Home Décor does more than just giving the house a pleasant appearance. It plays a very important role in how you feel about things around you. it describes how you perceive your environment.

When you return to your home every day after all the hard work you have done all day, would you not desire for a unique environment?

Importance Of Kitchen Decor

According to me, the kitchen is one of the most important places in your whole house. It consists and decides about the day to day living choices.

A person’s life starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a cup of hot chocolate.

Major socializing is done in the kitchen. In a way, the kitchen can also be called a bonding area.

Investing in a kitchen which feels beautiful is very necessary as that investment counts in contributing to a family’s health and happiness.

Aesthetic kitchen constitutes the heart of the home and gives a sense of warmth.

How To Plan?

Begin your kitchen planning with your family. everyone should feel very comfortable in the kitchen. Get some good perspective with outsiders as well.

The space you plan is going to be a very unique and special place of your own.

It’s time you update thoughts about “kitchen designs not being a big deal”

Chalk a layout, prepare surface designs, build space for appliances and equipment.

A recent survey said that humans need a functional kitchen in order to cook actively.

There are design experts available to assist. There are articles and magazines like these to make choices clear.  

Design Your Kitchen

Color Pallete

Choosing the color scheme is a time-consuming task. People might choose the wrong colors and tend to mix up different contrasts due to frustration.

There are always some colors that are fit and made for some rooms. 

When it comes to the kitchen, subtle colors like white, gray, light blue and light green go very well. It creates warmth and maintains the energy that boosts the first meal of your day.

Warm colors (yellow, orange & red)


Scientifically, warm colors like orange stimulate appetite and are often chosen for the kitchen.


Red can always contribute to the color on the kitchen shelves and drawers.


Yellow represents sunshine and has the ability to brighten a room. It can soothe your mornings and help you have a calm and a peaceful start in the morning. Yellow also helps the room feel larger. 

Cool colors (blue, green)


Lighter shades of blue create a sharp look for the kitchen. But when it comes to the kitchen, blue should be used thriftily otherwise it subjugates the decor.


Green makes a kitchen look smart. Mint and apple green are two universally favorite colors. Green generally represents energy! 

Neutral colors (white, grey)


The color white in the context of a kitchen can help you feel fresh and clean.


Grey is becoming an elite color choice for many homes. It is a cool color as the category suggests. Grey is such a color that it pairs well with any other color and forms a good contrast. It acts as a perfect base for the kitchen.

31 Amazing Colourful Kitchen Design Ideas

Lighting forms a very important element in Kitchen décor not just for cooking but also for the effect it will have as it is the room known for gathering. It creates a much warmer welcome space.

Preferably, do not choose just 1-2 lights for your kitchen.

Instead, substitute 4 small lights in various corners of the kitchen. This is known as LAYERING.

The most apt places for placing lights is near the stove, basin and near the main shelves. This way creates a fantastic ambiance and the right glow. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to make your kitchen elegant.

Some lights help to lighten certain dimensions which add a depth effect to your kitchen. For example: Placing lights between two consecutive shelves gives a depth effect which looks elegant.
Pendant lightings are also getting favoritism in the market. They come in classic and modern styles. 

Choosing the right slab


Choosing the right marble or the right stone is a very important factor in Kitchen décor.

A very important factor that should be taken into consideration before beauty is the absorption value of the stone. Every stone contains pores that allow liquids and gasses to pass through.

Some of the stones trap these. While choosing the right stone, it is necessary to inquire about the water absorption capacity. The higher is the absorption capacity, the lower is the advantage. The slab should have the capacity to handle occasional spills. For example: calcite reacts to acidic food which causes faster stains on the slab.

Hence, choosing a darker shade of marble or granite is always the best.

Marble has very low porosity and is very suitable for any kitchen. They are also stain-resistant. A polish texture is chosen over the rough finish.

Grey, stone black and brown are some of the famous color choices which are chosen for kitchen marble décor.

Choosing the sink


A sink and a faucet is a must. It is very necessary to choose equipment that will work well as sinks and faucets have to withstand daily use.

Choosing sinks that are made from stainless steel is most preferred. It has under-mount capacity and provides ease while cleaning. Even though stainless steel can be a noisy choice, it is worth the expenditure. While steel is most preferred, iron is the prettiest of all.

Porcelain sinks give a very ancient and aesthetic look to the sink.

A large and a deep basin will help with convenience in washing big vessels and will accommodate more vessels as well.

A kitchen with 2 basins helps with the hygiene aspect and the comfort. It provides symmetry for the kitchen and allows two separate tasks.

The shape of your sink can differ from farmhouse to round sided.
Choosing a sink with a low divider also serves purposes. 

Choosing the kitchen furniture


The kitchen is expected to keep in touch with the constant trend. It needs to be equipped with the best technology and trends.

If the kitchen has a big space, then bar stools are one of the most attractive pieces of furniture. It is a very simple piece of furniture.

Dining chairs and dining tables are also recommended either inside the kitchen or just outside the kitchen.

An attractive fireplace in the kitchen also gives the kitchen warmth.

Also hanging utensils right beside the gas stove provides fast accessibility to basic utensils and has also been in trend recently. 

Modular kitchen tips

More ideas below KitchenRemodel KitchenIdeas… 1

It provides a color contrast that is neither too dark nor too light. it gives a basic contemporary look with an industrial texture. It suggests some very dignified pastel shades instead of the go-to color BLACK.

A modular kitchen vibes perfectly with the kitchen and fulfills every utility aspect.

The L-shaped layout fits almost every house size.

Other designs include a parallel kitchen layout and a u-shaped modular kitchen.

Modular kitchen offers to handle-less drawers and does not protrude.

If the client is ready to invest in a little more, then a modular kitchen also provides a built-in gas stove and refrigerator. They help in creating more space which is very important.

The more congested a kitchen is, the more difficult and irritating it becomes while cooking.

You can opt for open shelves and effective storage cabinets.

They also provide you with appropriate night lights.

Other facilities provided are water-resistant plywood and under sinks. 

Other tips

If you want to provide a more sophisticated look, you can always go for a three palate color.

The first color is the existing color, the second should be a color that should complement the first color. The third color should be such that it makes the kitchen unique.

Hanging a small wall art is also beneficial and adds spice. Framed album covers, fruit baskets, vintage items, and minimum mirrors are some suggestions.


The kitchen represents passion. It represents preparation. You share a meal with your family in that room.

You put time and effort to provide food which constitutes the major element of energy in our body.

It better come with the greatest positivity! Kitchen memories are after all sweet. The kitchen stands for the creation of energy. That is, the creation of food.

It symbolizes the bond which a family shares and is known to preserve a homely comfort.

Mind readers or behavioral experiments are done by first examining the kitchen of the person’s home.

The food preparing in the kitchen, the sound of knives cutting the vegetables, the pots being washed and the aroma that spreads to the entire house is a very powerful energy.

To keep that energy positive, it is very necessary to modify and build a comfortable and a spacious kitchen.

The kitchen with the right colors and the right amount of furniture is important. 


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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