Teenage is that golden period when we want the world to look, feel and resemble as beautiful and as creative as our own imaginations. Teens have all the ideas floating in their mind and they want their surroundings to be according to them. And this is why teens are the most creative people among all age groups. But again, they have budget constraints. So to help you all teens out there to give that ever dreamt transformation to your room, I present the best room makeover ideas for teenage girls!.

Why Room Makeover

A room is that special personal space of ours that is closest to our hearts. We spend the majority of our time in our own rooms. We sleep, eat, play, laugh, mess and clean …basically, we do every one of our daily chores in our own rooms. And as we all know regularity makes way for monotony!

That is where the concept of making over our rooms, comes into the picture!

Imagine a room to which you would want to come over and over again. And Imagine a room where you would love to spend more and more time…Imagine a room which feels completely yours… Imagine a room that gives you positive and refreshing vibes every time you happen to pass by it, or enter it…

What if we say, all that imagination of yours can become real after all??

That would be great. Wouldn’t it be? So let us get started…

How To Get Started About It?

decor ideas

Imagination and all is very fine but we do need a proper plan as to what to do and how to begin. Often we do not have any idea as to how to go about carrying the idea forward.

But to get an idea of what all of it exactly is, that your heart desires, you may want to peep inside yourself. Well…we can help you here.

So do not worry! Now, first of all, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is it that you want to change?
  • What’s it that you would want to keep exactly the same?
  • What color scheme and shades resonate with you?
  • Would you prefer going monochrome or would you prefer it colorful and multi-shaded?
  • Do you have a theme in mind, like ‘beach vibes’ or ‘barbie world’ or ‘Disneyland’? Well, think and think again.
  • What is your budget?

Now that you know your needs and desires pretty well, now that you have a rough outline of what you are willing to carry forward, we can talk about some details. Shall we?

Further Steps Involved

Cleaning Up

Smart Stylish Ideas for Dividing a Bed Area in a Studio

Yes, you read it right. Cleaning up all the clutter is the most important and the most fundamental step. Just get rid of all the articles that you truly do not need.

You would be saving on some huge space.

It would clear space to bring fresh items in place. It would also look clutter-free and inviting.

Giving A Shift To Setup

Over the years watching the same articles placed at the same places may be the real cause of boredom. Why not go for a shift in the way your almirah is placed?

Maybe change the way that drawer and cupboard are placed? How about shifting your bed or sofa to allow the room to look even more spacious?

Or maybe shift it to the window side so that the first thing you get to breathe when you wake up is a lot of fresh and clean and breathable pure air!

That is what shifting the setup means. You break the monotony. You create more space.

Deciding A Colour Combination

House Colors Interior 2019

You and only you get to decide your desired colors that you wish to amalgamate. Either you select various shades or just one…your call.

Whether you wish to incorporate a family of shades, or go monochrome, you do have all your time to decide it.

Make sure it is classy and resonates with your thought and concept of art.

A color family that blends with the whole atmosphere of your room should be your go-to choice. Natural colors are always the best.

wall decor ideas pastel color wall designs

Actually a color that is not gaudy and not very shimmering to the eyes should be selected. Even if you select them, make sure they make for smaller spaces instead.

Remember your goal is not to go for a color that looks party like and pompous but quickly starts to feel strange! Instead, choose something that remains homely and feels at ease and calm for long.

Replacing Things


Beautiful Blue Bedroom

Mattresses have a whole world of art attached to them.

Choose a mattress that is soft and comfortable for you.

These days, orthopedic mattresses are a new trend. They are very beneficial. They give that extraordinary support to your spine and are joint-friendly.

Mattresses should not be chosen on the basis of mere colors and appearance. Bed sheets are used to provide the needed coverage and make for the combination of colors too.


bedroom decor ideas

Choose bed sheets that are more in thread count. That is always durable. So you do not need to buy it again and again.

Bed sheets must preferably be in fabric cotton with some synthetic mixed.

The idea should be to have a smooth and comfortable fabric.

Bedsheet color should be calm and pleasant to the eyes.

Invest in some quality curtains. Allow the fabric to be durable and lasting. Do not rush after the design only.

Curtains add a touch of elegance and that should be it. You should invest your time and energy profusely on this.

You will never be disappointed later. Curtains not just add grace to the whole look of your room but also are very important assets to have.

They provide you with the much-demanded privacy in your room.

Moreover, you save yourself and your furniture from the glaring sun which hits your eyes and potentially ruins the summer fun. So curtains are your next big buddies!


potted plants in bedroom decor with touch of pastel color pallete 1

Carpets are very graceful. They are necessary decorative art which additionally works towards adding colors to the room as well.

Plus they make cleaning so easier. You just have to brush the dust off and you are good to go.

They give the touch of art to your floor and look very sophisticated. Often you will find the carpets leading to rooms and that gives a very welcoming and inviting feel.

Invest in some quality carpets to uplift not just the upper recesses of your room but the floor as well, and look at how the atmosphere becomes even more beautiful.

Cushions and pillows

geometrical patterened Yellow Cushion

Cushions add a great deal of warmth to your room.

Not do they just add colors, but are an investment in comfort and softness too.

In fact, a bed without pillows gives such an incomplete feel. How are you supposed to get sleep without them, anyway? Moreover, pillows covered with beautiful pillow covers which go well with the color and pattern of the bedsheet, always add extra beauty.

The same goes for the furniture or sofa. You have to arrange cushions since they look great when styled with the apt color combo.

DIY- Do It Yourself Ideas

Big Wall Art

big canvas paintings in bedroom

A piece of art hung on your wall does the first and basic thing of covering the empty space. Moreover, it uplifts the whole mood of the room. The room lightens up instantly. The art adds a touch of elegance undoubtedly.

paintings decor ideas

The piece of art that you choose to hang gives the visitors and the admirers a peek into your personality as well. Many people prefer the photo well combined with an elegant frame to be present nearby the sofa or where people can sit and notice it as a first.

Bottle Hanging

Fantastic Crafts for Bottles to Do for decor

Bottle hangings are in trend for the past few years. Green bottles either with plants or any decorative piece look very decorative. These simple green or red or any wine bottle crafts are one of the cutest ways to repurpose old bottles.

awesome uses for old plastic bottles

This sparkly piece of décor enhances the mood and brings a very calm and natural feel to the ambiance. What you can almost always do id to make your garden inside your own room. This can certainly be done using those same discarded bottles that no one preferred to give a damn about!

Plastic Bottle Hanging Vase 3

Just think what a beauty enhancer it would be if you could just lighten and glorify it some more by placing flowers into one such hanging wine bottle.

Paper Crafts

bedroom decor ideas paper wall art diy

Paper crafts and origami are the best craft pieces. They are very affordable. All you have to do is to fold them according to some pre-set rules and you get flowers and wall hanging and various other decorative items within minutes.

paper art for wall decoration of bedroom

That means you save up on both time and money.

Photo Collage

bedroom decor with memories hanging on wall

Photo collage is made using photos that you might have taken in the past. Basically it also acts as a wall decorative piece. It gives the antique vibes. If put in modern styled frames, the photo collage gives a stylized appeal too.

memories hanging on wall decor ideas for bedroom

The college is a very interesting way to showcase old memories. The viewer can always walk that nostalgic lane when going through old photographs and this is the best aspect of having such a collage in place. Not just bedrooms, this concept can be incorporated in all rooms alike.

Hanging Décor

Amazing decorative hanging from bottle bedroom decor ideas 2

Hanging décor is a very creative way to make the best use out of waste. Such a decorative piece uplifts the setup overall and looks very beautiful.

old CDs amazing decor hacks

They can be made using old CDs or compact discs, paper art and plastic straws too. Sometimes cloth fabric and wooden chopsticks are used too.

CD diy decor hack

They are given beautiful patterns and look extremely nice. Sometimes they are hung on the ceiling, other times on the wall display. They are an ideal concept. And the best part is their affordability making them an amazing do it yourself idea.

Mural Painting


Mural paintings are wall paintings only which you do yourself. Now, this is an interesting effort which can help you refresh your old painting hobbies too.

All you have to do is get your old acrylic colors and poster colors and take up a space of your room’s wall where you can spray the colors of your choice on the canvas which your wall presents.

mural painting ideas for bedroom

Mural literally means wall. Actually, in olden times people used to paint their thoughts using natural colors on the cave walls. When historians excavated they came to know that painting is one at that age million of years. So what other way can be more creative than this? Go get painting!!

Potted Plants

bedroom decor ideas for teen girls

Potted plants look very beautiful and give the green and yellow combination and enrich the whole room. They have a soothing and calm way with the whole ambiance.

bedroom decor ideas inspiration from plants and pastel colors

Potted plants are very easy to do crafts. You just have to choose the type of plant that you would like to see in your room. You can select flowering plants and non-flowering plants as well. Plants with colored leaves look extremely elegant.

Even medicinal plants can be potted. They will give you the extra benefits and present an edge over all others.

Art Calendar

calender art for bedroom decor minimilist atyle decor

All of us do use calendars. Right?

What if you could have a calendar with some nice and graceful print on it that you can use in place of the big art piece? After all, it will efficiently cut up on the costs and looks great too.

calender art for bedroom decor

So consider using calendars with big colored prints or theme painting on it and that would serve as additional wall art too, besides being cost-friendly!

Mirror Art

Big mirror decor ideas for teenage girls bedroom

This is one amazing idea that you can borrow. People hang actual mirrors with silver frames and they look extremely gorgeous. The room instantly appears bigger and a touch of tradition blended with modernity is reached.

Mirror decor ideas for chic bedroom

Can anything be this antique and modern at the same time?

Fairy Lights

fairy lights bedroom decor ideas

And finally, fairy lights are amazing room enhancements.

Cute Room Ideas For Young Girls

The soft light is very appealing and mellow to the eyes. They have the power to light up your mood in an instant.

They look cute and girlish and give a soft light.


Just think, you get to step in your room, hug your cute pillows and sleep on your soft mattress, looking at the potted plants hung in those green wine bottles and flowers which seem as if they are speaking to you! And then the sweet dim fairy lights bestow their grace on you!

Tell me what are heavens made of, if not this?


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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