A study is one of the most important features in a home. Not just for young students but of people of every age, a study is one of the most basic necessities. Also, a study space should be present at a calm place in the whole house. A study space should be devoid of clutter and should be meticulously designed. But real problems arise when the space is small so that planning becomes one heck of a task. Today we will talk about the whole know-how of creating a study space in a small room.

The Planning

One should be able to answer some basic questions before even deciding to make space for study in particular.

It is important to have a clear mind on the need to have that proper and totally dedicated space for study.

Aim should be to involve all the necessary particulars, jotting down the needs and arranging the things. It should be crystal clear in your mind why you would want a study? Are you truly motivated to utilize the extra space generated? If the answer is Yes, you should definitely look forward to getting yourself a study.

Or is it just that you are going by the trend simply with no actual interest and fondness for utilizing that space to study whatsoever. In that case, you are suggested against that. A study might not be needed for you.

If you still want to make use of that extra available space, you can do other valuable management of the place. You can convert that into a changing room, or a closet which is way better still.

You can even make a miniature version of a storeroom to dump all your non-essentials.

So after you have made up your mind on what it is that motivates you to carve a dedicated space, next step would be to:

Analyzing the needs

Study Table

Now that you have a firm decision, it boils down to a few basic things. First is the analysis of requirements and then the most important is the arrangement of particulars. To get to the next step, we would require analysis. Well…we are here to help you ponder!

What things do you need?

This question would get your mind thinking about your needs and abilities. Basically you look forward to creating space within the space for books and stationery. You may want to put separate spaces for textbooks and additional books which might include novels, non-fiction, or self-help books. You may give space for notebooks and rough registers separately so that it gets easier for you to find stuff. Arrangement is the basic thing.

How much space are you willing to allocate for each of the things?

Does your textbook compartment need the maximum space or is it the notebook and registers section that demands most of your space?
You have to mentally configure the amount of space you allocate for each of the sections.

How would you configure the room?

Configuring the room refers to making space for the study. This may involve a repositioning of your bed and tables. You may want to shift your closet or almirah. Whatever it is, you need to ensure that a just and fair share of space is taken out for your study in any case.

What is your proposed budget?

And finally the decision on the budget. The fact that you are willing to spend so and so amount, is an important parameter. This directly points to your capacity of bringing in new furniture, designing the already allocated space.

This would then also mean the amount that you could be spending on purchasing items like:
Pen, pencils, erasers, sharpener
Charts and sheets
Novels and non-fiction

Ideal space

ideal space for a study room

That one space will be called an ideal study space that gives you ample comforts so that you can study attentively. But all the while making sure that you do not get just too comfortable.

More comfort means you will naturally be induced to sleep. This is something no one wants. And you need to avoid having that temptation. So keep it comfy but check on that too.

Surely there should be an ample amount of lighting. Lighting is the most important and most basic thing. You need to ensure that first of all. Adequately lit place invites us to study and be more focussed.

Also, natural light works the best. So if possible always try to have your study space aligned to your windows or at any place such that it ensures a continuous supply of ample natural light.

Moreover while trying lamps and LEDs …be very careful to choose those lights that do not hurt your eyes. You may want to replace your existing study lamp with some soothing yet clear study light. Light should be so placed that your eyes aren’t hit directly by all the flow.

Ensure there is a nice temperature around you. The place shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, but just the perfect temperature. After all, you want to spend a big chunk of your time there which is just not possible if the temperature is not checked.

And lastly, ensure that it is a quiet place. Noise is avoided the best. You can put in a hint of music if you get bored but that should be just a personal choice.

That is it. You have all the information to create your own study space in your room. You are good to go!

Considering the budget

study area in small space

Budgeting demarcation for different budget classes differs a lot. With the amount of money that you are willing to invest, you can buy completely new items, get high on the technology side, incorporate better resource allocation… so on and so forth.

Lower middle class

An investment in quality study desk which is basic as per usage and requirements and nice chair would be sufficient.

Typically an already owned table can be used too. A straight back plastic or wooden chair would do.

Upper middle class

Investment should be done in a proper multi-storeyed cupboard cum study table. The desk can have a charging slot and space for computers.

Typically multi-utility desks are sought. The ample number of drawers ensures separate space for everything.

They can also incorporate hanging decorative items and potted plants to change and enhance the ambiance.

The chair can be the likes of an office chair which is revolving and very soft and comfortable too.

Working professionals

Working professionals hardly get the day time to study. So they can easily avoid all the shifting and window alignment tasks.

Instead, they should spend on quality night lamps. They should have lots and lots of files so that they find it very handy and easy to have their notes and documents around them, whenever and wherever they wish to study.

The study space essential items

beautiful chair in study room


A clock is a very prime necessity. It shows your time so you know how much you have spent on studying and how much on sitting idle.

Study desk

A study desk should be of sturdy built and should be of proper height and material. It should be spacious enough to incorporate all your study stuff and still leave you some space to get your things as per your requirements and wishes.

Study lamp

A study lamp should be giving out wholesome light and there should be no dearth of light. Light should be soft and not hurtful to the eyes. Moreover, the rechargeable lamps are very nice. They are sustainable. One can invest in Solar-powered lamps also.

Comfortable chair

This is the best thing when chose right. You shall be spending all your time sitting on the chair, and hence there is no reason why you should not be investing in a quality chair. It can be made of plastic. It can be a simple wooden chair, or you can have it revolving as per your wishes and budget.

Stationery supplies

You should ensure a good enough supply of pens, pencils erasers, refills, notebooks, markers, sketch pens, and all the things that you need while the course of studying.

Files and folders

Having your notes organized is a very important and beneficial thing to do and files do just the same.

Tools like calculator

Be it calculator or your engineering drafter or geometry instruments involving compass, divider, scale; whatever it is, should be kept in good condition and must be well organized.

White marking board/chart

A white marker chart comes in really handy when you have a lot to memorize. It can be a formula or statements or quotes and axioms. A chart in front of our eyes ensures that we know exactly what to look up to.

Miscellaneous points

Make the best of your space
Take frequent breaks and gaps
Keep a water bottle nearby
For long night study, keep something to munch on
A kettle for tea and water can be used
Use markers and colored pens while making notes
Make use of sticky notes

Wrap Up

Make your friends and you fall in love with these beautiful ideas. It needs loads of effort and time to create a comforting and positive vibe for the perfect study space. I hope that my ideas and suggestions will help you in some ways.

I just tried to help you out by mentioning the best possible choices. You should always take suggestions from your family as they are sharing the space with you. Home is a place to live. Home is a synonym of comfort, love, care, and happiness. Maintain it by using the best of your ideas filled with all love.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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