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The Kitchen makeover is the desired goal to achieve. The kitchen should be up to date. A fancy and comfortable kitchen that matches your taste is never disappointing. As we always try new things and upgrading the kitchen should happen sooner or later. Here are some tips, ideas, and designs for your kitchen that you can follow and renovate it into a more modern and elegant kitchen.

We will start with a relatable story of Mr. Khan and his family who have renovated their kitchen. Apparently, Mr. khan has shifted from his family home to a new city where he settled with his wife and kids for a job.

They in the beginning while designing, mostly put the focus on the living room and other basic rooms like the bedroom and kids room.

Mrs. khan got the whole house decorated according to her taste and comfort but because of the limited time, they have to wind up the process sooner and the kitchen got the least time.

A small kitchen for a family of 4 members

Look, how a simple and small kitchen can look elegant and stylish.

A small kitchen for a family of 4 members, this is how the kitchen of Mrs. khan looks.

Going in-depth, look closely the simple white ceilings of the kitchen.

White color as you must know never goes out of fashion.

Apart from its good looks, it gives a spacious and calm feeling. White color is widely preferred.

Cooking in a kitchen that reflects your nature is healthy and relaxing. 

Notice the small dining table in the kitchen of 4 member-family.

It is small and neatly placed in the corner beside the window. The wooden cabinets are for the crockery and other things so the kitchen will not be a mess. The lights above give a pleasant view.

Look #1

This kitchen is a simple and elegant one with minimal decor. A small kitchen should be cozy and fashionable both. As a small kitchen does not have much space, we have to decorate it keeping the space required and the necessities in mind. Going in-depth, we will discuss all the things present here and how to keep things minimal and sophisticated.

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Wall Color

The wall color here is simply white. White color does not only make the room look spacious but it has other psychology behind it too. White color represents purity and cleanliness.

It has an innocent charm in it. As shown above, if you go for this, it will not only look good but will also give a sense of purity. No matter how much you mess up the kitchen, the kitchen will radiate a fine feeling.


The cabinets of this kitchen are in two colors. The upper cabinets are white and the lower cabinets are blue. Opting for a combination of two colors is trendy. The combination of blue and white as you must have seen looks good. The blue color here is dark, it gives a more polished look to the kitchen and on the other hand, the white color balances the dark color.

The cabinets of the kitchen should be according to the needs of the crockery. If you have many appliances and crockery then it is advised to use more big cabinets and if you do not have much, then use small cabinets.

A well-furnished cabinet is necessary as no one wants to clean the kitchen every single day especially when any festival is around the corner. So, a kitchen that has nice and well-organized cabinets does not require much maintenance.

Wall Covers

Wall covers are necessary to have in the kitchen. While cooking in the kitchen the oil or any other thing as vegetables or anything can splash on the walls and can ruin the walls. No one can save this from happening specially if you have white walls, wall covers are a must.

The immediate wall behind the cooktops must be covered. Apart from splashing, the cooking oil leaves a stickiness to the walls. Wall covers save you from that. After cooking every time, if you clean the wall covers with a cloth then your walls will shine.

Wooden Flooring

The floors of the kitchen become dusty over the day. Many people come and go leaving all the dirt there. Go for a floor that is easy to clean. The wooden flooring here is hard and does not absorb the dirt.

The kitchen should be hygienic so, have this kind of floor as to not have germs and dirt in the kitchen. Brooming the kitchen floors once in the morning will be enough.

Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen slab is black here. The slabs must be well-polished and furnished and finely made because if any problem is there in the slab then you will suffer big time.

A rustic slab develops little holes in it over time so, prefer a slab that goes for years without a problem. The granite black slab here is easy to clean and does not develop scratches over time.


Lights play an important role in any room of the house. They should be hanged on the ceiling or above the head.

It illuminates the entire kitchen. If you want to have late-night snacks in the kitchen then switch on these lights and relax in the kitchen only.

Apart from all this, if you want to go for a small dining table in the kitchen it will be a good option. A dining table in the kitchen itself completes the look and you can sit while chopping in the kitchen. A small dining table in the corner will go a long way.

Look #2

This one is a really small kitchen for your needs only. If you are living alone in an apartment or sharing the space with 1-2 persons then this will suit your needs and do not require much time looking after it.

Amazing Ultimate Small Kitchen Interior Design… 1

Wall Color

The wall color is white in this kitchen. Look closely the white color is giving this small kitchen a spacious look. Cook peacefully in this kitchen.

The ocean green color of the cabinet looks good with white color. Make your small kitchen look big.

Kitchen Countertops

The white kitchen slab mixes with the entire look of the kitchen. Kitchen slabs are available in many materials. Ceramic, Concrete, Granite, Quartz, etc. are all easy to acquire.

All have their advantages and disadvantages to choose from. But if you use Quartz countertops with white walls then it will look breathtaking.


The cabinets of the kitchen are in two colors. Both are mild but the upper brown cabinet gives a more natural feeling as if you are close to nature. While the lower cabinets have a very mild ocean green color that is perfect to blend with the other colors of the kitchen.

If you want to replace then use some mild colors in the kitchen with white walls. Everything that is happening in the kitchen is already very colorful we don’t want to overdo anything.


Shelves in the kitchen is an economic idea to have. The shelves are not very expensive and you can use them to place small things or can use them to decorate the kitchen too.

As the upper cabinets are of wood, place small one or two plants on the shelf. You can also add some recipe books to read in the spare time.

Dining Table

The dining table here is not set up anywhere else but with the countertop only. The dining table is made by placing the chairs with the countertops and that is a very good idea.

No need to take your food anywhere, eat and enjoy in the kitchen and cleaning is also made easy with this.

Look #3

This one is different compared to other kitchens. The prominent black color is highlighted in this with a very unique color.

Kitchen Interior Ideas Indian Small kitchen

Wall Color

The wall colors are white but the white color here is very limited as the black cabinets and countertop have stolen the entire look.

The wall color is limited mainly to the ceiling and upper walls.


The cabinets are beautiful and very different. Many people do not have black cabinets as they think that there will be too much darkness in the kitchen but it is a myth.

The black color looks elegant and stylish. The cabinets give such a fine sophisticated look. Mix and match with green color at specific areas to create a new combination of class and nature. Try this one for something new.


The countertop is of laminate black material. The countertop must be of good material and laminate is a good option.

It gives a sleek look and is economic too. Black countertops are always in trend.


Add some lights in the kitchen for a luminous look. Lights in the kitchen are very underestimated. Hang the lights from the ceiling and make your kitchen shine.

Look #4

This kitchen is a special mention. It is so colorful and vibrant. It uplifts the mood in a second. In this, you can place anything even when it is not matching. The beauty in this kitchen is that it does not have a very fine and elegant material but it is a kind of kitchen that is made from reusable or recycled products. Let’s take a look in detail.

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The Walls

The walls of this kitchen are not plain white or black or of any other color. The walls are kept in the natural look.

If you do not want to use the plain wall then you can use the wall covers which resembles the bricks.

Dining Table

The dining table is made of two different things. A wooden table and plastic chairs. The table is placed in the middle of the kitchen and a beautiful dining table cover is on the top.

The yellow plastic chairs are easy to get and refreshes the mood. This kind of look is very easy to achieve.


The cabinets of the kitchen are ocean green in color. The combination of ocean green and yellow is highly appreciated.

If you want you can replace the cabinet color with your choice of colors. Replace with baby pink or light green.

Kitchen Countertop

This look of the kitchen is incomplete without mentioning a countertop. The yellow-colored countertop is matchable with the overall look. It is bright, cheerful and vibrant.

The countertop is a place to keep many of the things but also most of the work is done here on the countertop only so, It should be built according to the proper work needs and should also go with the kitchen size. This recommended countertop is a must-go option for this kitchen.


A kitchen is a place to cook and where the whole health of the family depends so, It should be placed with the best air around.

Having a kitchen with a chimney is a great idea. Place a chimney just above the countertop at the appropriate location.


The floor is important but mostly ignored in the kitchen decor. The flooring of your kitchen reflects the amount of effort that you put in the overall build-up of your home so, a  kitchen floor also should go with the look. The wooden floor is an awesome idea for this look.

It is trendy as well as comfortable. A wooden floor would also be easy to clean. Keeping all these things in mind you should choose this flooring.

Wrap – Up

Renovating a kitchen is not an easy task but also so much necessary to do as the kitchen is the soul of your home. A place where we create so many memories along with our family and friends. Also, It describes the personality of the house owner and reflects the thinking. A kitchen should always be ready for every occasion of your family. We tried our best to provide you some of our best ideas.

You can choose any of these looks to recreate your kitchen. All the looks are designed and described for the small looking kitchen. Also, the products and accessories recommended are definitely in the budget so, you should not worry about the big amount.

Luxury can be afforded in less of the money also if the investment is good and proper. I hope this article was quite helpful and you will consider the above-provided suggestions when you decide to give your kitchen a fresh chance to live a new life.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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