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The Bed!! The one and only piece of furniture we spent most of our relaxing time on. Sometimes when I get too lazy to get up I eat my food on my bed. Other times spending time with family members is a must, that purpose is served by the dining table.

A lot of people asks “which is the best bed in the Indian market?” or “what type of material should I choose for my bed?” with other questions following these.

Choosing a bed depends upon certain factors like the size/space on the bed you need, choosing the type of material gets many people confused, storage needs, bunk bed for kids or not, sofa beds for small apartment or students, and much more.

With all this in mind, I briefed about certain things that I know from my personal experience.

I have categorized the beds available in the Indian market and have suggested the same for people of every class and budget.

I have not mentioned the types of beds that are not available in India like California King Bed, Rocking bed, Vertical bed, Floating bed and other types of custom made beds.

Let’s get on with the categories which will help you to choose the one perfect for you.


First Step – Size of the bed

The first thing you decide is the size of the bed.

Note: these are the standard market dimensions. Brand wise dimensions may vary.

Single size bed dimensions are up to 4 feet wide and 6.3feet long so two people are hard to adjust.

Double size bed dimensions are ideal for a person with a height of 6ft9in” and are 5ft wide so can accommodate two persons easily.

A twin size bed is a marketing term used by brands. It simply means two single sized beds put together or joined together to form a double bed.

King size bed is wider with width up to 6ft 3in” and has the same length as a queen-size bed.

Queen size bed dimensions 6feet6inch length and 5 feet in width.

Full-size bed Dimensions 6feet2inch long and up to 4.4 inches wide

Second Step – Type of material

The next and most confusing thing is the type of material to go with.

Currently, there are 3 types of material available in the Indian market for beds.

  1. Engineered wood
  2. Solid wood  
  3. Metal

Engineered Wood

It is also called mass timber, composite wood, man-made wood, or manufactured board.

Includes a range of derivative wood products which are manufactured by binding or fixing the strands, particles, fibers, or veneers or boards of wood, together with adhesives, or other methods of fixation to form composite material.

Light and budget-friendly.

Solid Wood

This is a hardwood that is free from termites and does not have hollow spaces.

If you have ever heard of Sheesham, teak or shaal then these are the examples of solid wood.

Differentiating between teak, Sheesham and shaal is quite difficult.

I recommend either to ask a carpenter for help or go with big brands which have a reputation.

Solid wood is harder, heavier in weight and long-lasting than engineered wood.


They are simply the beds that have a metal frame instead of a wooden frame.

There can be varieties in metal frame beds like full metal or partial metal with a metal part only on the head side.

Damage resistant and lightweight. 

Hard plywood is an example of engineered wood.

It is made by joining two pieces of plywood together then covered and finished so no joining is seen.

Third Step – Storage Type

Next two things depend on your personal choices

One of which is the storage needs and the other is the type of bed that will fit in your bedroom, living room or wherever to plan to place it.

Traditional Box storage bed

They are only recommended if you want to store stuff like blankets, unused items, etc that you might not need to access daily.

It does not have any hydraulics or any feature that helps the ply to uplift on its own.

They have a high risk of health problems like back pains, spinal pain due to uplifting the bed with mattress on it.

Go for them if you are on a low budget or if you won’t be using that feature daily.

Hydraulic storage bed

They are light weighted

No more back pain due to lifting the bed for reaching storage box 

Easy to pull-up and pull-down hydraulic mechanism provides you with all the space under the bed to store your stuff. 

Hydraulics are the suspensions which make the storage section easily accessible. 

This is an advantage over traditional storage beds in which you have to hold the ply door of the storage box. 

Drawer storage bed

Modern and elegant look 

They have easy to access drawers

Combining form with discreet function, there are spacious built-in drawers to store extra sheets, cushions, and pillowcases.

The only disadvantage is that they have less space as compared to the hydraulic beds. So if you are looking for a larger storage capacity I suggest to go for hydraulic beds which are super easy to use.

Without storage bed

Platform beds are the best example of the without storage bed

They help you maintain a very calm and simple way of living

This type of bed gives your space a good clean look. Proving that, sometimes, less is indeed more

Last thing you do after deciding all the factors mentioned above is choosing the style of bed

Fourth Step – Style of bed

Last but not least

Choose by the Style of bed

Upholstered bed

These beds have long support at the head side. These were in trends in the last couple of years with platform beds taking over.

Bunk bed

(for more than one kid) – kids enjoy these beds most. Falling from above is a myth. 

Platform bed

long and wide beds that are very low in height are called the platform beds. These are trending as of now.

Trundle bed

something new is happening in the e-world of furniture that leads us to these beds. They can be used for multi-tasks like storing blankets, bedsheets and much more. 

The following are the types available of which I have categorized beds according to varying budgets.

Best Bed Picks Available Online

We have categorized different kinds of beds under 5 different categories depending on factors like budget, type of bed and material of the bed.

Category #1

Beds under 5,000

Single size bed


FurnitureKraft Berlin Metal Single Bed  (Finish Color – Black)

Klassic Single Size Folding Bed | Iron Folding Bed | Wood Folding Bed for Household Purpose (6Ft. X 3Ft.)

Category #2

Beds from 5,001 – 10,000

Single Size

Amazon Brand – Solimo Antares Engineered Wood Single Bed (Caramel Mahogany Finish)

FurnitureKraft Perth Metal Single Bed  (Finish Color – Black)

Double Size

FurnitureKraft London Double Size Metal Bed (Mild Steel – Black)

King Size

FurnitureKraft London King Size Metal Bed (Glossy Finish, Black)

FurnitureKraft Nancy Metal King Bed  (Finish Color – Black)#JustHere

Flipkart Perfect Homes Carol Engineered Wood King Bed  (Finish Color – Dark wenge)

Queen Size

FurnitureKraft Santiago with Ply Metal Queen Bed  (Finish Color – Black)

( Glossy Finish, Multicolour) FurnitureKraft Kansas Queen Size Metal Bed

(Finish Color – Black) FurnitureKraft Baia Mare Metal Queen Bed 

Bunk Bed

FurnitureKraft Milan Single Size Metal Bunk Bed (Mild Steel – Black)

Category #3

Beds from 10,000 – 20,000

King Size

HomeTown Swirl Without Box Storage Engineered Wood King Bed  (Finish Color – Denver Oak & Urban Teak)

Crystal Furnitech Aspen Engineered Wood King Drawer Bed  (Finish Color – Walnut + Dream White)#JustHere

Queen Size

Flipkart Perfect Homes Pavyn Engineered Wood Queen Bed  (Finish Color – Grey)

Bunk Bed

Camabeds Stooreys Modern Bunk Metal Single Bed  (Finish Color – Black)

FurnitureKraft Valencia Metal Bunk Bed  (Finish Color – Multicolor)#JustHere

Platform Bed

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Acacia Queen Low Bed  (Finish Color – Teak)

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham King Bed  (Finish Color – Provincial Teak)

Category #4

Beds from 20,000 – 30,000

Single Size

BM WOOD FURNITURE Single Size Sheesham Wood Bed 6 * 4 Feet with Storage (Honey Teak Finish, Brown

King Size

FurnitureKraft  Lucerne Metal King Hydraulic Bed  (Finish Color – Black)

Urban Ladder Cassiope King Size Engineered Wood Upholstered Bed With Pull Out Storage (Fabric – Steel Grey)

Queen Size

Spacewood Monarch Engineered Wood Queen Hydraulic Bed  (Finish Color – Melamine)

Spacewood Engineered Wood Queen Hydraulic Bed  (Finish Color – Fumed Oak)

Crystal Furnitech Claris Charger Bed Engineered Wood Queen Box Bed  (Finish Color – Dark ELM)#JustHere

Platform Bed

Vintej Home Moroni Sheesham Solid Wood King Bed  (Finish Color – WALNUT)

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham King Bed  (Finish Color – Provincial Teak)

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham Queen Low Bed  (Finish Color – Provincial Teak)

Bunk Bed

RoyalOak Tulip Solid Wood Bunk Bed  (Finish Color – Natural Brown)

Aprodz Mango Wood Shipry Bunk Bed for Children Furniture

Category #5

Beds from 30,000 and above

King Size

Zuari Flow King Size Engineered Wood Bed With Hydraulic Storage (Particle Board – Multicolour)am

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham King Drawer Bed  (Finish Color – Walnut)

Induscraft Sheesham Wood Solid Wood King Drawer Bed  (Finish Color – Brown)

Queen Size

Available in king also

Urban Ladder Cassiope Upholstered Engineered Wood Queen Drawer Bed  (Finish Color – Charcoal Grey)

Flipkart Perfect Homes PureWood Sheesham Queen Box Bed  (Finish Color – Walnut)

Furny Oberoi Teak Wood Queen Size Bed with Storage Teak from Ghana | 20+ Years Life with FURNY Assurance | Termite & Bore Treated | Customization & EMI Available

Platform Bed

Urban Ladder Sheesham Wood Solid Wood Queen Bed  (Finish Color – Teak)

Luxury Bed

Urban Ladder Stanhope Hydraulic Upholstered Storage Bed (Bed Size: Queen, Colour: Charcoal Grey)

Wrap Up

I hope you find inspiration from all the ideas I shared with you today.



I am Sabhya, a home decor enthusiast and an interior designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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