The Shower Curtain
A well-curated and designed shower curtain can blend with your theme and can act as a highlight in the bathroom. Notice the subtle patterns on the curtain and how elegantly it accents the underlying theme. The potted plants make the bathroom just as natural as it can be.

Quirky and Clever Storage Ideas

The modern household is inclined towards keeping the house organized. This same sentiment, when extended to the bathrooms, can result in some wildly fascinating ideas.

The upcoming trend is of bamboo or woven baskets, which not only helps you stow away your towels and robes but enables you to do that in style.

Picture 10 Unique Baskets
Unique Baskets
These natural baskets complement the natural theme and improve the style quotient. They also help to keep your bath linen, and toilet paper organized and easy to access.

Wall-mounted shelves with integrated hooks to hang your robes are also in vogue. These shelves have a floating design and contribute to a contemporary, futuristic appeal.

Tiny chests for storing scented candles and essential oils are also in focus.

Several designers recommend inconspicuous alternatives like a cabinet below the sink or a cabinet coupled with a mirror to save on space while simultaneously maintaining simplicity. 

The Green Hue of Potted Plants

Picture 14 Spacious Bath
Spacious Bath
For spacious baths, an ottoman or a couch is considered essential. The elements of potted plants and the wooden stool complement the unique style.

What can be more natural than having a small potted plant or creeper to adorn your bath space? They can act as accents to your already existing bathroom theme while giving your bathroom the unique flavor it needs.

Several designers and décor experts recommend this as an easy and effective way to add life to your bathrooms.

Also, they warn against overdoing it. A simple potted plant on your main counter or a creeper going around your mirror or bathtub is enough to make the difference. 

Picture 15 Exquisite Bathing
Exquisite Bathing Experience
This bath setup even after being so simple radiates a powerful aura. The tall potted plant and the glass stool add to the opulence of this charming setup.

Bohemian décor

Picture 17 50 shades of Boho
50 shades of Boho
Bohemian décor is the latest trend in interior designing, and it has already managed to amass a loyal fan base.

A vogue trend of Bohemian décor is slowly catching up with the bathrooms too. It represents life, culture, and colors and puts them into inanimate objects. These can fill your living space with enthusiasm. It has a unique splendor and can easily revamp your bathrooms.

People generally favor this because it is a representation of life, culture, and vibrancy.

It infuses life into inanimate objects and never fails to turn heads. You can try this out if you dig this type of style.

Many designers approve of the Boho style and consider.


Bathrooms really deserve attention as they are an integral part of any living space. Many contemporary designs make way for a spacious and extravagant bathing space because, in today’s world, the importance of bathrooms as a secluded shrine of tranquillity is far too vital to miss. People consider bathrooms to be a private space where even the walls refrain from being judgemental. It’s the generation’s escape abode, and the designers are hellbent to transform the bathrooms so that they are more welcoming. By catching up with the trend and trying some ideas, we can actually ensure that our bathrooms conform to the modern standards of bathing space. At the end of the day, what matters the most is that opulent bathing experience and the liberating vibe that follows.

Some people are attracted to the sprawling and extravagant bathing spaces that are part of many contemporary villas and bungalows. Some wish for a less pretentious, more practical bathroom that is consistent with a minimalist style. No matter what style you prefer, your bathrooms need that special attention that can infuse life into them. If you look after your bathrooms, you can take our word, they will return the favor times ten!


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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