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I remember to date back in 2011 when I was a 12-year-old kid, my home had hooks and nails grilled in almost every room for the purpose of hanging towels, clothes, for extra polybags in the kitchen, for dirty laundry too.

It was so embarrassing for me to have any friends to play over or study tonight. Those years were horrible. I used to visit my relatives and friends and their home felt like heaven.

When I was 16 big enough to argue and have a logical conversation with mom. That was when I realized that I should have done this earlier and everything would be perfect because she was so supportive and told me to renovate and decide whatever I think is best.

Crazy right? I was so happy that day!!

Amazon craze was on so I made the right choice and did the shopping from there.

But first, I got rid of all those nails and hooks. With that sense in mind to renovate, I have chosen best in the market storage options for every room and major items in our homes.

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Drawers for extra storage in the bedroom

In a tiny bedroom, clutter tends to accumulate very quickly.

It’s impossible to have a four or three-door wardrobe. Even if its possible believe me it won’t look good in fact it will ruin the look of your room. 

On the other hand, 2 door wardrobe seems to be small to fit all the stuff. So what you can do is buy drawers to place your daily wear accessories etc to keep them organized.

It will be like extra storage you can also put the day to day things in it.

Here are some of the best options available online

2 plastic modular drawer

Joyful Studio 2 Plastic Modular Drawer System, White

3 plastic modular drawer

Veer Multipurpose Plastic Modular 3 Drawer System Chest Storage Organizer, Extra Large for     Home and Kitchen (Black)

4 modular transparent drawer plastic

Nilkamal Chester 24 Plastic Free Standing Chest of Drawers  (Finish Color – Violet)

4 drawer multicolor plastic material drawer

Joyful Studio 4 XLPlastic Modular Drawer System, Multi Colour(31cmx39cmx80.9 cm, Multicolour)

4 drawer multicolor with cartoon figures on each drawer best for kids 

Kurtzy Plastic Modular Drawer System Space Saving Toy Storage Chest 4 Rack Multicolour

5 drawer storage unit – opaque – different colored      

OHELIGO Drawer Organizer Closet Modular Chest Cabinet for Home Office Kids Room Multipurpose Storage Divider Containers Plastic

5 drawer storage organizer

La Corsatm Plastic 5 Tier Magnum Drawer Storage Organiser (Multicolour, 3X30X36Cm)

Cupboard and clothes organizer

It’s impossible to have a four or three-door wardrobe even if its possible believe me it won’t look good in fact it will ruin the look of your room.

On the other hand, the 2 door wardrobe seems to be small to fit all the stuff. So what you can do is buy drawers to place your daily wear clothes, lingerie, undergarments, etc to keep them organized. It will be like extra storage you can also put the day to day things in it.

Here are some of the best options available online

Hanging storage option for cupboards

Okayji 10 Tiers Clothes Hanging Organizer, Wardrobe for Regular Garments, Shoes Storage Cupboard, Bag Hanger, 1- Piece

HomeStrap Hanging 3 Shelf Wardrobe Organizer- Beige

ORPIO (LABEL) 5 Shelf Folding Hanging Clothes Storage Racks Dormitory Closet for Students Wardrobe Closet Shelves Hanging Organizer Plastic Storage Holders & Racks

Hangers combo packs

INOVERA (LABEL) 5 Layer Pants Clothes Hanger Wardrobe Storage Organizer Rack (Set of 4), 32l x 1b x 33h cm

Happy To Hang Denimation 6 Piece Polypropylene Hanger, Blue and Red

AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Hangers – Black (Set of 30)

Hangers for scarves, dupattas/belts

EITHEO Dupatta Hanger or Scarf Organizer- Great for Scarf, Shawl, Tie, Belt, Closet Accessory Wardrobe Hanger Organizer

OxbOw® 28 Slots Scarf/Dupatta Hanger Organiser (Multicolour, 72 x 36 cm) Multi Purpose 28 Rings Foldable Hanger for Ties, Scarfs, Belts

Clothes storage single bags

HOKIPO® Wardrobe Organizer Cloth & Blanket Storage Bag, Large 52 x 44 x 25 cm, Green

HOKIPO BlushBees Foldable Wardrobe Clothes Organizer (66 Litre, Large)

Clothes storage bags combo pack

BlushBees® Living Box – Closet Organizer Cloth Storage Boxes for Wardrobe – 44 Litre, Pack of 2, Polka Dot Blue

SNDIA Wardrobe Organizer Clothes & Blanket Nylon, Large Black & Red Storage Bag (SET OF 3)

Wall shelves to get rid of hangers, hooks and hanging on a nail

Dressers/ console tables were meant to keep clothing hidden and provide a surface for other items like makeup, lamps, accessories, and decorative pieces of art.

But do you find those surfaces cluttered every time you walk into your room?

If yes then I know how off-putting that can be especially when you are working individually with a busy schedule.

It’s better to be well-organized rather than wasting time in finding valuables like cards, keys, favorite pairs of earnings, wallet and other stuff on the go.

Getting late to whether its school/college, date, job or anywhere is not the kind of impression you want to give of yourself.

Not only this also you don’t want to give a bad impression to your guests who might see your clutter.

So starting by now let’s make your room organized and well-maintained!!!!

Home Sparkle Set of 5 Carved MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Wall Shelf  (Number of Shelves – 5, White)

CraftOnline Wooden Wall Shelf  (Number of Shelves – 6, Multicolor)

Decorasia Hexagon Shape Wood Wall Shelf  (Number of Shelves – 6, Brown, Orange)

Home Sparkle Cubical MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Wall Shelf  (Number of Shelves – 3, Black)

Decorasia Wooden & Wrought Iron Corner Rack Wooden, Iron Wall Shelf  (Number of Shelves – 3, Brown)

MartCrown new iron wall stand Wooden Wall Shelf  (Number of Shelves – 3, Brown)

Furniture Cafe Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf Unit/Racks and Shelves/Wall Shelf/Book Shelf/Wall Decoration (Walnut Finish, Brown)

Box storage for hidden storage

Do you share your bedroom with your siblings? And feel like your room is always messy, no matter how much you try to be organized?

Well, hang in there because you are not only one, it can quickly become crowded and disorganized.

Since it accumulates three times as much stuff, you could always use more clever, hidden storage solutions. 

I did the same and the room after was truly unrecognizable. There was so much space and I was able to see the floor!

I used many storage boxes to put all my brother’s toys category wise, storage baskets of different sizes for comics, books, my old novels and more day to day things.

I loved how nicely they fit in my room decor, laundry box for all dirty clothes, toys, and the most important dustbins.

Here are some more options available online that will also add to your room style while keeping you organized.

For kids stuff like toys, books, comics etc

Inditradition Kids School Bus/Sitting Stool/Storage Box/Playing Toy (Multipurpose, Collapsible, Hard Cardboard, (Red Color)

Inditradition Foldable Kids Toy Storage Chest Box Cum Stool | for Baby Girl (School Bus Shape, Pink)

DC SuperFriends Fabric Toys Organizer with Lid (Blue, Large)

Batman SBB_BM1 Storage Box Big with Lid Toys Organizer for Kids, Large, Blue

Best for teenager hidden storage in ottoman

Sterling Foldable Ottoman Storage Box Cum Stool – Owl Print Pattern Foldable Stool (Size 30 x 31 x 48 cm)

Sterling Foldable Cotton Ottoman Storage Box Cum Stool – with Little Tree Pattern Foldable Stool (30 x 30 x 30 cm)

Jute basket storage (pack of 3)


HomeStorie® Eco-Friendly Foldable Storage Basket Bins Organizer, Pack of 3 (Olive)

Best combo ottoman storage 


Clastik Multi-Utility Foldable Seat Stool Cum Storage Box Organizer, Bench Footrest, Outdoor Picnic Folding Chair


PrettyKrafts Storage Combo Pack of 9, Purple/Organizer/Storage Box/Toys Storage Box/Books Storage Box

Best combo of storage boxes without lid


AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Bins Cubes Organizer, 6-Pack, Brown

AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Cubes (6 Pack), Beige

AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Cubes (6 Pack), Beige


Ikea Drawer Storage Organizer Closet Box Bins Skubb Black by Ikea

Best combo with lid (available in various colors)


VelVeeta Linen Fabric Foldable Basket Cubes Organizer Storage Bin Boxes with Lids and Metal Handles, Pink Color(Set of 4)


ABC Stackable Storage Bins Cubes with Lids, Toys Organizer with Handles, Magnetic Linen and Oxfrod Storage Organizers for Kids Toys, Clothes and Documents, Set of 2(Multi Color)


Styleys Storage Box Linen Fabric Foldable Basket Cube Organizer Bin Box Container Drawer with Lid – Gray for Office Nursery Bedroom Shelf (Purple)

Plastic storage box without lid (best combo offers available)


Nayasa Plain Passion 2 Piece Basket, Red


Bel Casa ROYAL Baskets for Storage Set of 4 Pieces (Medium, Small and A6 x 2), Brown


ABTRIX Plastic Storage Organizer, Bathroom Vanity, Drawer, Closet Bins (14X18.3X26.5 cm, Multicolour) – Pack of 3


Xllent® Multipurpose Royal Storage Basket for Organiser, Container Box, Office Stationary Storage Bins- RED Set of 6.

Plastic storage box with lid


ARISTO Multipurpose Plastic Storage Container Box with Wheels 25 LTR (Clear, Transparent)


Nayasa Gloria 2 Piece Plastic Basket, Big1, Medium 1, Beige


TIED RIBBONS Multipurpose Stackable Storage Container with Closing lid, wheels and Side Locking Handles for Kids Toy Storage, Office Supplies(Plastic)

Laundary box also can be used as toy storage option


Kurtzy Foldable 60 L Laundry Basket for Clothes, Large(Multicolour)


Amazon Brand – Solimo Fabric Foldable Laundry Organiser, Grey


Pindia Hard Board Mix Material with Hard Board Inside Basket Bin with One Silver Handle Large, Transparent

Drawer Organizer in hectic places like kitchen, bathroom and kids room

Smaller organizers are the best storage solutions and can upgrade your room. These little drawer inserts and interior organizers make all the difference in making your storage area much neater.

When it comes to organizing your dresser or drawers further these storage drawers help you divide up the area and keep things separate.

A must for people always in a hurry, loves to do your work on the last-minute, for people who do not have much storage space and everything keeps mixing up.

No one wants their socks mixed up with the lingerie and t-shirts. Add in these adjustable, extendable dividers to create designated spaces for everything you need to store inside.

You can also install them to your kitchen drawers to separate your cutlery, in your bathroom to organize your hygiene related stuff, perfumes, accessories, extra soap bars, towels, and other utilities. 

Plastic organizers for drawer


INOVERA (LABEL) Honeycomb Underwear Innerwear Socks Organizer Drawer Clapboard Closet Divider 8 Strap 18 Compartment (Blue)


Angel Bear Socks Undergarments Storage Drawer Organiser Set of 8


Crasta Retail 8 Pcs Plastic Storage Box Assorted Colour – Perefect for Desk, Drawer, Undergarments,Cosmetics, Tie, Socks, Bra (MULTICOLOUR)

Fabric organizers for drawers


Styleys 15+1 Multi Compartment Cell Foldable Storage Box/Closet Organizer/Non-Smell Drawer Organizer, 15 grids + 1 for Drawer Divider for Socks, Bra, Panty, Tie, Scarf, etc – Color – Blue


LXOICE 3pc Home Underwear Organizer Storage Box Foldable Drawer Closet Separator Container Bra Necktie Socks Storage organizador


Styleys Set Of 4 Foldable Storage Box Drawer Dividers, Non-Smell Innerwear Storage Boxes

Makeup organizers

For pretty teens and travel freaks.

Plastic organizers without drawers


Jianhua 36 Grid Cells Multipurpose Clear Transparent Plastic Storage Box with Removable Dividers

GETKO WITH DEVICE 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Makeup Storage Holder Organiser Box

GETKO WITH DEVICE 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Makeup Storage Holder Organiser Box


Hojo 1Pc Lipstick Stand Multi Grid Acrylic Makeup Organiser Transparent Plastic Makeup Cosmetic Storage Box Nail Paint/Polish Holder Display Stand Organizer


Diswa 2pcs Multi Grids Desktop Sundries Storage Basket Plastic Makeup Organizer Home Office Stationary Storage Container Box

Plastic organizer with drawer


INMarketing Plastic Cosmetic Storage Box Organizers (Colour May Vary)

Wooden organizer without drawer


SLK Wood Products Multifunctional Wooden Box, Cosmetic Box, Storage Box


ExclusiveLane Wooden Decorative Jewellery Box with Lock Cum Organizer, Brown

Glass organizer without drawer


INOVERA (LABEL) 16 Compartment Cosmetic Makeup Jewellery Lipstick Storage Organiser Holder Box, 22Lx13Wx8H


FLYNGO Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Organizer Desk and Dressing Table Stand/Holder Nail Polish Lipstick Eyeliner Comb Beauty Makeup Brush and Jewelry Organisers

Glass organizer with drawer


INOVERA (LABEL) 4 Drawer Plastic Cosmetic Makeup Jewellery Lipstick Storage Box, 25x16x20cm, Transparent


Almand Acrylic Double Layer Beauty Vanity Jewellery Clear Make Up Cosmetic Display Stand & Organizer Rack,3 Drawer & 16 Section

Steel organizer for hanging jewelry


ELAN Tweet Jewelry & Earring Stand, Earring Organiser, Rotating Earring Stand Display (Aqua)


ON GATE Jewellery Display Stand Organizer for Earrings Necklace Bracelet Holder Hanger (27x38CM)


Kurtzy Clear Acrylic Folding Earring Hook Stand Display Holder and Organizer



Vintage metal boxes (available in different colors)


Elan Buxa Metal Storage Trunk -Long-Aqua


ELAN Vintage Style Metal Long Trunk, Decorative Box, Storage Chest, Off White with Gold ACCESORIES

Magazine storage

It comes handy to prevent the hoch poch on the center table making you unable to find things on time.

Wooden magazine holder wall mounted 


Bluewud Charlie Magazine Holder Rack Cum Newspaper Stand

Wooden standing magazine stand


Bluewud Isvia Magazine Holder Rack Cum Newspaper Stand-Ideal for Gifts.

Wooden plus iron magazine stand




OnlineshoppeeÆ Wooden & Iron Revista Magazine Holder

Steel magazine stand


Mahakaal Cast Iron Catalogue Folding Magazine, Brochure Holder Rack (Black)


INDIAN DECOR – Hexagonal Magazine Rack Wall Organiser/Magazine Shelf/Magazine Rack/Wall Shelf/Floating Shelf – Black

8. Shoe organizer

If you have a shoe collection then you are definitely going to need an over-the-door shoe rack or floor rack, even if you have tons of spaces, you will always find space small for keeping your shoes.

The racks mentioned below can fit up to 15 to 20 pairs of shoes and can be placed anywhere. The plus feature is that they are portable and foldable.

Wooden shoe rack with doors


DeckUp Bei 2-Door Shoe Rack with Wooden Legs (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

Wooden shoe rack without door


DecorNation Vegas 5 Tier Engineered Wood Shoe Rack/Shoe Case for Living Room and Home Entrance – Walnut Brown

Bamboo wooden shoe rack open type


Livzing 5-Tier Multiuse Bamboo Wooden Shoe Rack Slipper Stand Chappal Shelf Household Storage Holder Organizer


Ebee 1312018 Multipurpose Rack (Blue)

Plastic shoe rack with cover on sides(available in 6step too)


Kurtzy 8 Layer Shoe Rack Storage Shelves Organizer, Non-Woven Fabric Stackable Show Tower, Easy Assembly Shoe Shelf

Plastic shoe rack full covered


Caxon BROWN Cabinet-4Layer Metal Collapsible Shoe Stand  (Brown, 4 Shelves)


Flipkart SmartBuy 2 Door Metal Collapsible Shoe Stand  (Beige, 12 Shelves)

Wrap Up

I love keeping my things organized. This makes it easy to find and saves time when I am in a hurry. You will find yourself in a better place by choosing options that I have opted for.

I hope you find something useful for yourself too.



I am Sabhya, a home decor enthusiast and an interior designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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