Ahh!!! This is the reaction I want for me and my guests to have every time I and they sit on my sofa. 

My sofa is the last thing I want to put my back on after a long shitty day at work so this is the reason why I choose to buy {sofa name}.

Now, whenever my friends from work, my parents or my relatives visit me you can guess the next line, the number of compliments I get for choosing that sofa is never enough.

Most of the time is spent on this cute thing while we are passing our drinks around and laughing ourselves out. The next thing is when everything is said and done, the one question which shoots directly at me is “where did I get that sofa from?”.

Simple and easiest reply is I bought it online and from there, questions keep shooting like which site was it, how much you paid for it, how much you searched for it.

It occurred to me that almost everyone asked me more or less the same questions and I was like this could be the next topic for my blog this week.

So, here I am writing another one for those who are looking to buy a cool sofa to chill on and for those who are looking to add another masterpiece of art top their living room in India.

Types Of Sofa Available

At first, I have some information for especially those who never bought a sofa before. This information is regarding the Types Of Sofa that exist in the Indian market.

Lounge Chairs/ Chairs Lounges

These are the single chairs fitted with cushion filled seats for your back and hip support. 

Extremely helpful for those working from home as they allow you to sit for long hours without hurting your back.

Lounger chairs also go by the name of chaises lounge, fabric lounger, wooden lounger which is found in restaurants or in hotels near the reception area making them more expensive than a sofa set.

Inflatable Sofa/ Sofa cum bed

I bought one of these when I was living in a rented flat in my 2nd year of college because when you live in a rented flat you never know about future problems so buying this one was the best decision at that time instead of investing in a wooden folding which once bought can’t be shifted easily.

Single Seater Sofa

Single seaters allows you to arrange them in different independent positions or locations of your home according to your taste. They can also be mixed with two-seaters and sectional sofas to get the look of your choice. This tells us that their sole purpose is to fill out the missing space and appeal to the beauty of your living room.

Two Seater Sofas

Most common in Indian homes two-seater sofas are available in leather and a number of fabrics out of which Loveseat fabric is my personal choice. These are always combined with one-seater sofas. The recommendation is to go with 1 three-seater, 1 two-seater and 2 one seater sofa with a center table if you are planning to place your sofa in the drawing-room.

Three Seater Sofa

Host a wonderful evening and impress your guests as I do with these babies getting more popular in the Indian market especially among teenagers like me who are now working professionals. For a medium-sized family of 3-4 members buy 1 three seater and 2 one-seater sofa with a center table along with a 1 two-seater to fill the space of diwan.

Sectional Sofa/L shaped Sofa

Sectional sofa is probably a marketing term for L shaped sofa or sofa with proper sections dedicated for a single person to sit means these sofas can have two to three separate cushions for sitting. 

If you are looking to host a party in the future and have a big drawing-room do not leave it empty instead let your room glow by adding this piece of beauty.

Recliner Sofa

In most simple terms recliner (laat maaro bahar nikaalo feljaao) is the sofa that is used to relax in a different way like you have noticed joey and chandler in friends. 

You just stand with your butt side in front of it, hit the down part with your heel and relax!.

I always wanted to have one and will probably buy one someday.

Best Combinations

1 three-seater & 2 one-seater with 1 center table (most popular) 

One three-seater & 1 two-seater with 1 center table

1 three-seater, 1 two-seater & 1 one-seater with 1 center table (for big family gathering)

L shaped with 1 center table (the king alone for small to big sized rooms)


Quality Assure Furniture Hardwood 9 Seater Fabric Sofa Set with 4-Puffy (Roland Silver and Brown)


Best Furniture Living and Dining Hall Nylon U Shape Sofa Set 3, 2, 2, Corner, 4 Pease Puffy, Dewan, Standard Size (Blue and White)

Choosing The Right Material

We always have the option to buy according to the Material Of The Sofa once we have decided what types and combination of sofa we are interested in.

Fabric sofa is quite popular and easily available in almost every city or online store as it takes less time for the company to build the fabric and polish it, unlike Wooden sofa which has to be extensively taken care of while polishing, shining and carving the wood. 

Fabric provides much more comfort than the other two sofa material and can be cleaned with steam cleaner also.

Leather or Leatherette is an easy choice if you have a growing child or kids in the home. Leather sofa is easy to clean and maintain for a very long period of time until kids start jumping on it and sewing/stitches tears out.

In terms of after-sales care means when the sofa is sold to you and you have to care for it yourself every day, leather takes the lead while fiber stands at second place as it has to be cleaned with the vacuum and wooden sofa at last because they are just old fashioned and people are becoming eco-friendly to save wood but you can go for them totally if you have a taste for it. 

Indian celebrities like Kanika Kapoor have absolutely got the taste for wooden furniture (video).

Sofa Maintenance

Wooden Sofa

Wooden sofa is quite delicate when it comes to keeping it fresh as new. It has to be cleaned daily to keep the polish shine so as to add beauty to your room like it is supposed to.

The best way I suggest is never using water or wet cloth, just using a dry cloth to rub gently once a day.

Fiber Sofa

Nothing works better than a vacuum cleaner when it comes to dealing with fiber sofa. Vacuum is the only best option because dust is filled inside the pores of the fabric which if not cleaned thoroughly then can cause a certain smell or odor.

Steaming is also an option which is not that much considered in India.

When a fiber sofa is cleaned from the outside with dry cloth but not vacuumed, it can become pale in looks thus degrading its own charm with that of the place where it is kept.

Leather Or Leatherette Sofa

They are the easiest to clean sofa ever existed, want to know how? Just take a piece of cloth wet or dry and clean the sofa not once a day or once a week but whenever you feel it needs to be clean. Remember, it needs to be clean.

Leather Sofa can be scratched, unlike fiber sofa.

Keeping Up With Trend

Light-colored sofa like white, light grey is evergreen so try to keep it simple and sober which reflects your mindset through the walls and the sofa you choose.

The interior designer recommends white or lighter shades of color since it reflects calmness and welcomes your guest. Also, this year it was all about pastel colors.

Brighter shades of pink, red, green, and yellow are out fashioned and are harsh to the human eye while on a bright sunny day you will feel more heat just by looking at your sofa because according to psychologists colors can change the way you react to certain things.

Hand-picked the best sofa for my readers to buy in India in 2024

Sofa cum bed


Bharat Lifestyle Leo Sofa Cum Bed Double Fabric Sofa Bed (Finish Color – Black Grey Mechanism Type – Fold Out)


Urban Ladder Kowloon Sectional Sofa Cum Bed with Storage Double Solid Wood, Fabric Sofa Bed (Finish Color – Charcoal Grey Mechanism Type – Fold Out)


Urban Ladder Palermo Sofa Cum Bed Double Engineered Wood Sofa Bed (Finish Color – Yellow Mechanism Type – Fold Out)

FurnitureKraft-Double-Engineered-Wood-Metal-Sofa-Bed-Finish-Color- Grey-Mechanism-Type-Pull-Out

FurnitureKraft Caen Double Engineered Wood, Metal Sofa Bed (Finish Color – Grey Mechanism Type – Pull Out)


For students – WDS A�Airsofa cum Bed PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) 3 Seater Inflatable Sofa (Color – Black)

Single seater/One seater sofa


Kurlon Wing Fabric 1 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Blue)


Muebles Casa Cedar Fabric 1 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Blue)


Furny Walton One Seater Sofa (Grey)


Durian Blaze Single Seater Sofa for Living Room (Burgundy)

Double seater/Two-seater sofa


Urban Ladder Minnelli Loveseat


Furny Aron Two Seater Sofa (Grey)


Durian Blaze Two Seater Sofa for Living Room (Burgundy)


Adorn Homez Porto Fabric 2 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Grey)


Urban Ladder Frida Loveseat (Colour: Jade)

Triple seater/Three seater sofa


Adorn India Bentley Three Seater Sofa


Furny Aron Three Seater Sofa


Muebles Casa Croma Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa


Flipkart Perfect Homes Bibury Fabric 3 Seater Sofa


Urban Ladder Apollo Fabric 3 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Corn Silk Yellow)

Muebles Casa Cedar Fabric 3 Seater Sofa Finish Color Blue

Muebles Casa Cedar Fabric 3 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Blue)

Sectional/L shaped sofa


Quality Assure Furniture Modern Design L Shaped Sectional Leatherette Luxury Sofa Sets (Orange and White)


Zikra Fabric L Shape Sofa LHS Alignment Solid Sal Wood Sofa, Olive Green Colour


Bharat Lifestyle Divine Fabric 6 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Black and Grey)


Bharat Lifestyle Nano Fabric 6 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Black Grey)


Bharat Lifestyle Evelyn Fabric 6 Seater Sofa  (Finish Color – Dark Grey)

Recliner sofa

Flipkart Perfect Homes Costello Leatherette Manual Recliners  (Finish Color - Brown)

Flipkart Perfect Homes Costello Leatherette Manual Recliners  (Finish Color – Brown)

Flipkart Perfect Homes Costello Leatherette Manual Recliners  (Finish Color - Brown)

Flipkart Perfect Homes Costello Leatherette Manual Recliners


Flipkart Perfect Homes Costello Fabric Manual Recliners


@home by Nilkamal Fabric Powered Recliners  (Finish Color – Honey Beige)


La-Z-Boy Harbortown Leatherette Manual Rocker Recliners  (Finish Color – Camel)#JustHere


La-Z-Boy Harbortown Leatherette Manual Rocker Recliners

Sofa set


Best furnitures Designer Sofa Set for Living and Dining Hall 3+2+1+Center Table Free

Best furniture Living and Dining Hall Nylon U Shape Sofa Set 3+2+2, Corner, 4 Pease Puffy, Dewan, Standard Size- Khaki

Best furniture Living and Dining Hall Nylon U Shape Sofa Set 3+2+2, Corner, 4 Pease Puffy, Dewan, Standard Size- Khaki


Flipkart Perfect Homes Mexican Leatherette 3 + 2 Grey Sofa Set


Flipkart Perfect Homes Crete Leatherette and Fabric 3 + 1 + 1 Black Sofa Set


Bharat Lifestyle Gayana Leatherette 3 + 1 + 1 Sofa Set

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leatherette Sofa material?

It is not pure leather but a synthetic material designed to mimic pure leather and its qualities. Mostly leatherette is found in sofa material since the government banned the killing of animals to extract pure leather.

What are the best Sofa brands to consider?

Nilkamal, Muebles, Durian, Kurlon, Mintwud are some popular to choose from in India.

Which is the Best Sofa for Bad Back?

Unfortunately, there is no sofa for bad back only mattresses are made in a way to support people who are having back pain.

Read this buying guide for the mattress and choose one if you have a bad back.

Which is the best sofa cleaning service in Delhi?

Urbanclap provides a comparable list of cleaning services to choose from in the nation’s Capital. Price starts from 399 onwards.

Final Words

I have selected the above-mentioned sofa based on my personal experience. But do still check before buying and research thoroughly.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

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I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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