First Impression is the last impression, we all have heard that, right? We do not want anybody to come to our home and leave with an impression of us having an old-style home.

Refurnishing your home is what everybody wants but under a budget. Refurnishing causes us to lose a lot of money. But we can not leave it as it is. A stylish and trendy makeover under a budget is that all we need.

Do not fret! We are here to help you.

Here are some tips for refurbishing your old home with new exotic ideas.

A thing to consider is to shop online. If you are shopping online than you can avail discounts and win cashback too and if you go shopping offline then it will get really hard to manage the budget and it is tiring too.

So, it is up to you where you want to shop.

We will start with the basics of cleaning the home.


Start the makeover with cleaning your home. We mess our home and if you have any pets then it will be muddy too.

Children come home covered with all sorts of unhygienic things and we need to get away with it as soon as possible.

So, start cleaning your home. With cleaning, you will realize that a lot of space that is used for junk can come in handy.

Throw away the junk but don’t forget to keep the things that can be used. Recycled products are really useful and by doing this you are also doing a bit for the environment and they create a lot of beautiful things.

Do you know that you can even create furniture with recycled products? And trust Us recycled products are very trendy and they are free of cost.

You can learn from YouTube how to create something useful from recycled material.

Apart from that, You know that junk is using a lot of places that we can replace with new furniture or create a small playroom for kids.

Starting the makeover  

Moving on, we will discuss the items that you can replace to refurnish your home. We will start with the living room.

For Living Room

Living rooms are very important and should be up to date as every gathering happens only there. We will lay down the budget to consider your availability. Let’s get started.

Under Rs. 500.

If you want to refurnish economically and want to keep things casual than we will suggest some ways to easily transform your same plain old room to a casual and stylish room. It is not needed to change the entire furniture just some things here and there and you are all set to go. So, here are some things that you can buy to transform your home.

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DAILZ Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet Maroon

Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet Maroon

It is lovely and gives a very lavish and beautiful look.

It is traditional and if you have a big living room then it will look incredible. The first thing to change is the rug. Rugs are important as it covers the empty place and gives a spacious look. A new beautiful rug lightens up the mood.


Flower Multieffect UV Textured Panel Painting 3 piece art

Big Plant leaves panel painting is refreshing with a splash of colors.

Set of 3, 12 Inches X 27 Inches

Home Sparkle Set of 2 Corner Wall Shelves Engineered Wood Brown

Home Sparkle Set of 2 Corner Wall Shelves Engineered Wood (Brown)

It is a simple set of rack that you can add to your living room for some books or you could place some articles too. 

Under Rs. 1000.

Now, we will be talking about the things you could buy under INR 1000 to refurbish your home.

Homefab India 3 piece eyelet polyester door curtains

3 piece polyester door curtains

If you have classic black or white doors than you can add them.

It will give a classy look.

SAF 5 panel trees Ink painting

Panel trees Ink painting

Beautiful painting. If placed directly under the lights its will glow, especially at night.

multicolor polypropylene blended carpet with persion look

Multicolor Polypropylene, Blended Carpet

This carpet is light in color and pretty. It will suit your living room if you have white furniture.

Homesake Wall Hanging Twisted Petals Tea Light Candle Diya Holders Set of 2 Green and Yellow Candle Holder

Decorative Wall Sconce/Candle Holder with Red Glass and Free T-Light Candles (Set of 2)

Beautiful wall hanging Candle holder which you can lighten up at night and in any family gatherings, it will look charismatic.

Above Rs. 1000. 

Here are some things to buy under INR 1000.


Family Tree Picture Frame Set in Black

19-Piece Picture Frames Eye-Catching Collage Family Tree Picture Frame Set in Black (Set Holds Up to 17 Photos Total)

Unique and friendly at the same time. You can add all your favorite family pictures there. It will create a lot of memories. A home where all the memories are is all we want.

Inephos unframed buddha canvas painting

Unframed canvas painting

Painting is gorgeous. If you want to give a modern and calm look than it is for you.

Regal carpet Kashmiri design Persian runner carpet

Kashmiri design Persian runner carpet.

Persian carpets we all know are so popular.

This one is light and will give a traditional and modern look at the same time.

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These were some ideas to decorate and refurnish your living room. Besides these, if you have time then you can add some colors to the room.

You don’t need to invest your much valuable time and money. Only coloring your main Door or staircase with some plush colors will do.

Color your staircase with some fun lively colors like yellow, blue or pink, it will not only look cool but your kids will love it too.

Now, we will move on to the bedroom.

For the Bedroom.

Talking about bedrooms, we all want to refurbish and keep it giving us a homey feeling too.

If you want then you can show your creative side also.

Design your Pillow covers or bedsheets yourself it will be economic and you will carve out your inner creative side too.

A lot of YouTube channels are teaching Fabric painting. You can learn there if you want.

Moving on, here are some ideas to decorate your bedroom.

Under Rs. 500

We are giving some of our best ideas to try under INR 500.

Woltop Extra large PVC wallpaper Sticker

Extra large PVC wallpaper Sticker

You can stick it to the walls of your bedroom and it looks as if you have just painted your room.

It is a good idea to refurbish your room with it.

20 star shape string lights for home decoration

20-star shape string lights for home decoration

You can lighten up your bedroom. All the girls who love to have a fairy-like house than it is for them.

The purple tree Faux fur cushion

White-colored fur cushion

Soft and stylish. If you have a window or a balcony in the room and you want to add some comfort there than this is it.

Under Rs. 1000

Hosley Decorative round Iron wall mirrors

Decorative round Iron wall mirrors

Suitable for your bedroom. You can add style and glamour to your room with this.

The home sparkle wooden cube wall shelf

The wooden cube wall shelf is pretty.

You can add some vases and plants to this shelf.

Handmade Golden Metal Flower Pot Vase for Home Decoration Set of 1

Handmade Golden Metal Flower Pot Vase for Home Decoration (Set of 1)

A pretty set of a vase that you can use for smaller plants.

If you grow Rose in this vase it will definitely look beautiful.

A combination of metal and Red.

100 3 cm Each Square Mirrors Golden 3D Acrylic Sticker

100 (3 cm Each) Square Mirrors Golden 3D Acrylic Sticker

Square Mirrors Golden 3D Acrylic Sticker gives a Royal View and for all the Golden Lovers, this one’s for you.

Above Rs. 1000.

Here are some ideas above INR 1000 for refurnishing.

999Store Multiple Frames Printed Wooden Frame Yellow Leaves Wall Art Panels For Living Room Painting 5 Frames 130 X76 Cms

Multiple Frames Printed Wooden Frame Yellow Leaves Wall Art Panels For Living Room Painting – 5 Frames

You could use it in your bedroom to give a natural feel.

Mollismoons Luxury fur leather bean bag

Luxury fur leather bean bag

Super comfortable bean bag that you can place in your bedroom by the window to enjoy a rainy day with a cup of coffee.

Smartway Rectangle wall LED lamp best for home decor

Smartway Rectangle wall LED lamp

Available in warm white, gives a warm homey feeling to your bedroom. A suitable thing for refurnishing your home.

For the Kitchen.

A kitchen is a place where we put our hearts, be it be cooking some delicious food to decorating our kitchen. It should be up to date because everyday new appliances come in the market that are very useful and we want to buy it but under a budget. Decorating and keeping your kitchen clean and up to date is every chef’s desire. So, here we present some tips to refurnish your kitchen under a budget. Let’s go.

Under Rs 500.


Plastic Pet Kitchen Storage Jars & Container Transparent Storage containers

Storage containers are easy to replace and leaves a good impression of your kitchen set.

Metal MultipurposeWall Holder Storage Rack Strong Magic Sticker Rack Shelf with Towel Holder Black Color

Metal Multipurpose Kitchen Shelf Wall Holder Storage Rack with Towel Holder, Black Color

Easy to install a wall shelf that will hold all your items in a place.

Multipurpose Wall Holder Storage Rack Strong Magic Sticker Shower Rack Shelf with Towel Hook. Blue

Plastic Multipurpose Kitchen Wall Holder Storage Rack with Towel Hook. (Blue)

It will give a cool and memorable touch to your kitchen. If you have a small dining table in your kitchen then you can stick it there to create a light vibe.

PHD store sink stainless steel dish drying folding rack

Stainless steel dish drying folding rack

It is an easily foldable rack that helps you to dry your utensils.

It is a must-have if you are considering to refurnish your kitchen.

Under Rs. 1000

Classic Essential stainless handi set

Classic Essential stainless handi set

It is an easily replaceable set of handi that you use to serve the guests. It will come in handy for a long time.

Reloaded Electric egg boiler

Reloaded Electric egg boiler

An uncomplicated system that makes our early morning task easier.

Home Centre Galaxy Mini Raga Crackle Hurricane Candle Holder Set 3 Pcs. Multicolour

Galaxy Mini Raga Crackle Hurricane Candle Holder Set – Multicolour

Material: Glass and Metal, 3 Mini Crackle Hurricanes

Above Rs. 1000

prestige pic 20 1200 watt induction cooktop with push button

Prestige PIC 20 1200 Watt Induction cooktop with push button

If you’re using the same old gas stove for years then, it’s time for you to upgrade to an Induction cooktop

It is really easy to handle.

LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set of 35

English Lavender Dinner Set of 35.

It is cool and adds a modern essence to the kitchen.
A recently trending item on Flipkart.

STEHLEN Prism Series Melamine Dishwasher Safe 46 Pieces Dinner Set

STEHLEN Prism Series Melamine Dishwasher Safe

46 Pieces Dinner Set

A dinner set is always important for your kitchen and choosing the correct one would add an impact to the kitchen’s overall look.

Famacart Diva LaOpala Sovrana Regent Glass Dinner Set Standard Blue Pack of 33

Regent Glass Dinner Set, Blue colored with yellow outline

Pack of 33

Unique Ideas

These days, we talk a lot about our environment on how to keep it clean and healthy. But taking an actual effort would matter a lot.

Using recycled products in your home not only adds an extra amount of beauty and uniqueness to your home decor but also does not cost you a lot.

Recycled products can be made with waste products at your home at a very low budget.

So, try contributing to your environment along with the perfect home decor.

As you can make wall shelves from fruit boxes, you can make lampshades using old newspapers or you can try making planters from plastic boxes or plastic bottles.

Plastic recycling is necessary and this is a good idea. 

Needs of Small Decor Items

Adding small decor items would play an important role in your home decor. Small items contribute on a large scale. As you can add a shoe shelf to your lobby. Beautiful paintings are an amazing idea.

Try replacing small items in your house with cheaper ones. This will come under your budget as well as gives a pretty cute look to the decor.

Toothbrush stand, wall hangings, pen stands, etc, are a good example of these replaceable small items that you can replace with cheaper and prettier ones. Choose items that can be used for storage while maintaining the class of your home decor.

Also, try to buy the tables that do not need to be covered such as choose a dining table with a great pattern so you would not want to cover it using a table cover.

So, It is a good idea to save your money and covering it would only be a choice for you, not a compulsion.

Another thing is the candle stand. Candle stand is in trends these days. It looks fashionable and not much costly too.

You can afford it easily in every kind of budget plan. It adds the perfect royal look to your home.


So, the idea of refurnishing your home is great but try to use the above mentioned low budget products and keep your home up to the latest trends. Good luck! All the best!


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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