Plants have been the representation of nature in our surroundings since the very beginning. Now we know that plants can help us to gradually transcend our monotonous indoors into better living spaces that are not only beneficial for our health but can become a vantage point for your home décor sense and creativity. These green elements take us away from our mechanical lifestyles for a moment and allow us to remain connected to nature. Out of several benefits of having plants is their mood-boosting effect and ability to impart positive energy into their ecosystem.

There is no going back on the fact that plants can really turn around our tasteless interiors into something that is enthralling but so basic in its roots. It is multi-faceted, multi-functional, and simultaneously cost-effective. Plants can help us to visualize our space as a conscious living element in tandem with our lives. It’s time we inculcate some of these elements in our home and reap the benefits these plants have to offer. Backed and recommended by many interior designers unanimously, one can never go wrong with plants!

Minimalist look

Small Planters

Picture 1 – Small Flowering Plant

Small but essential design elements like this can really bring out the liveliness in a simple space like a desktop.

small plant 2

Many people like to keep minimalist approach wherein they don’t want to crowd the room with so much furniture and decorative pieces. Small plants are perfect for them as they take least space and still give the natural effect. 

Designer Corner Décor Ideas

Stalked plants

Picture 2 – Corner Plant Idea

Long stalked plants are ideal for decorating the corners and can add the required flavour to these lone corners.

Big plants in group

Picture 3 – Designer Corner Decor Ideas

A small color-coordinated potted plant like these can make up for that missing vividness. They can really add up to the style of the homes and bring that natural feel to the indoors.

Big plant 1

Well, if you want to go heavy on natural look, the big plants can make your room look aesthetic. These plants work well if size of the room is big enough to accommodate them not only corresponding to space but also design.

Vertical Garden

Herb garden

Picture 4 – Vertical Garden

These gardens are an inviting welcome change to the inanimate walls of the home. Plus, you get the opportunity to plant your own herbs and exotic species.

Layered Vertical Garden

Picture 5 – Layered Vertical Garden

This is a slight modification of this style. Plants are planted in layers one over the other and give a fulfilling effect to the interior.

Hanging Garden

Picture 6 – Hanging Garden

This is the typical hanging garden that can turn solemn places into inspiring books of the home. The style is quite innovative and enthralling.

This is one of the unique designs which is trending these days. It is eye-catching and so serve as perfect decorative pieces. The plus point of such plants is that they don’t take space on the floor and so, can be strategically placed without compromising the floor space. Smaller rooms can take advantage of such a design.

Ingenious trend by Designers

Picture 7 – Ingenious Hanging garden trend by Designers

Some of the designers develop certain ingenious designs which are innovative and very aesthetic. This is an example that combines pots on the ground with pots hanging from an arch.

Innovative Potted plants

Picture 8 Innovative Potted plants

Some of these innovative concepts are in vogue nowadays and can turn the living space into a trendy affair.

Rooftop Bliss

Rooftop garden

Picture 9 Rooftop Garden

These gardens can be the excuse for a lively, wonderful place to get together on the roof. People who want to explore their green fingers definitely fall in love with this concept.

Rooftop Lawn Ideas 

Picture 10 – Rooftop Lawn Ideas

In today’s world full of concrete jungles and encompassing living gardens, these rooftop gardens are an escape from these monotonous lifestyles.

Living Wall

Interior Plantation

Picture 11 – Living Wall

These are innovative and head turning implementations of interior plantation.

Variety of plants

Picture 12 Living Wall with various plants

Living walls can be experimented with to suit the needs of different interior households. They can be turned colorful, bushy, or tender according to the tastes of the owner.

Furniture aided plantation

Clever furniture Hacks

Picture 13 Furniture aided plantation

Clever furniture pieces can go a long way to enhance the beauty and effect of the plants. They can turn heads and are very hard to miss.

Using unique plant holders

plant holder 1

The “ladder-shelf” is one of the commonly used pieces in houses and is creates a beautiful setting.

Smart and Quirky installments

Picture 17 Smart and Quirky instalments

These quirky and influencing pieces of art can really hit the nail on the head in terms of your interior design. Décor can never go wrong with them.

Wall shelves for plants

Planting in custom shelves

Picture 14 Planting in custom shelves

Beautiful shelf designs combined with the essence of pretty potted plants can turn around the dull interiors into an interesting affair.

Again, one of the trending designs. Creating wall shelves to place your plants on them is one of the best ideas because these shelves can be made according to your imagination; create a pattern that you want and place the beautiful plants to  amplify the creativity of your design.

Designer Plant stands + designer pots

plant holder 2
Picture 15 Using Designer Pots
Picture 16 Designer Plant stands designer pots

Undoubtedly plants are a beautiful addition to your interior design but it can be more pleasing when paired with plant holders which match your room need. What can be more exciting than using custom designer pots to add to the style of the plants? They can give a clean and modern look to the surroundings.

Window Oriented Design

Picture 18 Window Oriented Design

Placing a good combination around the window or the window sill can be a good way to make a statement. It also ensures your little potted friends get enough light.

Vines to the Rescue

Picture 19 Vines to the Rescue

Carefully manicured and managed vines can add a great deal of vibrancy to your living space. Money plants can really up your décor game.

Vine plants can never lose the wow factor it provides. These plants are traditionally used decorative plants; simple yet beautiful. You can create a beautiful design incorporating these plants if you use them cleverly.

Jungle of your own!

Picture 20 Everything natural

Plants coupled with more wood-inspired furniture can really create natural energy. It also turns your place into an “urban jungle”.

jungle of your own 2

If the place you want to decorate is big enough, grow an entire jungle in it! Just kidding. But, a design that incorporates too many plants cannot fail to impress if you create a jungle effect. This design will make your home a healing hub for your family and friends; who doesn’t like nature?

DIY Ideas

Picture 21 DIY Ideas

You can never go wrong if you channel your inner artist and develop something on your own. Being a little inspired can help you go a long way.


Picture 22 Green Spaces

You can turn some spacious areas of your home into “Green Spaces”. You can come here whenever you are short on inspiration or just want a quick fresh breath!

So, the idea of redecorating your home with green planters is great but follow to use the above mentioned hints in order to use the right plant for your space and keep your home up to the latest trends. Good luck! All the best!


I am Khyati, a home decor enthusiast and a graphic designer. Being in the home decor industry for 3 years, I have helped people with their home renovations and interior optimization. I share affordable home makeover ideas weekly through this blog to reach out and help people beyond my physical presence.

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