A living room that can never put a smile on your face after, you end up entering it for more than 10 minutes. Then you have to think about the ways in which you can add a spark that has been lost.

A living room is a space at the home in which we spend our precious time of day, either when the guest comes or when we spend time with our family. But the same living room will make you feel dull if the belongings in the living room will not connect with your active soul.

So you should make sure your living room is connecting with you being extremely creative and interesting in the way it looks.

Here I have come up with some beautiful ideas which are not only easy but will also help you to add spark to your living room.

Shady Walls


When it comes to the wall color, we are might choosy because we all love different colors and shades.

But why color is so important in the living room when it comes to wall?

Colors are important when it comes to the wall because as per the studies it is discovered that light and bright colors can actually make a happy mood.

If you are not feeling good and when you enter your living room just by looking at the colors you will start feeling happy. And if the colors are ombre which means a shady in texture than you will feel relaxed and calm whenever you see it.

Probably the guest visiting your home will feel happy and relaxed with such colors and shades.

Not only that it is very important to choose the paint you are using very wisely because it can directly affect your health, but so non-toxic and odorless paints are also recommended for the wall paint of the living room.

Family Pictures


Family is the most important part of our life, and in the family, it includes our relatives, friends, and especially our pet. And the memories we make with them are the best memories we do have.

What if we get to see those memories and cherish them every day? Yes, here I am talking about photographs because they are not just pictures they are memories.

When we put those pictures in the living room, at least one out of four walls to decorate with the pictures in different ways.

Then there is no doubt that whenever you will see those pictures one of the beautiful stories from your past will pop in your mind. It will not just give you a positive feeling but also make a good impression on guests, your happy family pictures will make them feel that they also want to spend time with their family to create such moments. 

According to research, it is found that cherishing memory can actually help you to be happy and it makes you be connected with your family.

Table Makeover 

black color palette living room designs

How many times you have noticed the serving table at other homes you have visited till now? Pale and simple serving table looks good or serving table having good texture and color looks good?

You are going to choose the second option, because if food matters then the table you are serving on matters the most.

Just imagine you changed the whole makeover of your table matching with the color of your living room, the first impression on your guest will be? Hey, from where did you have this table? Yes, you are going to be on the nine clouds with dozens of comments on the makeover of your table, not only that the colors will soothe your eyes, whenever you will use that table.

But you have to make sure that the makeover you are choosing should be anti-mites, shiny and easy to maintain. Opting to do the makeover yourself will also be a good idea so that you can decide for yourself the type of color and pattern you want. 

Brick Wall

Well, to cover one side of your living room is a very good idea if you want to spark in your living room.

There are probably many people like out of 100 there must be 80 who love brick patterns because the brick pattern is one out of those patterns which give urban look instantly.

It connects with the past memories, because in times when our parents used to be young they have seen most of the brick houses, so using brick wallpaper will warm your house with memories and love.

Not only maintain the authentic look, but you see it adds extra character to feature the walls. And the best way to put these brick pattern is using faux brick wallpaper.

This wallpaper is not only easily available but is easy to maintain.

They give a shiny look but will also look perfect behind your television wall. This will let the guest get a direct view of this wallpaper.

Area Rug

green color palette living room design ideas

Very few who know how to beautifully create a living room will be seen using area rugs.

Not many of us know that area rugs are the key elements of the living room, without it, you will always think that something is lacking in the room.

You know area rug actually does the job of keeping all elements together so it is very important to choose an area rug of a specific color that matches your entire living room.

Basically, without area rug furniture seems to be floating in the room, it does not bind up well with the living room.

Using area rug not just look classy every time you enter in the living room but also fill you with excitement.

Your guest will be much more impressed with you and will love to visit your home to encounter your living room, to cherish their eyes. But it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the rug by cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner because there are chances of dust to get collected on the rug often.

Fireplace decorated with candles

Sammsara Wooden Candle Holder for Home Décor Set of 2

We can find people creating a fireplace in their living room, it’s a quite good idea which not only improves the quality of the room but will help to feel warmth in the winter season.

But following the same idea for many years is too boring to do, if you are a little creative and looking for ideas to change your fireplace with some other thing then you should surely opt for the idea of keeping candles over the fireplace. Sounds quite interesting right?

Do you want to know the advantages of replacing candles over firewood? Well, in this case, I highly recommend using a scented tea candle because it helps you reduce the feeling of fear and makes you calm.

Not only that using a lavender-scented candle can help you to reduce anxiety while an orange-scented candle helps you to reduce stress and lifts your mood up.

The low light illuminating from candle not only send the message through your nervous system to your brain but also it helps to soothe your soul after receiving the message as an act of reaction of your brain directly to your receiver.

So these were the ideas, but now you must be in a dilemma on how to start the work and how to manage your budget, so friends you don’t need to worry a lot I have done all the planning for you just scroll down and look over the whole plan.

How to manage your budget

Tips for those having a budget of 2k

Okay, we can understand that our budget is quite less than what it takes to do the makeover of your living room but I have quite the best ideas for you to spice up your living room at a very less cost.  

Let’s start with the first thing as we are bounded with limits so here we will not concentrate on changing the wall color instead of it, we can use stickers to decorate the wall. And the sticker I have recommended you below is quite less in cost just Rs129.

5r55QbNkZw guQ UACrB dT2mK21O0yRgOkK CVNDEHnRDqi3nro93i46L84P1 OQ KUwhik2rimwn16kphYVQlXzAn1H TiD3

The second thing now is the wall we have put stickers on we will some part that wall with photographs hanging with the help of hangers that you can make yourself watching this video. That will just cost you just Rs100.

ooyYegsESpmrI42DIb1Oa1JSz27SL3GyDTuu8SmhITnjLyEclfjcv94cf8ZmNRS01YKYCpLZCXARMJftBKCWuEg 9BxC9n9dUbSX2iN7XYONqMcvRk8M t8tMSeSDNCsFJ5

The second thing here is changing the way your table looks for that you have to watch this video and need to buy to spray just for Rs130 each.

The third thing is the brick pattern which I have talked about earlier about it, you will think it will be expensive so we won’t do anything for that.

For the area rug, I have this amazing video for you that you can make easily using your unwanted clothes at home.

And lastly, as the area of your living room is not that big you can just take a candle lamp to recommend below and keep it in a corner it will look beautiful and sober which will cost just Rs249.

l 5tEu7x DjB2fAQGY9slqZI2Q0UE3pYz

Tips for those having a budget of 5k

As we don’t have a large issue of money, so we can easily change things in our living room to make it more beautiful. The first thing we have to do is painting the room in shady texture for that you don’t need to paint the complete room just add the darker shade down of the room and spread a little to make it look shady. As shown in the video. The paint of any color will cost you Rs280.

Ux3NJpxnYK4IweR7H18T92aoJWQRiT ci

Now put the family pictures on the wall using hangers and make artificial branch hanging shown in the video. And this will cost you Rs300.

To change the table style, just watch the video link given below and follow the instruction it will just cost you Rs500.

For the brick wall pattern, we will use stick faux brick wallpaper, which I have already selected for you having cost Rs846.

RnDHLPyOTmTnYm74g7QgLPVS H9X3QzbsahKZ8yKllPIGC1RZHTM1TlXrEB8dsXvQOqmjkhyF7jPjgeZ4T6Nr5I

The best area rug I found in the market as per your budget was this beautiful rug.


Choose a properly ventilated area in your living room and then keep scented candles in a beautiful order as shown below to light up the room at cost Rs749.


Tips for those having a budget of 8k

In this category people we know, we don’t have money issues but still, I will recommend you only those things which are highly effective and with good cost. 

At first, it comes the color of the wall, so here I will choose the sea blue color with ombre for the wall which will cost Rs2400.

ehD2Ns1fzVybuNkY3NtXZTla8pWzWb3giyJCQwaXgmy HpfT4M9mYWNJW7

Now for the family pictures create a beautiful shape using pictures hanging over the hangers will get from this site which will cost Rs1000.

For the table makeover, you can choose the color matching to the wall and add texture to your table, watch this video

For the brick wall pattern, we will use stick faux brick wallpaper, which I have already selected for you having cost Rs846.

For glass, slab will cost you Rs259 (12x12inch)

The brick wallpaper, I have this best option selected for you which has a good cost Rs1522 only.

Md6LayEh G4ECM6yUdipLcXUckYxYIzsoZwdXyQH29tClTcajeBZQRNwKHhnLx9qE SWzTR05VDLPvOt8xtNFYna0sLln3dbr5jEV9dUtgxiSfDvXc1qEX

For the area rug choose this color rug and place it keeping sofa, center table everything over it as shown on the video below and will cost Rs1899.

T6HBj29mImm2QFFdlXx8uYWVnU1y AWhYeYClAoYxIUjobjeJKi2AXPg 9Kd4NEH8ZXVrRzAraizpzw4BW rmAL9WJqZO UUW4OhkaYQoge1PsbCHWd4ZF8WsLmKzitwghTOzbadHHVVaI8LHg

Search a well-ventilated place in your living room and attach this there at Rs1499.

rsV8wWAWcV28A CjkO7N6xKSeeNb6g3 HNnEv60unspeT uzQ MDdUibJip7zs3a1v9M3i75N0b xQ0whB4T85TP64Ys

Wrap Up

I just hope all the information I have mentioned in the article will help you to change your living room in a positive way.

All the things I have mentioned above were recommended as per your budget. If you feel like the budget I made is too low or too high, you can skip some ideas and work on others. As you see something is better than nothing. 

So, don’t stop after just reading articles and just go for the change, I assure that you are going to fall in love with your living room.


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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