Decorating the Living room in a traditional style is so much in. Brighten up your gloomy and boring living room in a traditional way. The Living room is a place full of comfort and style and giving a touch of yourself is what makes it beautiful.

There was a time when a bohemian or English style living room was preferred but now as the time has changed the traditional Indian styled living room is taking over.

The Traditional Indian living room is a mix of a lot of things. There are colors, peace, comfort, and a desi family vibes. Traditional living rooms are full of warmth and cheerfulness.

Long conversations about family, friends and of course on career happen there over a cup of hot sizzling tea. So the living room is a prominent part of the house, decorating and styling it takes a lot of time but hey we are here to help you with that.


We have selected the top 5 traditional living room decor ideas for you. There is fun, color, and most important there is comfort over everything.

While decorating your home or refurnishing, there is something that can not be overlooked and that is a Comfort. Now we all want to decorate our living room to the best, but you don’t want anyone to comment that hey! You have a very nice living room but it radiates cold.

That is not a good comment for sure. So prefer comfort above everything. This is a golden rule and our first tip for you.

The second important thing to consider is that decorate your living room in a way that will not go out of style in some time. If you are choosing a style that is almost out of fashion then that is a waste of money no doubt. In some time your living room will look boring and old and no one can change the entire decor of the living room every month or even in a year.

So opt for something that is in the style and will not be out of fashion for a long time such as traditional living rooms. No matter how many new chic styles will come and go but this one will never go out, trust us!

Below are our top 5 traditional living room decor ideas for you

They are trendy and cool. A must-try if you are looking to refurnish your living room or decorating it for the first time in a traditional way.

#1 Traditional Living Room

traditional living room

This traditional living room is simply a gorgeous one. It is big and perfect for a joint family.

The sofa is in the plain white color. It is a three-seater sofa. Fits lavishly in the living room. An RHS sectional sofa or LHS sectional sofa can also replace it in the corner.

Do not use a small two-seater sofa if you have a large living room. It will look relatively small and out of place. Now, the other sofa is a traditional sofa set made of teak.

This sofa you will definitely find in every traditional living room but it looks perfect in the living room. It emits very warm and conventional vibes. This sofa is a very Indian style sofa, used in many generations and never has been out of fashion.

Moving on, there is a beautiful traditional maroon colored carpet. Notice the uniqueness and intricacy of the carpet. It is a Kashmiri carpet. Choose a traditional carpet as it will suit the entire look of the decor. A Persian carpet will also steal the look. The carpet is under a simple brown wooden coffee table. It looks perfect with the big white sofas.

On the left hand of the room, there is a traditional swing made exclusively for indoor. You can relax and chill with a cup of coffee or tea on this swing. In monsoon and autumn, the swing will provide a way greater enjoyment.

A simple and beautiful painting is hanging on the wall. You can hang any kind of painting of your choice too. Different and colorful plant pots are also placed. They are creating an aura of a clean and green environment.

#2 Classic living room

creative living room ideas

This classic living room is a very cheerful and radiant one. It is an average-sized living room with lots of colors here and there.

There is a simple cream-colored, two-seater sofa and a single one too on the left side.

The cushions on the sofa are making the living room bright. They are traditionally embroidered in two colors. You can add these cushions in your living room if you have a simple white or black colored sofa. They enhance the beauty of the living room.

A simple white chair is also placed. You can replace it with any color chair. The more there are colors, the more it will look heavenly.

At the front of the sofas, there are three traditional and colorful stools. They are very light and easy to carry. If you have lots of friends coming over then you need more places to sit and these traditional stools are perfect for the occasion.

The best and most important part of the living room that is making everything drool-worthy is the lights. The lights hanging from the ceiling are gorgeous. They are illuminating the whole room. You can easily order them from online stores or can shop them offline too.

On the rack above, there are some paintings and artifacts. If you have a hobby of collecting traditional or hand-woven things then you can use this place for showing off your items.

Show your creative side too here. Learn some DIYs from YouTube. A woolen wall hanging will also look pretty here.

There is also a small table standing in the corner. There are books kept on the table.

Buy some traditional and bohemian articles like a dream catcher and hang them too here. Overall this will create a superb look and it is a highly recommended traditional living room decor idea.

#3 Traditional look with a touch of modernity

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This living room is different from others, it has a traditional look with a touch of modernity. Notice how the walls and ceiling of the room are kept plain white. The white color gives a sense of purity and innocence. It also makes the living room more spacious.

Now the chairs are made up of fine wood. They are big and comfortable. Wooden chairs are slowly replacing the other chairs as they are more comfortable, give a traditional look to the room and work for a long time.

The coffee table is also made up of finely finished wood. It matches with the overall decor. The best feature of this wooden furniture is that they are portable. You don’t need to do the hustle and bustle if you are shifting from one place to another. You can replace the chairs with your choice but use wooden chairs only.

The prettiest thing available here is the carpet. It is colorful and bright. The main attraction of the living room is this carpet. It is textured and in a lot of colors. It also gives a traditional look to the living room. Use textured or Persian or Kashmiri carpets only.

The cushions of the chairs match with the overall decor. They are pretty.

The table standing in the corner is also made up of wood. The traditional furniture that is used here is liked by most Indians.

There are plant pots placed on the top of the coffee table on the side table and beside it.

Paintings are hanging on the wall. Use the space available to decorate the living room. The empty room looks boring but do not overdo anything.

There is a circular wall mirror that looks gorgeous. The living room is overall very pretty and a must-try.

#3 Farm look living room

Farm look living room

This living room is a small-sized living room. This living room look is very easy and simple to achieve. All the things as in accessories are easily available at home only. The living room is small so the things here are kept minimalistic, traditional and trendy at the same time. There is a market in every city which offers you trendy, hand-made designs of articles. You can easily get these from there.

The pillow covers are in traditional maroon color, which is every mother’s favorite. You can also use chikankari covers instead of these. The chikankari art is very tremendously popular and preferred. It is very unique and delicate. A perfect choice for the decoration of the living room. Use colors like grey, blue, and yellow for the pillow covers.

Like in the picture above, use a lush carpet. Do not opt-in a traditional Kashmiri carpet because everything here is made up of wood and bamboo so not to overdo, keep it simple.

Talking about the main attraction of this traditional living room, the wall plate hangings.

The best thing about these wall plate hanging is that they will not break and are very easy to clean and maintain. You can also hang these of your choice of color.

The plants hanging from the ceiling are in bamboo pots too. This look as we have said is easy peasy to achieve and will not need any maintenance for a long time.


These were our top 5 traditional living room decor ideas for you. They all are easy to achieve and if you have a traditional living room then a little change here and there and you are all set to go.

Another thing you can do for your living room is to change it economically. If you know cloth painting then you can try it on the pillow covers. The cloth painting looks gorgeous and you can draw whatever you wish to. You can learn it from YouTube too.

There are wall hangings that we used to make in our childhood you can decorate your living room with that also. It looks traditional.

Make an airplane, a boat or anything with a newspaper then color it and then use it as a decorative item in your home. We hope you like our Article and it will be useful to you. Thank you and Goodluck! 


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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